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Christi Friesen, World Renowned Polymer Clay Expert Offers Local Workshop

The South East Florida Polymer Clay Guild anounces a polymer clay workshop with world-renowned polymer clay artist Christi Friesen.  There are limited seats available.  This is open to the public.

Workshop will take place Monday, February 27th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at Beads on the Ave. in Delray Beach, FL.  

Cost per person is $60.00.  Advanced reservations and payment are necessary.

Send check made out to “Karen Leeman” to:  7370 S.Oriole Blvd. #A106 Delray Beach, FL 33446.   Please include: Your name, phone number, cell phone, email  and snail mail address.

One focus of the workshop will be:   “Green Goddess & Eclectic Sprites”

In this workshop we will create a goddess or a sprite, which can be a pendant, wall piece or sculpture.  We will explore using armatures, creating a face and figurative sculptural elements, as well as incorporating mixed media embellishments.  Oh, and we’ll have a blast doing it!

Sprite Goddesses

The other focus will be “Beautiful Blooms”

Drama! Movement! Beauty! This class will bring these elements to your sculptural experience.  You will create a stylized flower and leaves, accented with beads and other embellishments.  No matter what your skill level, you’ll learn new sculpting techniques, design & composition skills and embellishment tricks.


Christi Friesen’s Materials List 

Bring as manyof these items you have — I will be bringing items to share, and some for purchase.

·        polymer clay (of course):  I use and recommend Premo brand polymer clay.  You can use your favorite clay instead, but if you have Premo, bring it!  For the Goddess/Sprite class you will need a flesh color clay (like beige or ecru) and colors for wings and clothing – I suggest some white and whatever your favorite colors are (your favorite colors would make nice clothing!).  For the Blooms class you will need green clays (how about several different greens!) as well as gold and floral colorsyour choice.

·        beads for accents: any beads – assorted sizes, colors and shapes – anything that can go in the oven — so glass, crystal, natural pearls, stone, metal, ceramic (no plastic or acrylic beads).   I will have some beads in the ‘bead soup’ for sharing, as well as some bead mixes available to purchase.

·        other interesting things for accents:  if you want, you can bring fun stuff, vintage jewelry findings, dichroic glass, glitter, metal foils/leaf, metal bits, found objects, vintage gears and steampunk stuff – anything that you think would look good (as long as it can go into the oven).  I’ll bring some goodies too!

·        28 gauge wire:  you won’t need much, but bring it if you have it (I’ll have some to share).

·        20 gauge wire:  bring your favorite color metal since some of this will be visible in the final piece. You’ll need about 8 inches or more.

·        headpins (optional):  bring a dozen or so, if you want to.  Any size, color, thickness.

·        tools: bring your favorite sculpting tools, as well as needle tool and cutting blade, we’ll use pliers and wire cutters (I have some to share).  Needle nose tweezers are very useful.  If you have a pasta machine, bring it!

·       glitter and mica powder: if you have some, bring it!  I’ll have plenty to share!

·       Container to safely transport projects home for baking

·       Basic polymer clay supplies and equipment  kit (work surface, pasta machine, tissue blades, needle tool, clean up wipes, spray cleaner and paper towels to clean tables, Glad Plastic Wrap, wax paper to protect table from clay pieces and residue, polymer clay,  and wire cutting tools)

·       Lunch, snacks, and beverages

Driving Directions to Beads on the Ave:                                                                                (in the Pineapple Grove District) 151 NE 2nd Ave      Delray Beach, FL 33444            561-278-6977  

Take Rte 95 to Rte 806 or E ATLANTIC AVE.     EXIT in Delray Beach.     Go EAST toward the beach 1.4 miles and pass the Delray Beach Tennis Center and then Old School Square on your left until you are in the area where diners eat out on the sidewalks.  Turn LEFT onto NE 2ND AVE / PINEAPPLE GROVE WAY   (Note: not NE 2nd Street and not NW 2nd) .  Go north about 0.2 mi and watch for the store on your right just after the 1st St and before the 2nd St.  Intersections.  Park on the street or directly across the street from the store in the private parking lot (ignore the valet parking signs and park toward the front of the lot).  Other parking exists up the street on the right in a public free parking lot.  There is also a parking garage but there is a charge.  You have gone too far if you pass the Delray Camera Store on your left or arrive at a traffic circle.

If you have any questions please contact Rickie Leiter:  or 561-537-0291.

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