Ray Neubert Teaches Class at New Armory Art Center Branch in Lake Worth

 The Armory Art Center will open its second location called the Armory Art Center Annex in downtown Lake Worth.  It allows the Art Center opportunities to enhance the growing Lake Worth art community already in place. The Rickie Report is pleased to announce  that Ray Neubert will be teaching one of the first classes at this new facility!  The class, “Being the Artist You Were Meant to Be” is for  artists who are tired of being told what and how to create.  We urge you to consider this course and find YOUR OWN artistic voice!  Details are in this article.



                                          Ray Neubert


Being the Artist

You Were Meant to Be



Armory Art Center Annex

Tuesday class begins September 2    3:00-5:00 pm


Classes are 8 weeks

1121 Lucerne Avenue           Lake Worth, FL




The Armory Art Center will open its second location called the Armory Art Center Annex in downtown Lake Worth. Formally the shuffleboard center, this 5,000 square foot building, is located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue.  The year-long lease was awarded to the Armory by the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. It allows the Art Center the opportunity to enhance the growing Lake Worth art community already in place. 





"You Take Such Liberties" by Raymond P. Neubert

“You Take Such Liberties” by Raymond P. Neubert

Ray Neubert will be teaching a new course called “Being The Artist You Were Meant To Be”, at The Armory’s new facility in Lake Worth.  This class is meant for artists who are tired of being told what and how to create and keep ending with their art looking like the teacher’s work or other more famous artists. The class begins on September 2nd – October 21st and run for 8 weeks.  

“Ray Neubert”

Ray explains, “Each week we will have an assigned task which we will review at the beginning of the next lesson.  This is not a class in how to make great art but to focus on what individual great art is in each of us and how to tap into our life experiences to uncover it.  I will not tell you what your journey is but encourage you to explore the possibilities the journey can be.  Personal experiences from all participants will be explored.  Each week will begin with a discussion, continue with exploration of the topics in our personal experience with our art and end with an assignment to be worked on for the following week.”
by Raymond P. Neubert

by Raymond P. Neubert

“Such subjects as…Honesty…Personal Preferences…’The Outliers’…’Cosmos’…Surviving Critiquing…Successes & Failures…Likes and Dislikes…Problem Solving and Best Time To Work.  New topics will be explored as they arise.  Our first assignment will be to bring sketching materials and at least one large object for group sketching to the first class.  In eight weeks we will each create a personal work of art which we will use to begin to explore and document what we each are meant to be as an honest and unique artist.  We will also compile a list of long term and short term goals” Ray says. 
The artist at work

The artist at work

The Tuesday class is from 3:00-5:00pm The eight week class is $200.00.  Contact The Armory Art Center to register at 561-832-1776.

Ray Neubert’s work ” is influenced by my father’s word play, comics of all genres and heroic Propaganda Art.  My NeuArt began in 2009 when I combined drawing, colored ink and word play on lined paper in saturated colors.  I continue with Metamorphosis in acrylics on canvas.”




For more information about Raymond’s artwork, including photography, poetry, assemblage and paintings, please call  561-313-6080 or email  Neuray1@aol.com   or visit  www.subrealart.com


The Armory Art Center Annex will serve the local community in the following ways:

  • focus on and feature local artists through exhibitions and teaching opportunities
  • provide outreach programs for youth and adults
  • offer classes and workshops during the day, at night, and on weekends
  • serve an audience from Lake Worth and the surrounding west and southern areas
  • make available studio space for 2D artists



The schedule will include exhibitions, one-time Art on the Go! classes and eight week classes. Armory instructors will teach classes in drawing, mixed media painting, oil painting and photography for adults and drawing and BAK and Dreyfoos prep classes for youth. Exhibitions by local artists will include Bob Vail and MeiWei Goethe, Lisette Cedeno, Kenneth Gryzmala, Nune Asatryan and Lisa Solon.


For more information about the Armory Art Center classes or exhibits call 561-832-1776  or visit  www.ArmoryArt.org



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Art Salon Showcases “Sisters of the Cloth”, Barbara Cheives and Kianga Jinaki

Barbara Cheives and Kianga Jinaki, fiber artists and friends, will be sharing their excitement and lives of cultural activism as well as their love of artistic creativity at the upcoming Art Salon on August 5th.  The Rickie Report takes great joy in sharing this information, as each woman brings her own personality, creativity and her-story to the elements engendered by working with textiles.  This is Open to the Public, with a small fee to cover the costs of operating these Salons at the Armory Art Center, so ably accomplished by Elle Schorr.












There’s a $10 fee to attend.

Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue  W.Palm Beach, FL


Barbara Cheives' Quilt

Barbara Cheives’ Quilt




Barbara Cheives says of her work, ” I learned to sew as a teenager and loved making clothes for myself and my friends.  In what seems like a former life, I obtained a degree in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and worked in the garment district for over 10 years.  Most of those years were spent buying and selling textiles.  When I left New York, I left that world behind until a Japanese American friend convinced me to work with him at the Houston Quilt Festival where he was selling vintage kimono to quilters….I was hooked.”


Barbara Cheives' Scarves and Pillows

Barbara Cheives’ Scarves and Pillows



“I have a natural affinity for the African culture and with a new appreciation for the garments, art and culture of Japan, Afrasia was born.  The colors and textures of the fabrics work well together to form a unique marriage of cultures that preserves vintage Japanese Kimono and Obi blended with modern African fabric, African inspired trims, beads, and ‘found’ items. Call it multi-cultural recycling.  I spend my days as a consultant working to bridge the gap between cultures and I continue that work through my art. As a Fiber Artist, my one of a kind wearable and decorative art represents a harmonious blend of cultures.”




Barbara Cheives' Wall Hanging

Barbara Cheives’ Wall Hanging


Barbara spends her days as a consultant working to bridge the gap between cultures, ” I continue that work through my art. You never know where life will take you. Whenever I’m asked how I got into race relations and diversity, I have a simple answer – GOD. I did not choose my current career, it chose me. The beauty of it is that now I have the best of both of my worlds. I can satisfy my social justice side through my work and my love of fabric and color through my art.”  


Barbara Cheives' Pillows

Barbara Cheives’ Pillows



Barbara is the President and CEO of Converge & Associates Consulting, specializing in race and ethnic relations consulting and Cultural Competency Training.  Barbara’s consulting expertise includes law enforcement and public safety, media, education and corporations. Barbara is a native New Yorker who has called West Palm Beach home since 1990.  Additionally, she serves on the National Board of the Institute of Community Peace in Washington, DC. She is Immediate Past President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. West Palm Beach Chapter and the Co-Chair of the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Social Justice Ministry. Barbara is an alumna of Leadership Palm Beach County, from the Class of 2002.



Kianga Jinaki's Wall Hanging,"The Divine One"

Kianga Jinaki’s Wall Hanging,”Divine One” (Photo Courtesy of Her Website)



Kianga Jinaki says: “My media of choice are collage, dolls, & quilts. When it is enhancing to what I am creating, the written word is also incorporated. The influences of the African diaspora which were prevalent as I grew up in Baltimore, not only shaped me but my art. The love, honor and respect that I have for my heritage permeates my work. Doll making and quilting appeal to me because they are both multi-media constructions that allow me to indulge my love of working with fabric, fibers, and embellishments.”



Kinaga Jinaki's Wall Hanging," The Left Bank"

Kianga Jinaki’s Wall Hanging,” The Left Bank”  (Photo Courtesy of her website)



“Starting with the initial idea of a piece I begin collecting the things that I want to incorporate in the final work. As the piece begins to reveal itself I add to or take away until before me is the art piece that I was reaching inside for. The inspiration for my work is everywhere and is funneled thru how I experience, see and feel things.”




Kinaga Janika's Doll, "From The Blacker Berry's Fairy Collection"

Kianga Janika’s Doll, “From The Blacker Berry’s Fairy Collection” (Photo Courtesy of her Website)



She goes on to explain, “Romare Bearden once said ‘It’s not what you see when you looking at a painting, but what you feel.’ In my work I am also striving to get the viewer to connect to a feeling, to deliver a message. Sometimes that message is delivered as a whisper and sometimes I’m yelling at the top of my lungs.”



Kianga Jinaki Offers Doll Workshops ( Photo Courtesy of her website)

Kianga Jinaki Offers Doll Workshops ( Photo Courtesy of her website and Simone Infantry Photography)



Kianga Jinaki is originally from Baltimore, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Community Mental Health from Morgan State University.  In addition to being an artist, she is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, and the mother of 4 adult children.  She is a teaching artist for the Norton Museum of Art’s P.A.C.E. program, and resides in West Palm Beach.


For more information about Barbara Cheives please email:  afrasia1@bellsouth.net

For more information about Kianga Jinaki please visit: www.kiangajinaki.com









The Art Salons offer stimulating conversations with other artists, in a relaxed setting. As a springboard to each of our explorations, professional artists from South Florida are invited to present their work, talk about what influenced them, and examine the work of influential artists showing in museums and galleries. Our discussions cover the gamut of contemporary art themes, including conceptual, cultural, socio/political, environmental, race and gender focused and aesthetic practices, the materials and techniques used to convey these ideas, and where we fit into the world of contemporary conceptual art. They’re also an opportunity to explore the practical side of being an artist, of professional development and the sharing of useful resources.

Salons are facilitated by Elle Schorr.




NEW LOCATION: All Salons meet in the Library of the Armory Art Center, 1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida 3340, in the historic Art Deco Armory building to the left of the garden.

If you’re driving North on I-95, turn right/ east on Belvedere Blvd. Turn left at the light on to Parker Avenue. Continue north to Park Place, just before the fire station. The entrance and main parking lot of the Armory Art Center is halfway up the block on the left side.

If you’re driving South on I-95, turn left / east on Okeechobee Blvd. Turn right on Parker Ave, just before the Convention Center. Continue south past the fire station and turn right on Park Avenue. The entrance and main parking lot of the Armory Art Center is halfway up the block on the left side.



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Pamela Acheson Myers, Takes Award at “Art of Association”

Pamela Acheson Myers is an emerging artist with a growing list of galleries and juried exhibits showing her artwork.  While her abstract landscapes and seascapes  offer the viewer much to enjoy, the depth of her artistic abilities will excite you. Her abstract paintings are celebrations of color, imagined floating hibiscus blossoms have lives of their own, and her drawings of birds offer a super sense of realism.   As we go to publication, Pamela just notified us of her work’s acceptance to The Artists’ Challenge at the Plaza Theater in Manalapan!  The Rickie Report shares some highlights of Pamela’s dramatic creativity and the venues where you can see her work.



Pamela Acheson Myers




Award Winning "Lake Tahoe at Dusk" by Pamela Acheson Meyers

Award Winning “Dusk Comes to Lake Tahoe” by Pamela Acheson Myers




Pamela Acheson Myers’s dramatic abstract paintings plus her abstract landscapes and seascapes can be seen at the Liman Gallery (Palm Beach), OSGS gallery (Northwood) and at the Lighthouse ArtCenter “Art of Association” Show (Tequesta).  Her entry there, “Dusk Comes to Lake Tahoe” took Third Place in the Oil/Acrylic Painting Category.  In addition, Pamela is part of the Armory Art Center’s Student Show and will be exhibiting in a group show, ” The Creative Process” at the East End Arts’ National Show ( Riverhead, NY.) which runs August through September. A full list appears later in this article.


"Jets Colors" by Pamela Acheson Myers

“Jets’ Colors” by Pamela Acheson Myers



Pamela paints mostly on linen and occasionally on canvas, using acrylic paints.  Her paintings are as large as 4 x 6 feet and as small as 5 x 7 inches.  She explains to The Rickie Report, “Intense color has thrilled me for as long as I can remember,  whether it appears in a spectacular sunset, or a wildly wallpapered room or a tropical bird’s brilliant rainbow of feathers.” 
"Bahama Sunrise" by Pamela Acheson Myers

“Bahama Sunrise” by Pamela Acheson Myers

She says, “Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with the reflections that transpire when any combination of land and sky and water meet and I attempt to capture this in my abstract landscapes.

My purely abstract paintings are a tribute to the  extraordinary nature of color.”




"Can't Get Enough Of You" by Pamela Acheson Myers

“Can’t Get Enough Of You” by Pamela Acheson Myers

A world traveler and author, Pamela states, “The multitude of colors and reflections in the outdoors dazzle me!  I have been painting these vistas and the reflections they create from places all over the world, from Newport to the Florida Keys, to Venice, Italy to the fjords of Chile.  For me, every view of the convergence of land, water and sky is a magic moment – a natural canvas of colors and reflections never seen before.  Some are dramatic, some wildly chaotic and others blissfully peaceful. Every one is unique.”
"Just Passing By" by Pamela Myers

“Just Passing By” by Pamela Acheson Myers


Her hibiscus series surprises, with brilliant blossoms becoming lively personalities in the night skies. Pamela’s bird portraits show exceeding details, as she continues to explore the depth of her range of artistry.




"A Bevy of Blue Hibiscus" by Pamela Acheson Myers

“A Bevy of Blue Hibiscus” by Pamela Acheson Myers




Current and Upcoming Exhibits :


  • Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue West Palm Beach, FL

2014 Student Summer Exhibition

             June 14-July 12

  • Lighthouse ArtCenter

373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469

             Art of Association 2014 Exhibit
             June 9-August 14
  • Plaza Theater

262 South Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan, FL

             Artists in Florida “Artists Challenge Exhibit”
            Broadway Series
            Opening Reception:  Thursday, July 17th  5-7 pm
            Exhibit runs through August 4th


  • East End Arts Gallery

133 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901

             East End Arts’ National Show
             The Creative Process
             August 8-September 24

  • American Airlines Admirals Lounge

Miami Airport   

           Embler Gallery      

  • Liman Gallery

139 N County Road Palm Beach, FL

  • OSGS  (Ortiz-Smykla |Gallery-Studio)

500 Northwood Road West Palm Beach FL33407

"Sharp Shinned Hawk" Drawing by Pamela Acheson Meyers

“Sharp Shinned Hawk” Drawing by Pamela Acheson Myers

Pamela graduated from Bennington College where she studied under Jules Olitski, Vincent Longo and David Smith. More recently she has studied with Harlan G. Hoffman and Miroslav Antic, both of West Palm Beach.  Her  photographs and articles have appeared in Caribbean Travel & Life and Travel & Leisure; she was an executive at a major publishing house, has written and designed numerous ads and marketing tools, and is the author and designer of over 20 books, the most recent being “A Year in PalmBeach: Life in an Alternate Universe”, published in 2012, which she co-wrote with her late husband Richard B. Myers.

"Young Summer Tanager" by Pamela Acheson Myers

“Young Summer Tanager” by Pamela Acheson Myers

Since May, 2013, the first year Pamela began submitting her work for juried exhibitions, she was accepted to:  Embler Gallery’s exhibit at the American Airlines Admirals Lounge  (Miami International Airport),  four exhibits at Art on Park including Featured Artist,  Scottsdale Biennale  (Award of Exceptional Merit), County Contemporary ( Cultural Council of Palm Beach County) and Art at the Airport ( Art in Public Spaces at Palm Beach International Airport), JF Gallery (Small Works Exhibit) and The Crafts Gallery collaboration with Artists in Florida Exhibit.  In addition, critiques of her work can be found in Embler Art Gallery, ArtSlant and other publications.

For more information about Pamela’s artwork, please visit:



For more information about her books please visit http://www.ayearinpalmbeach.com

or contact her at ttta1@att.net


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Port St. Lucie Unveils New Photographic Exhibit by BRBarbara

BRBarbara will be exhibiting in a SOLO show at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  She is a digital artist/photographer, serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center and has shown in juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peaks.







Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery

Presents A

SOLO Exhibition by:



Opening Reception  

Thursday, July 17th    6-8 pm

Exhibit Runs Through September 11th

Monday through Friday  8:15 am – 4:15 pm

Free admission and Free Parking

9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, southeast corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Walton Road

BRBarbara will be highlighted in a SOLO exhibit at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, showing her varied photographs.  She is a digital artist/photographer who serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center.  She has shown in other juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery from 6 – 8 pm. The exhibit continues July 18th through September 11th, Monday – Friday.  The Gallery is closed on weekends.

"Green and Yellow" by BDBarbara

“Green and Yellow” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara studied at Brookdale Community College, International Photographic Center, Palm Beach Photographic Center, Armory Art Center, Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University.  Her juried exhibitions include Jensen Beach, Okeeheelee Nature Center, Life Long Learning at Florida Atlantic University and Jonathan Dickinson State Park.




"Cape Coral" by BDBarbara

“Cape Coral” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work encompasses different catagories of fine art photography. In addition to her own artwork, BRBarbara promotes the work of other talented artists.  The selections of prints available are of a broad spectrum and available on her website. 


"Glass Building" by BDBarbara

“Glass Building” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s subject matter is diverse.  Two pieces of her artwork are placed in Municipal buildings in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.  BRBarbara’s capturing of shadows is particularly entertaining, with every-day objects taking center stage.  The beauty of her photography is how she captures what we normally pass by without thinking – and makes us take a second look. 



"Shimmer" by BDBarbara

“Shimmer” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara is a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and serves on their Marketing Committee.  She was most recently Honorary Host of the prestigious Members’ Juried Show Reception.


"Look Through" by BDBarbara

“Look Through” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work will also be shown at upcoming exhibits including: A Focus on Flags at the Lake Park Library (November-December), Art Express, Palm Beach Gardens (November 15 – January 15) and at the Art Gallery in Tequesta.


"Tribute" bu BDBarbara

“Tribute” by BRBarbara


For more information about BRBarbara’s own photography and digital art or representation of other artists, please contact her at:  BRBarbara@BRBarbara.com.  or www.BRBarbara.com.




For more information about the Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery contact: 

Kelly A. Tiger, Recreation Manager
Port St. Lucie Civic Center
City of Port St. Lucie
(772) 807-4467


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Artists of Palm Beach County Offer Two June Events: Exquisite Mosaics by Bobbi Pugliese and Free Children’s Coloring Class with Daphne The Duck

The Artists of Palm Beach County will be hosting two events with different audiences in mind.  Their General Meeting will showcase the exquisite mosaic work of artist Bobbi Pugliese on June 10th.  A special, Free coloring class for children will take place on June 21st hosted by artist Maxine Schreiber.  The Rickie Report shares the details as this community-minded arts organization offers a diversity of opportunities. 




1)    APBC General Meeting

Mosaics of Bobbi Pugliese

Monday, June 10th

7 pm



RSVP  & More Information:  561- 345-2842



On Monday June 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC) member Bobbi Pugliese will host the General Meeting of APBC in her home, 6534 Eastpointe Pines Street in Palm Beach Gardens.   Directions:  I-95 to Donald Ross Rd.  Go west one mile to the entrance of East Point on the left.  State you are with Artists of PBC and show your drivers license at the guest gate.   At the first stop sign, turn left at East Point Pines St.  For more information and to RSVP call 561- 345-2842.
"Jazzman" by Bobbi Pugliese

“Jazzman” by Bobbi Pugliese

Bobbi tells The Rickie Report, “I come from a very artsy family. My mom, grandmother, grandfather, brother, aunts, and my both my children are all into one form of art or another.  I have only been doing mosaics for a few years. My passion for many years was miniature room boxes. I have been a collector as long as I can remember of miniature items and have always had a love of the arts.”
"Tree of Life" by Bobbi Pugliese

“Tree of Life” by Bobbi Pugliese

Bobbi was inspired when she took a course with her daughter on mosaics at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. Most of her mosaics are very different in that they are not traditional.  She likes to incorporate many different elements such as gems, geodes, buttons, charms, and just about anything that she can find to scale that will work.  Her mosaic pieces are part of private collections in Long Island and Sag Harbor, New York, Palm Beach Gardens, and Miami.
"Patches" by Bobbi Pugliese

“Patches” by Bobbi Pugliese

To see Bobbi’s exquisite mosaics as well as the 20 scenic boxes all around her home, be sure to attend the meeting.  Admission is free for members of APBC. The general public is invited to attend the event for a $5.00 admission fee.  Payment will be collected at the door and will be applied towards the membership fee, if one wishes to join at the meeting.  Artists are encouraged to bring a work of art for sharing/critique as well as refreshments to share with the group.
Directions:  I-95 to Donald Ross Rd.  Go west one mile to the entrance of East Point on the left.  State you are with Artists of PBC and show your drivers license at the guest gate.   At the first stop sign, turn left at East Point Pines St.  For more information call 561- 345-2842.

2)  Art on Park Gallery


Mommy & Me & Daphne

with Maxine Schreiber

Saturday, June 21st

2- 3 pm

FREE Coloring Class

Art on Park Gallery

800 Park Avenue   Lake Park, FL

On Saturday, June 21, 2014 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. artist Maxine Schreiber will be hosting a Mommy & Me & Daphne free coloring class at the Art on Park Gallery, 800 Park Avenue in Lake Park. Maxine recently published the children’s picture book The Story of DAPHNE The Duck, which she wrote and illustrated.  She will share some interesting information about Muscovy ducks including her real life experience with a duck that landed on her fifth story balcony.  Following the discussion and book reading, participants will use crayons and paper to draw their very own duckling.  Bring your little ones to learn all about the fascinating world of Muscovy ducks.  While 3 – 6 year olds may particularly appreciate Daphne and her ducklings, dads and older sibs are more than welcome to take part.  If your child is into art and ducks, this is the perfect class for you.

Space is limited. Please contact the gallery to pre-register at (561) 345-2842. If you need driving directions or have any questions feel free to call the gallery.



For more information about Artists of Palm Beach County or Art on Park Gallery, please visit: www.artistsofpalmbeachcounty.com.  The gallery displays oils paintings, watercolors, acrylic paintings, photography, glass, collage and sculpture.   In addition, a display case in the front is filled with jewelry, ceramics, and fabric art.  Art classes, demonstrations, and workshops provide watercolor, drawing, poetry and collage experiences.  Regular gallery hours are 12-6 pm Mon-Sat.





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Trina Slade-Burks SOLO Exhibit at Harold’s

Trina Slade-Burks has been curating art shows alongside her husband Anthony Burks Sr. for close to a decade. While her focus previously has been the creativity of others, it is time to celebrate a SOLO Exhibit of her own artistry!  Already on display, “Women Unite” runs through May 28th.  There will be a public reception on Saturday, May 24th, so check it out at Harold’s Coffee Lounge.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a sneak peek.

Trina Slade-Burks

SOLO Exhibit:

“Women Unite”

Public Reception:


Saturday,  May 24th  6- 9 pm

Harold’s Coffee Lounge

509 Northwood Road

West Palm Beach,  FL 33407

Exhibit runs  April 24-May 28

*There will be light refreshments  (samples from Trina’s up-coming 2nd cookbook), however please support the venue by purchasing coffee, tea, and other things that Harold’s provide. The mission is to support local arts and local businesses.



Trina Slade-Burks has been curating art shows alongside her husband Anthony Burks Sr. for close to a decade. Some of the exhibitions’ include Collaboration: The Florida Endangered Species Exhibition at the Paul Fisher Gallery, Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition at the Armory Art Center, CONTINUUM in the Downtown District of West Palm Beach under the direction of ArtSynergy and co-curated BACKGROUND: Cultural Inspiration in Contemporary Art at ArtHouse 429 Gallery. Trina has also self-published 5 books since 2009 with a new cookbook due to be launched the winter of 2014.




Though Trina has exhibited in collaborative shows in the past, she has never had a SOLO exhibition.   This show, Women Unite”  is a tribute to women empowerment.   Born in Harlem, NY. , raised in Marble Hill Projects in the Bronx, Trina Slade-Burks is from an artistic lineage. Her multimedia influences have included creative writing, visual arts, music and theatrical arts disciplines.



Trina Slade-Burks

Trina Slade-Burks


After graduating from college in Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Visual Communications in the late 80’s, Trina felt the strong need to work creatively. She moved back to New York City and re-exposed herself to the creative flow she was longing for.  Trina later married a fellow artist Anthony Burks and together they have journeyed on to the next level of exposing people to what makes the world a better place: ART.



Trina Burks, Magnets

Trina Burks, Magnets


In 1993 Trina and Anthony created A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers (formerly A.T.B Graphic Designers); offering image-building  and branding for artists and companies. They also connect artists to clients and act as mentors to young artists by offering training for the professional art world. In 2009 their company was registered as an LLC in West Palm Beach, FL.


Trina Burks

Trina Burks, Mixed Media


With artists Barbara Cheives & Lea Jefferson, Trina and Anthony created  and launched a traveling art exhibition called “Collaboration” in 2007 which showcases art of different disciplines in alternative spaces. “Collaboration” is a new concept in art presentation.  Being in homes or businesses, allows artwork to be viewed by clients in a more realistic environment rather than a gallery or museum. It gives the artists an opportunity to interact with buyers on a one-to-one basis and develop a personal relationship without a third party facilitator.


Trina Burks

Trina Burks


Besides nurturing other innovative souls the couple is raising their two sons Anthony Jr. and Raymond who are equally as artistic as their parents.  Trina has been a major player in the development of art and culture for programs in Palm Beach County, FL.  Her groundbreaking projects  focus on the goal of developing the artistic souls of youth and adults alike, through creativity.



Trina Burks, "Understand Me"

Trina Burks, “Understand Me”


Trina published her first book, ” What is My Priority?”  in June 2009 which is a collaborative of poetry, affirmations & art.  She previously wrote articles, interviews and acted as the ghostwriter for the blog “Afro Boy” (with musician/writer Alexie F formerly of online hip-hop radio show The Zro Hour both found on Blogspot.com.)  The collaboration ended in February 2014.  This art educator and art activist has also worked for a number of art programs and organizations including the Center for Creative Education and The Armory Art Center.



In 2010 Trina, self published her second book, ” 2Faced: The Devil’s Advocate”, referencing her traits as a true Gemini; playing the devil’s advocate in life.  In November 2011, she self-published her 4th book which is her first cook book.  It is a mixture of friends’ and family recipes called “Soul Much More from Scratch”. It contains recipes from her childhood memories as well as recipes created by Trina in her adulthood.





In March 2012, Trina & Anthony curated an art event called “Endangered Florida Species Art Exhibition”.  The event benefited Florida Environmental charities. (Loggerhead Marine, Busch Wildlife & the Arthur R Marshall Foundation).  The next year, Trina co-curated  “Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition” and published the collaborative book, ” The Mighty 9″ at the Armory Art Center. This show broke the record for the largest attended opening exhibit at the Armory to date.




At the same time, Trina was honored by the Delta Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as a 2013 Woman Of Excellence at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. It was a  celebration of  Trina’s ongoing contributions to the arts community. The featured speaker was Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King.




January 2014,  in partnership with Craig McInnis, ArtSynergy & ArtPalmBeach and with sponsorship of Downtown Development Authority of West Palm Beach, Trina’s company A.T.B. managed “CONTINUUM”,  the downtown West Palm Beach popup art fair during ArtPalmBeach Weekend.


For more information about Trina Burks latest artwork, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/470252716408429/?ref=br_tf     https://www.facebook.com/dizeimagetsb     https://www.facebook.com/dizeimageart


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Fiber Artist, Leora Klaymer Stewart Exhibits at Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Gallery

Fiber artist extraordinaire, Leora Klaymer Stewart will present her newest work in a SOLO Exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.  Leora’s  woven vessels are reminiscent of forms found in nature.  What secrets are they holding?  What do they protect?  The Rickie Report urges you to attend this free reception on April 26th to meet the artist and explore her world of fabrications.  Here we give you details and a sneak peak, but can only hint at what promises to be the LARGEST installation of its kind in Palm Beach County!




Please join us at the Cultural Council

 Saturday,  April 26,    3-5 P.M.

To celebrate the Opening Reception of


Leora Klaymer Stewart

 in the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center. 
Refreshments will be served.  
Exhibition runs: April 26 through May 24, 2014  
Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 5PM  


601 Lake Avenue         Lake Worth, FL  33460




Weaving as an metaphor is a common association and no exception with the artwork of Leora Klaymer Stewart.  The public is invited to her SOLO Exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Gallery. There will be a free reception and opportunity to meet the artist on Saturday, April 26, from 3-5 pm. The exhibit continues through May 24th. There is no charge to view the gallery, located at 601 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth,FL.



Leora’s major  installation piece, “Entanglements” consists of an 8 foot high by 3 foot wide knotted construction that has been wrapped and intertwined.  She used natural hemp twine and a variety of other fibers to represent the growth and intertwining of the Banyan tree.  She collaborated with Fine Art Photographer and Master Printer, Steve Spring, of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.  Images of the Banyan tree were printed on Habotai silk and silk  organza panels 40 inches wide by 96 inches high.  These panels will be installed on each side of the  knotted structure to create an environment that represents nature as a metaphor for the cycle of life.




"Lifecycle 1" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Lifecycle Series” by Leora Klaymer Stewart


 “RED MICROTUBULES” is part of the Life Cycle Series.  It is a circular piece constructed with red linen threads that have been loop-stitched with wrapping and glass beads. It is 16 inches in diameter, mounted on linen and enclosed in a plexi-box.



"Life Cycle 2" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Life Cycle 2″ by Leora Klaymer Stewart


“LIFE CYCLE”  is a circular piece constructed with pink and orange linen threads that have been loop-stitched with wrappings and glass beads.  It is 16 inches in a diameter, mounted on linen and enclosed in a plexi-box.


Leora tells The Rickie Report, ” All of my pieces represent the idea of the cycle of life – represented as a circle or sphere and as a container form holding mysteries.  I use ancient textile techniques ( knotting, loop-stitching, wrapping and inter-twining).”



"Virgin Bride" by Leora Klaymer Stewart

“Virgin Bride” by Leora Klaymer Stewart


“VIRGIN BRIDE”  is an oval piece which is 12 inches wide by 24 inches high.  It is created with a loop stitch in white nylon cord. Leora incorporates hand sewn pearls and feathers.   Her woven vessels are reminiscent of forms found in nature and can be interpreted as holders of secrets, emptiness or even generative possibilities.  Leora refers to her work as “transitional fabrications” which can also be interpreted as life cycles.



Leora graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has received two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grants.  Her architectural commissions include Beckton Dickson Pharmaceuticals, Wool Bureau of America, Contintental Wheat and Grain, Prudential,Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and Knoll Showrooms.  Leora has taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for 20 years and is currently teaching a fiber arts course at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL.  She is continually creating new pieces in her studio, Llama Studios, in Palm Beach, FL.




For more information about Leora’s art work, please visit her website:  www.leorakstewart.com


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Photography Workshop Focuses on Human Form in the Natural Environment

The Artists in Florida is sponsoring a special workshop focused on capturing the human form in the natural environment.  On April 19th, Robert Swinson will lead the small group by providing technical support and guidance as they explore the effects of texture, light and form.  Participants will work with an accomplished figure model and the workshop will take place at a private botanical preserve in Palm Beach County.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges those interested in signing up – this is limited to 8 participants!



Artists in Florida


A Small Group Workshop

Photographing the Human Form

in the Natural Environment




April 2014 Photographing Human Form-1






Robert Swinson



Photo by Robert Swinson

Photo by Robert Swinson



With over thirty five years experience in photography encompassing 35mm through large format studio cameras Robert has worked with many artistic and commercial uses of photography and graphics arts. His professional roles have included commercial desktop publishing, color separation for the printing industry, studio photography for both large products and portraiture, location in fashion and product to now include video and film production work with lighting and camera work. He has done this while working in commercial printing, professional video and film production, and corporate marketing in several industries.




Photo by Robert Swinson

Photo by Robert Swinson




In recent years Robert has added the role of instructor and mentor with his classes in basic photography through studio lighting and figure classes and workshops. He spent three years with the Palm Beach Photographic Centre as volunteer coordinator and teaching assistant before joining the Armory Art Center in 2008 to teach basic and intermediate photography along with studio figure photography. Currently he hosts the Photo Salon, a twice monthly meeting of photographers at the Armory. His photographic work is seen in exhibitions as well as being published commercially.



For more information about this please contact Jackee  at  561. 714. 4871 or email info@artinfl.org  or visit www.artinfl.org




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“Ceramic Celebration” at Hennevelt’s Gallery and Gifts

It is exciting to see that Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts in Northwood is showing a number of new artists including Deb LaFogg and Jane Saull.  On April 11th, everyone is invited to a “Ceramic Celebration” for an Opening Reception!  On display will be Sculptures, vases, ornamental plus functional items, all showing superb craftsmanship and different ceramic techniques.  The Rickie Report shares the details and gives you a sneak peek!






Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts


“Ceramic Celebration”

Opening reception:

Friday,  April 11, 2014    7 – 9 pm

Exhibit continues through April  26, 2014 


510 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

561-506-4108     www.hennevelts.com




Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts is inviting everyone to a “Ceramic Celebration”.  The Opening Reception will take place on Friday, April 11th from 7 – 9 pm.  The public is invited and refreshments will be served.  There will be an opportunity to meet many of the artists. The exhibit runs for two weeks, through April 26th.  Enjoy wine and light Hors d’oeuvres and the music of Jason Hanley.






Sculptures, vases and ornamental pieces will be displayed in addition to functional items.  Each will show superb craftsmanship and different ceramic techniques like sagger and raku.






Come to this special ceramics show and see work from the Gallery’s permanent
artists including Lisa Kraemer, Betty Wilson, Lucia Philipson, Ying Zhou and
Doreen Alfaro. Ceramic work from several selected local artists from outside the Gallery, including like Mark Walnock from the Armory Art Centre, will also be included in this exhibit.




Make it a night out while you are in Northwood Village with a stroll in
the many other Galleries, boutiques, antique shops and fine dining at
one of the award winning restaurants in the area.




For more information please contact Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts at  Art@Hennevelts.com  or visit the Gallery website www.hennevelts.com  or call  561 506 4108.


  • Nickie and Freddy’s Photography Website:   www.NWSPictures.com   Facebook Page coming soon!


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Durga Garcia Presents at Wellington Art Society

Durga Garcia will be the guest speaker at the Wellington Art Society on March 12th.  A Fine Art Photographer, Durga has a SOLO exhibition in New York City under the auspices of National Association of Women Artists ( NAWA).  This community-minded artist is always available to confer and nurture other artists of all mediums.  The Rickie Report urges you to attend this event to network with other artists and hear Durga!





Wellington Art Society


Durga Garcia, Fine Art Photographer

“Getting Your Artwork Out There!”



Wednesday, March 12

6:30-8:30 pm

Wellington Community Center

12165 W. Forest Hill Blvd.  Wellington, FL



The W.A.S. meeting will be held Wednesday, March 12th at the Wellington Community Center, 12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. As always, there will be a meet and mingle beginning at 6:30pm with a raffle and fabulous art and art related prizes, with the proceeds going to the Wellington Art Society Scholarship Fund. Also of interest is our Member Spotlight for members to show recent work and tell about their upcoming shows and artist development.  The general meeting begins at 7:00PM with the presentation and demo to follow. The evening’s events are generally over by 8:30. Guests are welcome for a $5 fee.




Durga Garcia

Durga Garcia





Durga Garcia is a published, internationally shown, award winning and merited photographer of fine art images and portraits. Her images can be found in numerous public and private collections. She is a South Florida based freelance professional photographer of projects, art for artists and portraits with several long-term projects and books to her credit.






"Artisans" by Durga Garcia

“Artisans” by Durga Garcia





Durga brings a most uncommon background to her pictures with a past that has her living in many countries and across America, working as a racehorse trainer, steeplechase jockey, equine veterinary paramedic, certified art appraiser, yoga teacher and member of the U.S. International Pistol Team.









Durga has parlayed her years of experience as a certified art appraiser into a special talent for conveying those nuanced details. Durga teaches photography at the Armory Art Center; leads monthly photo-talk-walks at Jonathan Dickinson & MacArthur Beach State Parks; lectures on photography for Artist and Photographic groups; hosts a blog of tips and tricks of the business for photographers and is currently writing a “Your First Photography” book. 





"Last Cypress Tree" by Durga Garcia

“Last Cypress Tree” by Durga Garcia




Ms. Garcia states, “I strive to make an image that people want to look at closely. To notice subtle nuances, created with light and shadows. My fine art images rarely show identity, have a timeless quality, with often the unexpected, gestures, textures, emotions and are hopefully thought-provoking.”   



"As We Are" from Durga Garcia's SOLO Exhibit at NAWA Headquarters in New York City

“As We Are” from Durga Garcia’s SOLO Exhibit at NAWA Headquarters in New York City


Durga’s work is being highlighted in a SOLO show this March at the N.A.W.A Gallery, 80 Fifth Ave, NYC, March 5 – 28, 2014, titled “As We Are” .  More information about this exhibit is listed below.  She is also taking part  in an International Invitational show, The MALAFOCO PROJECT, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2014.






“As We Are,” a solo show of the works of artist Durga Garcia, opened March 5, 2014 in the intimate N.A.W.A. Gallery. The show is an assemblage of Garcia’s conceptual photographic work including her earliest and memorable dark series “Until Ever After,” her ongoing Allegorical series, and a selection of recent conceptual commissioned portraits.  The connecting theme is female figures and earthy tones with subtle shades of meaning, making the images sensuous and often thought-provoking. ” 

“Garcia discloses her mastery of the photographic medium as well as versatile, playful nature. Reflecting the eerie genre of her inspiration sources, these photographs interpret one of the most elaborated themes in art.”    –Art Critic Ana Bambic Kostov, ArtAscent Magazine December 2013



 When asked how this show came about, Durga tells The Rickie Report: “I was standing in the National Association of Women Artists Gallery last November, looking at their logo, thinking I can (photographicly)  do that!   Three months later, my N.A.W.A logo inspired work is the frontis piece for my first solo show, As We Are, and it is at the       National  Association of Women Artists gallery on 5th Ave in NYC, during the National Association of Women Artists 125th anniversary year!  This really is more than I dreamed of, I am so excited!”



Durga Garcia

Durga Garcia’s “Artisans”

Durga goes on to share, “The image has been titled “Artisans”, although in color for the frontis piece, for the fine art version, it is desaturated it for the more muted tones I enjoy.  The plans for the As We Are show after is closes in NYC, are for the show to travel to Hilton Head SC before exhibiting in Florida”




Durga’s work can be seen locally in a current group show at the Amory Art Center, “Faculty Exhibit” Feb 21- March 22, 2014.  In addition,  50 of her portraits of working dogs will be shown at Palm Beach College, “BARK” Invitational Exhibit, Fall, 2014 . The photographer’s website is www.durgagarcia.com


Re: “As We Are”-  Solo Exhibition, Durga Garcia  at the  National Association of Women Artists, Inc. (N.A.W.A.) . The exhibit runs through March 28, 2014.  Gallery Hours:  Tuesday through Friday, 10 am – 5 pm. The Gallery is located at 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1405, New York, NY 10011.  For more information please call 212-675-1616   or e-mail: office@nawa.org



As always, the evening is for artists and art lovers to hear about all of the exciting projects and initiatives that WAS is involved in and to find out how to participate.


Currently the WAS Member Art Show at the Gallery at City Hall features 17 artists and 36 works of art. The Village and Wellington Art Society will host a “Celebrate Creativity” Artists’ Reception  on Tuesday, March 25,from 5:30 –7:00 at the Gallery at City Hall with a demo, Meet the Artists, door prizes, and refreshments. The WAS Member Art Show continues through April 30.


The new WAS Members’ Art Showcase beginning March 11, at the Wellington Community Center, lower level is sure to inspire people of all ages who  visit the Community Center. A wide variety of mediums and techniques reveal  the creative artistic expressions and mastery  of our members. The WAS Showcase will continue through mid-June.  Additionally, the Wellington Community Center displays WAS art, original works that are available for sale and are rotated every three months.



WAS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, its mission is to educate and encourage originality and productivity among its members and area youth through programs designed to further the advancement of cultural endeavors in Palm Beach County. For more information, visit their website, www.wellingtonartsociety.org  or wellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com


Founded in 1981, The Wellington Art Society is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, providing both local and regional artists the platform to share their work, learn more about their craft and serve the community through their art. The Wellington Art Society is open to any resident in Palm Beach County.


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