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The Heart of Contemporary Art is at Whitespace Collection

Elayne and Marvin Mordes continue to give a gift of contemporary art to the community through their Whitespace Collection.  While visiting Whitespace one connects with the newest contemporary artists world-wide.  The Mordes’ have their fingers on the pulse of what is emerging in the field. Their bus trips to Miami (you can still sign up for the second and third dates) offer a bird’s eye view of this domain.  With changing exhibits throughout “season”, Whitespace Collection is a must for the art lover.



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Season Opening
Friday, December 14 6-10 pm
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         2805 North Australian Avenue   

    West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

             T: 561.842.4131        E:   

Whitebox Project Room:
Meet the Artist:  MaximilionToth
courtesy Frederick and Freiser Gallery, NYC


Maximilion Toth

This exhibition of large-scale paintings and wall drawings by artist Maximilian Toth is shown alongside two films done in collaboration with artist Sarah Lasley.  The work explores the unapologetic  assertion of youth in the harsh face of mortality.

The primal urges of Toth’s line based figures fuel their games of conquest, loyalty, power, and pecking order. Each individual seeks their place within the group as well as in the world. The walls depict King of the Raft, a battle fought to be ruler of a floating,  bird-shit-covered, putting-green kingdom. A child king’s rule is retained only until they are thrown over into the surrounding waters. The new ruler revels in their status, until they too are overthrown and the struggle for power continues. Whether on land or at sea the scavengers engage in snow ball brawls, roman candle battles, and skirmishes around a blazing bonfire. They move in a writhing pack, roles and authority shifting, leaders crowned, usurped, swallowed, and replaced. In a world where games are played in an attempt to defy limitations, a raft becomes a kingdom and a snow fall is a war cry.


Toth’s paintings of initiation are brought to live action in the films War Party and Pumpkins. While the paintings concentrate on youth’s declaration, the films portray the realization that vitality is fleeting and the body is fragile. In light of this truth, Toth’s subjects find all the more reason to celebrate.

Whitebox Project Area:
Beatriz Millar
Thermographic Kisses
courtesy FaMa Gallery    Verona, Italy

EENA’s Formula:  Feminine Bread Sculptures

– EENA is a female name and means “Renewing”. Every bread sculpture has it root in its own name:  Marl-eena, Yasm-eena, Hel-eena……
– EENA is also the short form for “European Emergency Number Association”.  My EENA will save and make safe all who call on her…  the feminine savior!
– Formula: something magical on the way to find the right combination between different essences,to find solutions, to win, to be healed, to love, to read signs in daily life.
EENA will find it. She tries and tries.  EENA : Goddess or witch!!!
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$10 admission   $5 Students with Valid ID
for further information on the project artists,
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 Partial proceeds benefitting the arts through Community Foundation, The Mordes Family Fund



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