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Jeff Rosenthal, Ph.D (Picture hanging. Delivery with a Masters in Mirrors)

The Rickie Report knows how challenging it can be to hang art work and photos.  Jeff Rosenthal offers a unique service for a client base that stretches from Miami and West Palm Beach as far as New Orleans, New York City and Washington, DC.  He has installed art in homes, yachts, and in airport Admiral’s Clubs.


After Jeff Rosenthal moved to FL, he changed careers.  Previously working in advertising, he accepted a position at an art gallery and was trained in installing art in homes and offices.  In his eighth year of business, Jeff clearly has a following!  The Rickie Report interviewed Jeff because we know from previous experience  that hanging a picture and especially a grouping is a challenge!  We also liked his sense of humor.


TRR: What are your most important tools?

JR:  A creative mind and good math skills.  A hammer and a level.  With that combination, I can create a beautiful layout for an unlimited amount of family photos in a collage configuration, all evenly spaced and looking spectacular.  I am quite conscientious about pleasing my customers beyond what they ever expected.


TRR:  How do people find you?

JR:  I get calls from designers, decorators, frame shops and individual customers.  My business has grown through word-of-mouth.   People seem surprised that I show up on time and I never rush .  In fact, I may sit on the client’s floor and take in my surroundings while petting the family dog.  It is all about relationship for me.


TRR: In a sense, the way artwork is displayed is all about relationship as well.  Do you have any advice for do-it-yourself folks?

JR:  My professional picture hanging advice to husbands who want to keep their marriage intact: Don’t try this at home.  Call a picture hanging professional, preferably, me.  For example, not having an emotional tie to family photos makes it easier for me to configure a family gallery.

TRR: How do you determine how much to charge a client?

JR:  I need to see the space as well as the art work. I cannot quote a price over the phone because I need to see what I am working with. I love what I do and want to make my services as affordable as possible. There are other factors that determine the price. If I am hanging a heavy mirror, it requires certain hardware to insure a safe installment.  I make sure the mirror is hanging flush on the wall and there is no fear of it ever falling. I often say that if the house falls, the mirror will still be on the wall!  Most important to me is being affordable and having the client be happy with the result.


TRR:  What other services do you offer?

JR:  I particularly enjoy selecting and designing the framing of the art or pictures for my clients.  I am happy to show them samples but often, my current clients trust my creativity and are thrilled with the results.

TRR: Can you share a story about your work?

JR: Most of the time the art I hang is your “every day” art as far as expense is concerned.  But one time, after hanging a Picasso in the sales office of an art gallery on Fisher Island, I was paid to attend the opening party to “mingle, but keep one eye on the Picasso” because the client trusted me more than the professional security guards!

My most surreal experience was when Ethel Kennedy called me to hang 100 family photographs at her Palm Beach residence.  I say “surreal” because I was holding in my hands the personal photographs of Bobby and John F. Kennedy.  I worked from 9 am until 11 pm and was invited to join Mrs. Kennedy for lunch and dinner as well.  About sixty of those photographs ended up as a collage on one wall.  Her housekeeper later informed me that Mrs. Kennedy loved what I did so much that she told all of her guests  about the project.  I cherish the experience and that relationship.

TRR:  Any regrets?

JR:  That I didn’t take more photographs of my finished work!

TRR note:  Jeff had to ask some of his clients to take photos of his work for this article.  Please note these are not professional photos. Our readers should notice the magnitude of these wall collages as well as the overall sense of place each picture or art piece has among the others. We find his style of hanging artwork at various levels appealing to the eye and engaging.

To contact Jeff Rosenthal please call him at : 754-367-0432.


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