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A New Home For Art: Amy Reshefsky Gallery Opens in Artists Alley

The Rickie Report is pleased to announce that Amy Reshefsky has opened her own gallery in Artists Alley in Delray Beach, FL.  She is inviting the public to a special Open House on April 5 & 6th.  Recently interviewed on CBS News Channel 12, we hope you will stop by to meet Amy and see the wide variety of her work!




Amy Reshefsky is an artist whose abstract acrylic paintings express her vision, moods, sophistication, and life experiences. Amy hails from New York and New Jersey, although she spent much of her adult life in Florida where she raised her children. She now spends some of her time with her husband in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.
Painting on Reclaimed Wood

Painting on Reclaimed Wood

It was there that she found her freedom to express herself with paint.  Amy has discovered how to use materials other than canvas to express her creativity. Reclaimed wood in unusual shapes and textures as well as glass panels and tabletops have become her favorites.
Painting on Glass

Painting on Glass

She tells The Rickie Report, “I discover new things about myself and the creative process nearly every day,” she admits.
We love her use unique gift for color and style, which transfers easily from wood, to glass and canvas.  Her range is wide and The Rickie Report believes people will easily find a piece of artwork they gravitate toward.
Amy was recently interviewed on CBS News 12 by David Weir.  The segment will air within the next few weeks, so be sure to keep checking  .  She is a graduate of the International Fine Arts College, in Miami, Florida. Amy is a Member of the Maison Arts and Culture St Faustin Q.C. and MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida.  Amy’s work has also been published in The Design Book AIA Miami Magazine (Winter and Sumer 2011) and WEMERGE ART Magazine (Summer 2011).

Judaica Art




To contact Amy at the Gallery: 561-330-4712  or in Canada: 819-681-6769  or her Cell:  561-289-4542 or visit her website at:  or  or visit her on Facebook at:

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