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Why Is Networking Important to An Artist? Ask Mikki Vicoli

The Rickie Report is an extraordinary networking tool – just ask the artists whose work have been showcased!  A few weeks ago, Mikki Vicoli, a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County, contacted The Rickie Report regarding press releases for the organization.   Our conversation led to a meeting where Mikki shared her vision and goals, which include networking in the Palm Beach County area with other artists like herself.

The Rickie Report has been told that some artists are concerned that if they become involved in guilds or associations, someone else will steal their ideas and techniques.  We  know of some cases where this has occured, especially in jewelry design.  An artist, who shall remain anonymous, had to go to court to stop  production by a former employee.  This is business side of the art world.  One should have a contract and take precautions.  At the same time, one cannot live like a hermit and not expect other people to see their artwork.  Isn’t that why you are interested in selling it and showing it?


The Rickie Report advised one artist who was eager to share her “secret technique” that she might want to keep it a true secret.  The artist felt that by sharing her secret, she would impress other artists and critics with her prowess.  We urged her to share her impressive creative genius by saying “this is a special technique I developed.”  Enough said.  If someone asks more details, it is alright to defer and ask why they need to know.  Does someone else want to learn that new technique?  Maybe the original artist should consider offering classes for a fee  to others who want to learn that special technique!

New York Rock

When The Rickie Report met Mikki, it was obvious that she has a creative sparkle and we were fascinated to hear about her artistic journey.   “Looking at the world through an artist’s eye is an extraordinary gift.  Being able to feel texture, see color, composition, a never-ending perception of boundless ideas that flow with the imagination and the ability to combine them thus creating a piece of art is a liberating freedom providing an indescribable joy.  Utilizing skills that have developed inside oneself and translating them into illustrations or illusions to delight the mind’s eye is a lifetime journey.  Achieving success is a lifetime goal,” Mikki tells us.


Mikki understands that she is in the ever evolving process of challenging herself to produce artwork by incorporating numerous techniques she has learned over the years to achieve this purpose.  ” At times I will work with photographs, paints, inks and glazes on a variety of canvases, glass, wood and am open to any suggestions that exude from my mind.”

Zebra Girl

Mikki is an artist who easily finds different mediums to express herself – and helps others to express themselves.  Mikki is currently utilizing cake-decorating techniques as a form of art therapy creating unique treasure boxes and yummy photo frames.  She was inducted into the Wilton Cake Decorating Hall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching.

Mikki has worked as a mayoral speech writer, college curriculum coordinator, media specialist, graphic artist, and art therapist.  She also holds a licence as a Florida notary public, is a certified Florida substitute teacher and a certified Florida continuing education teacher.  Additionally, Mikki is a member of  the Photographic Society of America,  Artists of Palm Beach County, and Wellington Artists Society.  The Rickie Report thinks Mikki Vicoli is someone you want to sit down with to network – because you never know where you will be going next!


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