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“American Picker” + Creative Genius = Steve Blackwood’s Artistry

The Rickie Report has always been fascinated to see how artists take an inanimate object and give it a life and a personality.  Steve Blackwood is a local master, using his creativity to make inconsonant elements not only work well together but bringing us into his intriguing world. They make us smile – and that is a gift to be thankful for.


Steve Blackwood’s art is based on a number of elements.  When we first saw his work we thought that Steve is a creative  “American picker” who with his artistic imagination creates an amalgamation of steam punk and utilitarian objects.
Blackwood shares, “My Art is based on a combination of elements. I take really cool objects; my memories of fascinating things…a bit of sci-fi and influences like Tim Burton and Edward Scissor Hands.  Then I combine them with elements of time in which they occurred during my life. I try to make all of these ingredients work together as if they always existed that way. A collection of quirky ideas and memories realized! The passing of time and combination of objects which have lived their own lives is intriguing to me. A Betty Crocker/Frankenstein of inanimate objects which come to life would pretty much sum it up.”
Blackwood, who has recently been interviewed for the September, 2012 issue of Atlantic Avenue Magazine (, is eager to talk about these parts of objects which he has combined with other objects and created the most whimsical time pieces we have seen.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has melded his passion for artistry with his long time fascination with mechanics.  Earlier clocks include  highly polished metal and neon with sleek with contemporary designs that have been featured in Niche Magazine. Collectors from around the world seek Steve out because his clocks are just unique!  He told The Rickie Report that he just returned from delivering a clock to a client in Frankfurt, Germany.

Steve Blackwood and Clock

Steve moved to Delray Beach in 2005 because of this area’s commitment to promoting a thriving arts community.  He knows that visitors from around the world come here to vacation and shop for their own galleries as well as themselves.  Blackwood shows his work at Cacace Fine Art located in Artists Alley.  His sculptural pieces have a perfect venue for display within the warmth of an art gallery which is part of a corridor of artists’ studios.
Blackwood’s work has shown at galleries in New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, North Carolina and Florida, but this is home.  His pieces are in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and the U.S. Art and Embassies Collection plus private collections as well.
One senses the loving care Steve has for each object he works with.  He feels he is giving old pieces a new lease  on life and indeed he is!  What is  it that comforts us, seeing Steve Blackwood’s caring for old and often discarded objects and renewing them with vigor? He makes us want to make them our own!
Artists’ Alley studios and galleries are open at various times, but the best time to visit is the third Thursday of each month, when everyone is open.  Be there on September 20th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.  You can wander in and out of small and large spaces, speak with the artists and gain some insight into their amazing work.  To contact Steve Blackwood: or

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