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Changes Are Coming to The Rickie Report – Important Read

The Rickie Report has been growing and we are excited to let you know that we will be upgrading to a new web page in June.  We’ll be adding a more comprehensive and easier search engine as well as a calendar that will show all the events covered by The Rickie Report as you click on each date.

Currently you receive posts from The Rickie Report to your email.  Soon you will receive a notice in your email of each post with the title and beginning lines of the post.  Just click thru to The Rickie Report website where you can see the entire post on our new website.  The calendar, search engine and important information will be at your fingertips!

IMPORTANT:  If you have signed up to receive emails from The Rickie Report,  you do not need to do anything else to continue to receive notification of posts.  If we do not have your email, because you are a WordPress follower who has not sent us your email, please send it to us at so we can put you on our list to receive notification of posts.  As always, there is no cost to subscribe to The Rickie Report and we look forward to making it more exciting, helpful, and enjoyable for our readers.



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