Artists in Florida Offer Four Workshops with Internationally Acclaimed Artists

Artists in Florida is offering four workshops on September 15th and September 22nd.  The Rickie Report suggests you make your reservations early!  Internationally acclaimed artists, Arlene Sage, Ron Seitler, Joanne Urban and Robert Swinson will host a Semi-Private Drawing Workshop (only 6 spaces open),  a Semi-Private Painting Workshop ( only 10 spaces open) and two opportunities to have your artwork critiqued ( drawings/paintings and photography).  The Rickie Report shares the details here.



Artists in Florida, LLC


Invite You:


1)  Drawing Workshop with Arlene Sage

Monday, September  15th

10 am – 1 pm

Craft Gallery

5911 South Dixie Highway        West Palm Beach, FL  33405




2/3)  Get Your Paintings and

Photographs Critiqued:


Paintings / Drawings with Ron Seitler and Arlene Sage

Photographs with Joanne Urban and Robert Swinson


Monday, September 15   and Monday September 22

Call for reservations!


Craft Gallery

5911 South Dixie Highway        West Palm Beach, FL  33405




4)  Painting with Ron Seitler


Monday, September 22

10 am – 1 pm

Craft Gallery

5911 South Dixie Highway        West Palm Beach, FL  33405


About the Artists:


Arlene Sage


Ron Seitler


Joanne Urban



Robert Swinson



The Artists in Florida Organization, Brings Artists of Many Disciplines Together

The A.I.F.O features the works of local artists that inspire, excite, and intrigue our increasingly diverse clientele. Through the A.I.F.O provides both the emerging and professional local artists a place to showcase and sell their work. The organized exhibits feature the many disciplines of art; paintings, drawings, three dimensional works, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, dance, performance, glass and photography.


It is the goal of the A.I.F.O to work with the artists for the long term, assisting them through their careers by exhibiting their works in galleries and arranging placement in prominent public places such as commercial installations and fine dining establishments., as well as private collectors.


For more information Contact 

or call 561 714-4871


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Port St. Lucie Unveils New Photographic Exhibit by BRBarbara

BRBarbara will be exhibiting in a SOLO show at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  She is a digital artist/photographer, serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center and has shown in juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peaks.







Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery

Presents A

SOLO Exhibition by:



Opening Reception  

Thursday, July 17th    6-8 pm

Exhibit Runs Through September 11th

Monday through Friday  8:15 am – 4:15 pm

Free admission and Free Parking

9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, southeast corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Walton Road

BRBarbara will be highlighted in a SOLO exhibit at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, showing her varied photographs.  She is a digital artist/photographer who serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center.  She has shown in other juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery from 6 – 8 pm. The exhibit continues July 18th through September 11th, Monday – Friday.  The Gallery is closed on weekends.

"Green and Yellow" by BDBarbara

“Green and Yellow” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara studied at Brookdale Community College, International Photographic Center, Palm Beach Photographic Center, Armory Art Center, Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University.  Her juried exhibitions include Jensen Beach, Okeeheelee Nature Center, Life Long Learning at Florida Atlantic University and Jonathan Dickinson State Park.




"Cape Coral" by BDBarbara

“Cape Coral” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work encompasses different catagories of fine art photography. In addition to her own artwork, BRBarbara promotes the work of other talented artists.  The selections of prints available are of a broad spectrum and available on her website. 


"Glass Building" by BDBarbara

“Glass Building” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s subject matter is diverse.  Two pieces of her artwork are placed in Municipal buildings in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.  BRBarbara’s capturing of shadows is particularly entertaining, with every-day objects taking center stage.  The beauty of her photography is how she captures what we normally pass by without thinking – and makes us take a second look. 



"Shimmer" by BDBarbara

“Shimmer” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara is a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and serves on their Marketing Committee.  She was most recently Honorary Host of the prestigious Members’ Juried Show Reception.


"Look Through" by BDBarbara

“Look Through” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work will also be shown at upcoming exhibits including: A Focus on Flags at the Lake Park Library (November-December), Art Express, Palm Beach Gardens (November 15 – January 15) and at the Art Gallery in Tequesta.


"Tribute" bu BDBarbara

“Tribute” by BRBarbara


For more information about BRBarbara’s own photography and digital art or representation of other artists, please contact her at:  or




For more information about the Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery contact: 

Kelly A. Tiger, Recreation Manager
Port St. Lucie Civic Center
City of Port St. Lucie
(772) 807-4467


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Susan Oakes’ Photography: From Traditional Media to Bitmaps and Vectors

Susan Oakes recently took an award at the Photography exhibit at A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter and is one of the artists at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s 18th Annual Member’s Juried Exhibition.  The Opening Reception is on June 11th.  In addition, Susan’s work will be displayed and selling at Palm Beach Home Interiors in Lake Worth.  The Rickie Report urges you to stop by and see her artistry. Susan also explains bitmap images, digital painting and vector graphics as we believe an educated art lover becomes an informed art patron.



 Susan Oakes’


Digital Artistry




Palm Beach Home Interiors

716 Lake Avenue  Lake Worth, FL


Begins June 2nd



Palm Beach Photographic Centre 

415 Clematis Street  W.Palm Beach, FL

June 12 – August 2, 2014

Opening Reception:

Wednesday, June 11 – 6 to 8 pm




Susan Oakes’ photography recently took an award and cash prize at the Artists Association of Jupiter at A Unique Art Gallery.  Her wonder filled work can be seen at Palm Beach Home Interiors, Lake Avenue in Lake Worth beginning June 2nd as well as  at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre for their 18th Annual Member’s Show.  The Opening Reception takes place on Wednesday, June 11th from 6- 8 pm.  The Centre is located at 415 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.  The exhibit is free and open to the public.



Blush Sea Grape

“Blush Sea Grape” by Susan Oakes



This year’s MEMBERS’ SHOW is being judged by internationally renowned photographer Vincent Versace, a pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. Hailed by Nikon as “one of the top photography artists and visual storytellers in the world,” Versace is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the Shellenberg fine art award, and his work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History.



"Twisted Hibiscus" by Susan Oakes

“Twisted Hibiscus” by Susan Oakes

Also on exhibition at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre will be PICTURE MY WORLD, which has served disadvantaged children throughout the Palm Beaches since 1997. Program funding is provided through a Lost Tree Foundation grant and the generosity of private donors.  Admission is FREE for both exhibitions.   The Photo Centre is located at the downtown City Center municipal complex at 415 Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, please call 561.253.2600 or visit or



Susan Oakes

Susan Oakes



Bitmap Images vs. Vector Graphics



Susan explains, “Bitmap Images- also known as raster or pixel based images, are based on a grid of colors known as pixels. You edit groups of pixels rather than objects or shapes. They represent subtle gradations of shade and color, they are appropriate for continuous tone images such as photographs or artwork created in painting programs”.


"Bird of Paradise"  by Susan Oakes

“Bird of Paradise” by Susan Oakes

“The disadvantage, Susan shares, is they contain a fixed number of pixels and can lose detail and quality when scaled up. If you’ve ever downloaded an image from the internet (low resolution) and then tried to print it (high resolution) only to discover that it looks awful, you demonstrated this fact”.



"Hibiscus" by Susan Oakes

“Hibiscus” by Susan Oakes


“Vector graphics are made of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors.They retain their crispness if they are moved or resized. They are appropriate for illustrations, type, and graphics such as logos which must be scaled to different sizes. So a logo designed for a business card can be enlarged to display on a store front or billboard without any loss of quality whatsoever. If this is tried with raster or bitmapped images they become blurry or pixelated and fall apart”, Susan shares.


Meeting Susan


TRR:  Tell us about your background



I am a well fed ‘starving’ artist. I tend to inhabit a nether world between digital painting, photography and illustration. Although I have a background in traditional media (anything which uses hands, artist tools, and pigments, without the aid of computer hardware and software), I now work mostly in digital media, although I regularly get the yearning to get my hands back into charcoal, paint, clay, etc. There is an tactile immediacy about traditional media which is removed in the digital world, but on the other side of the coin, the digital world presents tools, methods and capabilities which are impossible in traditional media. There are, however, many commonalities, including basic composition, form, color theory, etc. which are fundamental to both. I prefer to dwell on these commonalities rather than the differences…..



"Spread My Wings", A Digital Doodle by Susan Oakes

“Spread My Wings”, A Digital Doodle by Susan Oakes

TRR:  How do you explain the complexities of your work?



I find that many people don’t really understand what they are looking at when viewing my work. Recently at one of my exhibits, one of the gallery owners looked at my piece and said to me, “It looks like you ran a few filters.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is nothing “automatic” or “mechanized” about my art. The kiss of death is usually when I admit to doing “computer art”, “digital imaging” or <gasp> “Photoshop”.




Now I know Photoshop has gotten a bad rap lately, what with women’s bodies “Photoshopped” into ideals of impossible-to-obtain “beauty” fueled by the beauty/fashion and Hollywood worlds. I am a Photoshop teacher, and although I demonstrate how to do these questionable things, I always implore my students to retouch responsibly. Just because you can do something does not necessarily mean you should do it. I teach not just the What and How, but the Why.


TRR:  So, many people assume that because your artwork has a computer component, it is less valued?




Just because I’ve used computer hardware and software to create or enhance an image doesn’t mean that I pushed a few buttons and I was done. On the contrary this is a double edged sword. When working in traditional media, say oils, and you change your mind too many times (depending upon the pigments used) you will make mud on the canvas. In watercolor, you may wear a hole in the paper. But working digitally, you can undo and redo countless times, even start over and ….. eventually ….. you grow old and die! I find that I must discipline myself to recognize when I’ve learned as much as I will learn from a piece and that it is time to finish and move on!


"Regeneration" by Susan Oakes

“Regeneration” by Susan Oakes

 Note: This was included in Art Ascent Magazine June, 2013: Link is here:



My photography starts out with a digital image which is then enhanced with software. This may entail special effects, yes, but it is applied by hand with a graphics tablet, so I am simulating the action of drawing or painting with the stylus. When I say “digital painting” I mean it. I use one stroke at a time in many instances to build up the effect I want. A typical photo will include many layers upon layers with different effects which interact with each other to create different looks.



My vector illustrations many times will start with a base photo I’ve taken, but when I’m done the photo is not visible at all. Vector illustrations, by their nature, have a crispness, a clarity which is not typical of pixel-based images.


"Aqua Vista" by Susan Oakes

“Aqua Vista” by Susan Oakes


Another area I love to explore is photo collage, of which I have provided a few samples. The large one, “Aqua Vista” is a composite of thirteen different photos essentially melded into one composition. Here, I look for how the individual images relate to each other and then use the tools and methods in Photoshop to create the composite. Again, they contain a multitude of layers and effects, not unlike a multi media piece. Often times when I take photos it is not to use them as stand alone images, but as part of a composite.


"Palm Boot Leaf" by Susan Oakes

“Palm Boot Leaf” by Susan Oakes


Digital Photo Painting: My latest exploration is with vegetation which is past its prime. (Sounds better than dead leaves.) I am seeking to reveal the structure and intricate detail of these specimens when they have started to wane. I see a beauty in this phase which is the opposite of the start of the life cycle. Many times I am astonished at the detail which is captured in the file, but is not evident until I tease it out with the methods I use.



Susan’s website is filled with information as well as her many pieces of art work.  In addition, she offers classes and workshops. 




For more information about Susan’s artwork, please visit   Susan Oakes   SuOakes Graphic Design    or call 561-432-4633



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Fiber Artist, Leora Klaymer Stewart Exhibits at Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Gallery

Fiber artist extraordinaire, Leora Klaymer Stewart will present her newest work in a SOLO Exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.  Leora’s  woven vessels are reminiscent of forms found in nature.  What secrets are they holding?  What do they protect?  The Rickie Report urges you to attend this free reception on April 26th to meet the artist and explore her world of fabrications.  Here we give you details and a sneak peak, but can only hint at what promises to be the LARGEST installation of its kind in Palm Beach County!




Please join us at the Cultural Council

 Saturday,  April 26,    3-5 P.M.

To celebrate the Opening Reception of


Leora Klaymer Stewart

 in the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center. 
Refreshments will be served.  
Exhibition runs: April 26 through May 24, 2014  
Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 5PM  


601 Lake Avenue         Lake Worth, FL  33460



Weaving as an metaphor is a common association and no exception with the artwork of Leora Klaymer Stewart.  The public is invited to her SOLO Exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Gallery. There will be a free reception and opportunity to meet the artist on Saturday, April 26, from 3-5 pm. The exhibit continues through May 24th. There is no charge to view the gallery, located at 601 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth,FL.



Leora’s major  installation piece, “Entanglements” consists of an 8 foot high by 3 foot wide knotted construction that has been wrapped and intertwined.  She used natural hemp twine and a variety of other fibers to represent the growth and intertwining of the Banyan tree.  She collaborated with Fine Art Photographer and Master Printer, Steve Spring, of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.  Images of the Banyan tree were printed on Habotai silk and silk  organza panels 40 inches wide by 96 inches high.  These panels will be installed on each side of the  knotted structure to create an environment that represents nature as a metaphor for the cycle of life.




"Lifecycle 1" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Lifecycle Series” by Leora Klaymer Stewart


 “RED MICROTUBULES” is part of the Life Cycle Series.  It is a circular piece constructed with red linen threads that have been loop-stitched with wrapping and glass beads. It is 16 inches in diameter, mounted on linen and enclosed in a plexi-box.



"Life Cycle 2" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Life Cycle 2″ by Leora Klaymer Stewart


“LIFE CYCLE”  is a circular piece constructed with pink and orange linen threads that have been loop-stitched with wrappings and glass beads.  It is 16 inches in a diameter, mounted on linen and enclosed in a plexi-box.


Leora tells The Rickie Report, ” All of my pieces represent the idea of the cycle of life – represented as a circle or sphere and as a container form holding mysteries.  I use ancient textile techniques ( knotting, loop-stitching, wrapping and inter-twining).”



"Virgin Bride" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Virgin Bride” by Leora Klaymer Stewart


“VIRGIN BRIDE”  is an oval piece which is 12 inches wide by 24 inches high.  It is created with a loop stitch in white nylon cord. Leora incorporates hand sewn pearls and feathers.   Her woven vessels are reminiscent of forms found in nature and can be interpreted as holders of secrets, emptiness or even generative possibilities.  Leora refers to her work as “transitional fabrications” which can also be interpreted as life cycles.



Leora graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has received two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grants.  Her architectural commissions include Beckton Dickson Pharmaceuticals, Wool Bureau of America, Contintental Wheat and Grain, Prudential,Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and Knoll Showrooms.  Leora has taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for 20 years and is currently teaching a fiber arts course at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL.  She is continually creating new pieces in her studio, Llama Studios, in Palm Beach, FL.




For more information about Leora’s art work, please visit her website:


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Photography Workshop Focuses on Human Form in the Natural Environment

The Artists in Florida is sponsoring a special workshop focused on capturing the human form in the natural environment.  On April 19th, Robert Swinson will lead the small group by providing technical support and guidance as they explore the effects of texture, light and form.  Participants will work with an accomplished figure model and the workshop will take place at a private botanical preserve in Palm Beach County.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges those interested in signing up – this is limited to 8 participants!



Artists in Florida


A Small Group Workshop

Photographing the Human Form

in the Natural Environment




April 2014 Photographing Human Form-1






Robert Swinson



Photo by Robert Swinson

Photo by Robert Swinson



With over thirty five years experience in photography encompassing 35mm through large format studio cameras Robert has worked with many artistic and commercial uses of photography and graphics arts. His professional roles have included commercial desktop publishing, color separation for the printing industry, studio photography for both large products and portraiture, location in fashion and product to now include video and film production work with lighting and camera work. He has done this while working in commercial printing, professional video and film production, and corporate marketing in several industries.




Photo by Robert Swinson

Photo by Robert Swinson




In recent years Robert has added the role of instructor and mentor with his classes in basic photography through studio lighting and figure classes and workshops. He spent three years with the Palm Beach Photographic Centre as volunteer coordinator and teaching assistant before joining the Armory Art Center in 2008 to teach basic and intermediate photography along with studio figure photography. Currently he hosts the Photo Salon, a twice monthly meeting of photographers at the Armory. His photographic work is seen in exhibitions as well as being published commercially.



For more information about this please contact Jackee  at  561. 714. 4871 or email  or visit




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Jane Saull’s Underwater Images are Unique

Jane Saull is an emerging artist who brings a new look to the art of underwater photography.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share her abstract, macro photography in this article.  Jane has been diving since the age of 14 but has only recently started to share that passion publicly.  Entering her first juried exhibition only a few months ago, Jane is already garnering attention!  Read more in this article.


Jane Saull






Underwater Abstract Photography



"Hells-A-Poppin" by Jane Saull

“Hells-A-Poppin” by Jane Saull



Jane has supported the Arts in South Florida since relocating here from Mississippi in 1975.  Jane’s role has recently changed from supporter of the Arts to participant as she has decided to document and share her lifelong affinity for the ocean and scuba diving through the medium of underwater photography.  Jane delights in shooting a variety of underwater subjects with a special interest in abstract, macro photography.



"Nautilus 2" by Jane Saull

Nautilus 2″ by Jane Saull



Jane enjoys combining her professional insights with underwater photography to challenge the brain and eye to perceive the familiar and unfamiliar in extraordinary ways.  She tells The Rickie Report, “Scuba diving and capturing images of our underwater world constantly inspires me and reinforces the miracle of underlying Energy and harmony.”


"Blenny in a Bottle" by Jane Saull

“Blenny in a Bottle” by Jane Saull



Jane fell in love with scuba diving and the Ocean Realm at the age of 14 while sailing with family members in the Bahamas.  This love affair has evolved into a lifetime passion. 








Scuba diving has enabled Jane to experience exotic destinations, meet interesting people and deepen her understanding of our vital role in the conservation of our world’s precious oceans and seas.


"Undulation" by Jane Saull

“Undulation” by Jane Saull



When not diving the beautiful local reefs or traveling the world in pursuit of new experiences and photographic subjects, Jane enjoys spending time with her three daughters and son-in-law.  The other “kids” are her beloved poodles, Romeo and Pearl, and her horse, CJ.



"Bubble Dreams" by Jane Saull

“Bubble Dreams” by Jane Saull



Jane is a member of The Lighthouse Art Center, The Norton Museum of Art, The Palm Beach Photographic Centre and The Artists in Florida as well as numerous local Performing Art and Community Service organizations.  She holds the Master of Science Degree in Communication Disorders as well as the Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling.  She resides in Hobe Sound, FL and is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist.



For more information about Jane’s photography, please email    or call  (772)-781-2179.


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Durga Garcia is Photographer For The Arts & Fine Art Human Forms

The Rickie Report has seen Durga Garcia’s photography in numerous venues. Because Durga’s camera and artistic skills are in high demand, she travels the United States and the world.  Indeed, it is hard to believe she has time to accomplish all that she does!   Durga’s down-to-earth persona is an added benefit to her abilities.  We look forward to welcoming Durga “home”, at Red Dot Art Fair during Art Basel Week!  Read this article for more details.

Who is Durga Garcia?



Durga Garcia’s fine art photography which has been touring the world in exhibits is about to come home.  How could this professional artist’s exciting year of National and International exhibits and awards in Italy, Canada, England, the Netherlands, NYC, Minneapolis, and Pennsylvania come to an end?   In Miami!
"Allegory of the Banditas" by Durga Garcia

“Allegory of the Banditas” by Durga Garcia

During Art Basel week, Durga Garcia is introducing work from her new Allegorical series at the Red Dot Art Fair.    Durga’s photography is represented by Vivid Arts Network of Italy in Booth D109. The Red Dot Art Fair exhibit runs from December 3rd – December 8th.    Ms. Garcia’s artwork will also be displayed at the “Endangered” Exhibit at the Miami Club Rum Distillery December 5th -7th.  Both Shows are in the Wynwood Art District Miami.
"Allegory of the Banyon Tree" by Durga Garcia

“Allegory of the Banyon Tree” by Durga Garcia

In addition, Durga Garcia is a participating artist in Palm Beach State Colleges Third National Photography & Digital Imagery Juried Competition, (Palm Beach Gardens Campus,  Oct. 22 – Nov. 27, 2013); National Association of Women Artists’ Gallery as a New Member of NAWA, (NYC,  Nov 6 – 27, 2013),  Darkroom Gallery  “Make Believe” Exhibit (Vermont, Oct. 17 – Nov. 10, 2013) and Lighthouse ArtCenter’s  “SPOTLIGHT on New Talent” (Juried by Bruce Helander, Tequesta, FL November 14, 2013 to February 15, 2014).


"Kathleen" by Durga Garcia

“Kathleen” by Durga Garcia

This prolific photographer is also deeply involved in her local community, teaching and mentoring emerging and fledgling artists.   She is teaching three classes at the Armory Art Center  in West Palm Beach, leading monthly photography nature walks at both MacArthur Beach State Park and Jonathan Dickinson State Park, exhibiting at the Treasure Coast “From The Heart” Juried Show (Opens November 7, 2013), Wellington Art Society Exhibit at Wellington City Hall (Wellington, FL, August 31 – December 31, 2013).
"Last Cypress Tree" by Durga Garcia

“Last Cypress Tree” by Durga Garcia

Many of Durga’s images can be found in Public and Private collections.  She is a South Florida based freelance professional photographer of art for artists, portraits, commercial projects & events. Durga has several long term projects and books to her credit.

"Allegory of the Maidens" by Durga Garcia

“Allegory of the Maidens” by Durga Garcia


Durga brings a most uncommon background to her pictures.  She has lived in many countries and across America, working as a racehorse trainer, equine veterinary paramedic, yoga teacher, member of the U.S. International Pistol Team and certified art appraiser.  She has parlayed her years of experience as a certified art appraiser into a special talent for conveying those nuanced details in her own work. Durga maintains her Senior Fine Art Appraisal accreditations.    She lectures on photography for area groups, camera clubs, Artists of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.  Durga hosts a blog for photographers giving tips and tricks of the business and is writing a book for kids, “Your First Photography Book”.


"Splitting Leaves" by Durga Garcia

“Splitting Leaves” by Durga Garcia

In September, 2014 Durga will take part in Palm Beach State College’s “BARK” Invitational Exhibit (Palm Beach Gardens, FL). She has been invited to Tuscany in Spring, 2014 to lead a multi-discipline workshop plus a Photo Tour of Iceland in Fall, 2014.

 Durga is a Proud Member of these Professional Associations:



For more information visit:


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Over $11,500. Scholarships Available to Children’s Camp, Memberships, Day Passes

The Rickie Report is excited to share this news with you!  The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County announced scholarships totaling over $11,500. to give the gift of culture this summer to children of Palm Beach County.  Read this article! SHARE this article! Deadline is May 1st!


Give your child the gift of culture this Summer!

Find enriching arts and cultural Summer camps, classes, and activities offered by Palm Beach County arts and cultural organizations online with the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s 2013 Summer Cultural Guide,

Apply by May 1, 2013 for $11,500-plus

camp scholarships, memberships and day passes!

          2013 Cultural Guide generously sponsored by the Lawrence A. Sander Foundation                                                                                                  


 With Spring arriving right on time in Palm Beach County, it’s a great time to begin planning your family’s activities and camp experiences for the good ol’ Summertime! With the click of a mouse, the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County offers its 2013 Summer Cultural Guide as the ticket to finding great Summertime activities and camps – wrapped in arts and culture – offered by 52 Palm Beach County arts and cultural organizations. While online, apply for 27 camp scholarships, memberships, and passes, totaling $11,730.50.  Winners will be notified by May 8th. The  2013 Summer Cultural Guide is generously sponsored by the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation.


“We are so pleased to continue to educate the community about the many arts and cultural activities and camp experiences available for families in Palm Beach County with our online 2013 Summer Cultural Guide,” said Rena Blades, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.  “The combination of exciting educational programs coupled with generous scholarship donations from the arts and cultural community, offers unique arts and cultural Summer experiences for every age and budget.”


To access the Cultural Council’s 2013 Summer Cultural Guide, and to apply for scholarships, by the DEADLINE of: May 1, 2013, please visit: www.


Scholarships will be awarded to one child per household. For more information on camp programs, please contact participating Palm Beach County cultural organizations directly.


Armory Art Center: JumpstART | Ages 4 1/2-7 (one week)
 Armory Art Center: Adventures in ART | Ages 8-10 (one week)
 Armory Art Center: Rockin’ Studio | Ages 11-13 (one week)
 Armory Art Center: Studio Art | Ages 14-17 (one week)
 ArtStage: Theatre Camp | Mon-Fri, 9:30am-12:30pm | Ages 5-17 (one week)
 ArtStage: Dance Camp | Mon-Thurs, 1:30-3:30pm | Ages 5-17 (one week)
 Boca Raton Children’s Museum: Summer Camp | Grades 3-5 (one week)
 Boca Raton Museum of Art: Family Day Passes
 Boca Raton Museum of Art: Youth Summer Art Camp | Ages 5-12 (one week)
 Cultural Council of Palm Beach County: Cultural Membership | Individual
 Delray Beach Playhouse: Family Fun Pack – Four tickets to Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr.
 Delray Center for the Arts: Kickin’ Arts Performing Arts Camp | Ages 6-12 (one week)
 Everglades Youth Conservation Camp: Residential Camp | Ages 8-14
 Kids Need More Art – Jupiter Studio: Youth Summer Art Camp | Ages 5-12 (one week)
 Kids Need More Art – Pine Jog Camp: Go Out and Play Art Seriesat Pine Jog Enviromental Center | Ages 5-12 (one week)
 Kravis Center for the Performing Arts: Arts Camp 2013 | Ages 9-11 (two weeks)
 Lake Worth Playhouse: Performance Arts Camp | Ages 8-14 (three weeks)
 Lighthouse ArtCenter: One week Summer Enrichment Arts Camps | Ages 4-5
 Lighthouse ArtCenter: One week Summer Enrichment Arts Camps | Ages 6-12
 Lighthouse ArtCenter: Ten week Summer Enrichment Arts Camp | Ages 4-5
 Lighthouse ArtCenter: Ten week Summer Enrichment Arts Camp | Ages 6-12
 Maltz Jupiter Theater: Little Shop of Horrors | Jun 10 – Aug 9 | Grades 6-12
 Maltz Jupiter Theater: Aladdin, Jr. | July 8-26 | Grades 3-5
 Morikami Museum: Year Dual Membership
 Norton Museum of Art: Year-long Household Membership
 Palm Beach Photographic Centre: Out of FOCUS Teen One Year Membership
 Palm Beach Zoo: Zoo Camp | Ages 5-10 (one week)
 Pine Jog Environmental Educational Center: Summer Day Camp | Ages 5-12 (one week)
 Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center: 8-week class session | Jul 8 – Aug 30 | Ages 5-9 (one day a week)
 Sol Children Theatre Troupe: Performing Arts Day Camp – Disney’s The Little Mermaid | Jun 10 – Jul 5 | Ages 7-teens
 Sol Children Theatre Troupe: Performing Arts Day Camp – Thoroughly Modern Millie | Jul 8 – Aug 2 | Ages 7-teens
 South Florida Science Museum: Summer Science Camp | Ages 4-12 (one week)
 Young Singers of the Palm Beaches – Broadway Artists Sudio: 50% off three weeks of Broadway Artist Studio Camp at Kravis Center; Age: rising 6th graders to 12th graders ($500 value)

About the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County:

The Cultural Council is Palm Beach County’s official arts agency and serves non-profit cultural organizations and professional artists throughout the county. The Cultural Council’s responsibilities include marketing the county’s cultural experiences to visitors and residents, administering grants to organizations and artists, expanding arts and cultural education opportunities, advocating for funding and arts-friendly policies, and serving cultural organizations and artists through capacity building training and exposure to funders and audiences. For more information, please visit


Admission to the Cultural Council is free and open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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Bruce Webber Gallery Collaborates with Palm Beach Photographic Centre and FOTOFUSION

The Bruce Webber Gallery in Lake Worth has collaborated with the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and FOTOFUSION to produce an inspiring exhibit of Fine Art photography by five South Florida artists.  The Rickie Report was able to preview the exhibit and meet with three of the principles who brought this event to fruition.  Don’t miss this exhibit, which runs through February 7th!


Bruce Webber Gallery

in collaboration with

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre and FOTOFUSION

Presents Fine Art Photography by:

   Steve Spring                 Tom McCartney

            Durga Garcia                  Stephane Vercruysse

    Wayne Becker


Exhibit Runs Through February 7, 2013


 705 Lucerne Avenue     Lake Worth, FL      561-582-1045

Monday – Friday  9-5        Saturday  10-4



Bruce and Maryanne Webber have been involved with the art scene in Southern Florida for a long period of time.  Located on Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth, they are extremely involved in their local community and supportive of many of the art events that happen there.

A little history will help set the stage because The Rickie Report wants to remind you that Lake Worth is celebrating its 100th Anniversary!  Originally begun in 1956 as Jennings Art Shop, Dick and Lucy Purnell purchased the business in 1960 and changed the name to The Art Shop. At that time the business operated out of one small storefront in part of its present location.



In 1970, Bruce Webber wandered into the cluttered little store and noticed the stack of boxes blocking the front door.  Offering to help out, Bruce started his apprenticeship the next day and a few years later purchased the business from the Purnells. The Purnells’ focus had been picture framing, art supplies, and a few prints. Bruce wanted to expand his business into a true fine art gallery and created the Bruce Webber Gallery.


In 1989 Bruce met Maryanne whose own gallery, on an adjacent street, specialized in handmade American Crafts by artists from around the USA. They married later that year and decided to combine their businesses. Maryanne relocated her shop next to the Bruce Webber Gallery and became Maryanne Webber Gallery. The Art Shop/ Bruce and Maryanne Webber Galleries continue to attract a variety of customers, new and old, to their unique stores.

Golden Chicken Burma

Most recently, the Bruce Webber Gallery collaborated with The Palm Beach Photographic Centre and FOTOFUSION located in West Palm Beach, to bring five South Florida artists together.  The exhibit includes the work of Wayne Becker, Durga Garcia, Tom McCartney, Steve Spring and Stephane Vercruysse.


Each artist brings their own sense of creativity to their subject matter, be it landscape, seascape, portrait or mixed media of encaustic with photography and hand embellished paint.    Wayne Becker is a former professional illustrator and animator who worked with the Disney organization.  He currently is an important and valued volunteer and teacher at The Palm Beach Photographic Centre.


Durga Garcia’s work has been seen at many galleries and juried exhibits, including Lighthouse ArtCenter and Palm Beach International Airport Art in Public Spaces.  She curates and designs all of The Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s Museum as well as Gallery Exhibitions.

EVENTIDE - Maine 12x12 (F16x20)_397aedf0d2c215402fe3882a9e9c1424

Tom McCartney is a retired veterinarian and a longstanding artist.  He teaches locally and had the very good fortune to meet and study with Ansel Adams and Minor White.

Mayan Ruins

Steve Spring is a volunteer and Master Printer at The Palm Beach Photographic Centre. He is Lead Photographer at Durga Garcia studios, where the focus is fine art female forms and Florida land & waterscapes.



 Stephane Vercruysse is a member of The Palm Beach Photographic Centre.  He exhibits his photographic images and also uses them to create three dimensional encaustic works of art with hand painted embellishments.


The Bruce Webber and Maryanne Webber Galleries are located at 705 Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 – 5 and Saturdays from 10 – 4.  For more information call: 561-582-1045 or visit:

The Rickie Report

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

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The Rickie Report

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Bored Kids This Summer? We Have Solutions!

The Rickie Report loves nothing more than plugging children into their creative energy!  Our community has a number of extraordinary resources to help your child not only enjoy their summer break but thrive and learn in a new environment!  

And after they go to these activities, we expect you to send us jpgs of their learnings so we can share them with The Rickie Report community!  (Did we mention that EVERY child has an inner artist – just wait and see what happens)!

NOTE:  Sign Up Now –  The Art Camp Program at The Hibel Museum is already  SOLD OUT!

1)   FOTOcamp for Kids 2012


Four Sessions Planned this Summer for Children & Teens, Ages 6 to 17

Fatima NeJame, president and chief executive officer of the world renowned Palm Beach Photographic Centre (PBPC), today announced that this summer the nonprofit organization will be offering four, age appropriate FOTOcamps for children and teens.
Summer FOTOfun Minicamp
+ June 25-29  /  9 a.m. to noon
For ages 6-8
FOTOcamp for Kids
+ June 11-22  /  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
+ July 9-20  /  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
+ July 23 – August 3  /  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
For ages 9-17

“FOTOcamp is for anyone between the ages of 6 and 17 that has an interest in photography and/or computers, and who are inquisitive and like adventure,” says NeJame.  “It is the perfect opportunity for youngsters and teens to gain knowledge in all areas of photography, beginning with the basics of picture-taking using SLR digital cameras and progressing to state-of the-art digital imaging, at each participant’s own rate of speed.”


“FOTOcamp is my favorite time of the year,” she adds. “I enjoy seeing the amazing images the kids come back with from their field trips, and I love to see their reactions when working in a real studio.”  FOTOcamp students are grouped by their level of experience, from beginner to advanced in each of three 2-week summer sessions. Students are each issued a digital SLR Camera and while exploring lens choices, lighting, and composition of photographs they will learn about photography and digital imaging, in a fun and fact-filled environment. Sessions in the computer lab will expose them to downloading images to the computer, saving and renaming files, burning CDs, and creating slide shows.


In addition, using Adobe Photoshop and Elements, they will learn image adjustment techniques such as color correction, compositing images, adjustment layers and layer masks and other digital imaging technology. The computer lab is set up so that each student has access to a computer ensuring the ultimate hands-on experience. Location shooting and photographic assignments give them the opportunity to practice their skills while acquiring new images.


Based at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in downtown West Palm Beach, all sessions of FOTOcamp will include a professional instructor and an assistant, with opportunities for both individualized and group critiques for each student.  The culmination of all three sessions of FOTOcamp for Kids will be a special exhibition of photos taken by the young students. At the exhibition’s opening on August 24, one talented FOTOcamper will be named Student of the Year and receive a free SLR Digital camera.


The cost to attend the Summer FOTOfun Minicamp for ages 6-8 is $345 for Photo Centre members and $375 for nonmembers. This covers five 3-hour sessions.  The cost to attend one of the three two-week session of FOTOcamp for Kids is only $695 for Photo Centre members and $745 for nonmembers.  This covers 10 6-hour sessions and includes use of digital SLR Cameras, transportation and admission fees for the fieldtrips, t-shirts, prints, etc. To register for either the Summer FOTOfun Minicamp or one of the three sessions of FOTOcamp for Kids, please call 561.253.2600 or visit


Now running through June 9 at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre is WYNN BULLOCK: Insights & Surprises. A mid-twentieth century master photographer, Wynn Bullock is best known for his evocative black and white images, he also created a significant body of color work he called “Color Light Abstractions.” This exhibition includes a 44-print traveling exhibit of Bullock’s Color Light Abstractions, as well as a fine selection of his vintage black & white photographs, a representative collection of his images from the family’s new black & white estate print program, and a small, yet revealing, group of vintage photographs by Wynn’s wife Edna, who began her own notable career as a creative photographer at age 61, a year after Wynn’s death in 1975.

About the Palm Beach Photographic Centre:

The Photo Centre is located at the City Center municipal complex at 415 Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, please call 561.253.2600 or visit or

2)     Art-Sea Living

SUMMER is Almost HERE!!

This is our sixth year of summer art camp.  Each year we concentrate on the camps from June through August.  We have a morning and an afternoon session divided by age.  We have added a lot of single classes and workshops for Tweens (preteen), Teens and Adults.  The descriptions are on our calendar at
Art-Sea will be open for Paint Your Own Pottery daily as well as shopping and of course, Classes & Art CAMP.
Please consider Art-Sea Living a great place to host your next Art Party.  See our Party Menu on our website.

Kid’s Arts & Crafts Summer Camp

                                          Ages 4.5-16

kids art supplies

Camp is Tuesday-Friday 10:30 am -1:30 pm and/or  Tuesday-Friday 2:00 -5:00 pm
Note:  There are 2 different age groups so different art projects will be planned for each!
For the morning sessions pack lunch except Friday… pizza party on us!
Snack & all supplies included for morning & afternoon sessions
Ages 4.5-11: Morning from 10:30 am-1:30 pm
Ages 10-16: Afternoons from 2-5pm
Weeks to choose from…
June 12-15
June 19-22
June 26-29
July 3-6
July 10-13
July 17-20
July 24-27
July 31-Aug 3
Aug 7-10
Aug 14-17
Aug 21-24
Aug 28-31
All supplies and snack are included! (Morning session pack a lunch/drink) Please call 561-737-2600 to reserve your space with a $50 non refundable deposit or reserve as many weeks as you need to.
Sample projects:  Watercolor, Pastels, Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Clay Handbuilding, Mosaic, Tie Dye, Jewelry Making, Pottery Painting & more.
*New projects this year & some favorites from years past!
10% off for siblings.  Please do not send camper with “good” clothes on, as we get very MESSY and we like it that way!
kids art club
Once again we would like to thank you very much for your continued support.  We will celebrate our 9th year in June and feel so blessed and humble to share our love of ART with you.


 Barb       561-737-2600

3)   Armory Art Center

June 11 – August 10, 2012 Mon – Fri from 9:00am – 4:30pm





Each week, through the guidance of experienced and talented instructors, students will discover new projects, themes, and forms of art!

WEEK 1: June 11-15 Ancient Egypt: Pharaohs, Mummies, and Crocodiles. Learn about the ancient civilization, its people, places, and animals!

WEEK 2: June 18-22 Greek Isles: Art of the Olympians So much of Western Art is rooted in Ancient Greece! Come find out how and why and discover how to create vessels, jars, a musical instrument, and more!

WEEK 3: June 25-29 Amazing Asia: Ancient Times to Anime. Learn about the art methods practiced by ancient artisans and then get current with the newest and hippest trends in Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Korean art!

WEEK 4: July 2-6 (4 days, 7/4 no camp) Australia: Land Down Under Aborigines, sharks, coral reefs, oh my! Come find out what makes Australia so wild!

WEEK 5: July 9-13 Finders Keepers: The Art of Found Objects. Have you ever wondered what amazing things you could make with everyday items? Kids will try their hand at making art as well as functional objects from everyday items, recycled materials, and found objects.

WEEK 6: July 16- 20 Cowboys, Pioneers, and Native Americans. Get ready for an adventure back in time to the American West! Become an art pioneer! Cowboy hat not required.

WEEK 7: July 23-27 Double Rainbow: All about Color. Color theory is one of the fundamentals of art and color choice impacts how we see the world, in advertising, art, and even wall color for example!

WEEK 8: July 30- August 3 Me, Myself, and I: All About You! Almost all great artists have at one time drawn, sculpted, or painted a self-portrait. Now you can follow in that tradition! We will create portraits in a variety of 2D and 3D media.

WEEK 9: August 6-10 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Mastering Mixed Media. Using a wide variety of materials and media such as printmaking, collage, and assemblage, students will explore different techniques and ways of creating art.

SUMMER ART CAMP Registration now open onlineGET CREATIVE this summer! Each week, through the guidance of experienced and talented instructors, students will discover new projects, themes, and forms of art!Our talented and experienced summer art camp instructors, interns, and volunteers are each fingerprinted and background checked. Our policies are consistent with the Palm Beach County School District as well as compliant with state guidelines.4.5 -17years old
JUMP START (ages 4.5-7) &  ADVENTURES IN ART (ages 8-10) Tuition is $225 per week
ROCKIN’ STUDIO (ages 11-13) &  STUDIO ART (ages14-17) TUITION IS $275 PER WEEK WEEK 1: June 11-15 Ceramics: Wheel Throwing Drawing WEEK 2: June 18-22  Intro to Digital Art & Photography Photographic Composition WEEK 3: June 25-29 Figure Drawing Figurative Sculpture WEEK 4: July 2-6 (7/4 NO CAMP) (TUITION IS $220 THIS WEEK) Painting Portfolio Preparation WEEK 5: July 9-13 Fashion Illustration Sculpture: Plaster, Wood, Metals, Found Objects WEEK 6: July 16- 20 Book Art Fiber Art Printmaking Non-Traditional Photography WEEK 7: July 23-27 Exploring Color: Drawing and Painting Using Acrylic, Pastels, & Watercolor WEEK 8: July 30- August 3 Ceramics: Hand-building & Wheel Throwing Glass Fusing WEEK 9: August 6-10 Collage Mixed Media Papermaking Printmaking
Register Online at: • Or Call: 561.832.1776

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