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From Hesitant Artist To Teacher To A One Woman Show!

The Rickie Report offers emerging artists an opportunity to brainstorm and consider different ways they might pursue their goal of becoming a full time artist.   Karla Smith has moved from a hesitant artist to someone with her own One Woman Show. We would like to celebrate and share her story with our readers!

Karla is a member of the Wellington Art Society.  Because she missed the WAS meeting when Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report attended, Karla called to see if we could have a cup of tea together.  Karla brought a small representation of her portfolio, which included still life, wild life, horses and dogs.  Karla’s interest is focused on a more realistic style of art.  She works full time and paints every evening after walking her dogs.


Sunset Ribbon Dance

Karla had already started to pursue avenues beyond Florida to show her art.  She became involved in Best Friends Animal Society.  Karla told us “It is always great exposure to help this group of people who mission is to create a better world through kindness to animals”.   She frequently offers her paintings to Best Friends fundraising projects.  For more information:


Strawberry Window

Through different Calls to Artists in The Rickie Report, Karla began to show and sell her artwork locally.  We discussed her need to increase her inventory of art work, so she could apply to multiple shows.  Her painting, “Fruits & Veggies” won a prize at Artists Haven Gallery in Fort Lauderdale.   Her painting, “Strawberry Window” won first in its category of Still Life Fruits at the same gallery!  “They had over 2,100 paintings from 270 international artists, so I was very pleased my painting was chosen!  Makes those late nights painting worth the effort! “, Karla told us.

Miniature paintings have fascinated Karla for a long time.  She sent three to Seaside Art Gallery in North Carolina and two sold right away.  You can look for her work under “Smith K Pride & Joy” or “Smith K Runaway Print” at:

Big Dog “Before”

“And did I ever tell you about Big Dog?”  Karla recently finished a project for this project in March, 2012.  It was for Smart Dogs for Smart Schools in Miami.  She painted her fiberglass dog with a rainforest theme! We love the detail!

Big Dog “Rainforest”











Karla is currently working on some new paintings for a gallery in Utah, where she has been offered a one woman show for March, 2013.  “I’ve been scrambling to get all of my references and canvas to paint for that show. It is exciting and stressful – which is what I love about being an artist”.

Dragon Handle

“Oh, and I am still teaching art lessons!  “Mrs. R” is coming along and learning to paint. We’ll be finishing up her fourth painting this week and looking at reference for her next project.  I enjoy teaching her and am open to take on another student in the evenings in the Boca area, using oil or acrylics.”   The Rickie Report writes about many artists who not only paint but teach to supplement their income.  We want to share a bit more about “Mrs. R”.

The Rickie Report received a phone call from the son of an 80 year old woman who is interested in learning to paint with oils.  She was described as being “slightly challenged”.  This formerly robust woman is now walking with a cane, has some memory issues, and is verbal when spoken to but otherwise shy.  She had never painted before but when her son, a Life Coach, asked her how she would like to spend her days, she told him she wanted to learn to paint with oils!  “Mrs. R” is interested in painting the human form rather than landscapes.


Ivy Dance

The son asked if The Rickie Report knew anyone in the area who might be interested in providing private lessons in Mrs. R’s home .  She needed a teacher who would be enthusiastic, encouraging, and patient.  We agreed to help and sent out an email  describing the opportunity.  Anyone who was interested sent their resume to us, which we sent to the family.  Once the resumes were gathered, the family interviewed the potential teachers and hired one.  The choice of that person and the fee were between the family and the teacher.  The Rickie Report felt privileged to be able to help connect “Mrs. R.’s” family and the teacher, who turned out to be Karla Smith.

Poodle on the Red Bench

The Rickie Report wants to share Karla’s story with our readers because hse embodies a number of attributes we hope other artists will pursue.  Karla enjoys herself as an artist.  She is a great believer in giving back to the larger community to help others and good causes.  She is a member of an artist organization (WAS) so she understands the importance of networking with other artists.  Her ability to move to other opportunities when some do not work out says a lot about her positive attitude.  A positive attitude will carry us all a long way on this journey.  To contact Karla regarding classes or to see more of her work: Call her at 561-706-9170 or email at

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