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Han Can Paint the Picture for You!

 Have you ever taken a photograph and wished that it could be a painting on your wall? Do you have an idea for a piece of artwork but cannot paint it yourself?  When The Rickie Report met Han and saw his portfolio, we felt a special kinship with him.  He can take what others want to express and transform it into a piece of art for your walls!


Han tells us, “I am a fine artist and mainly paint realism.  My favorite mediums are oil and watercolor.”  In looking at his website, one can see that he appreciates nature, enjoys landscapes and develops a still life that seems real.  When you see his paintings in person, you notice the smallest details, like the lady bugs on the leaves!


 “I get easily inspired by beauty of the nature and I love to paint what I see,” he says.

Han’s painting career began at an early age and he has not stopped since! He has an  inventory of over 170 paintings in various sizes.


Beach Scene

Han also understands the benefit of being involved with other artists in the local art community.  He is a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County as well as the Poets of the Palm Beaches.  




While many artists prefer to paint for their own muse, Han welcomes the opportunity to paint for others.  If you have a family photo, he can paint it in either oil or watercolor.  

Here is an example of a still life in which Han brought together many elements which his client wanted: the tarnished silver pitcher, white roses, pears and the family heirloom pearls. His technique gives it texture and the old world feel his client hoped for. Han developed this still life by using multiple photos and merging them into one.


Melissa’s Still Life

Han is also available for painting lessons, understanding that he is helping to nurture the clients’ abilities and not instill his style upon them.  Han’s artwork ranges from $20. to $1,000.  


Young Child

Han’s art is often seen at local galleries and competitions. To see his original oils or watercolors, you can make an appointment by calling: 561-741-34170 or visit his website:   or  You can purchase Art By Han products on


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