Think Outside the Box! Classes at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts Make Great Gifts!

Need a unique holiday gift? We can help! Delray Beach Center for the Arts invites you to explore your options at the School of Creative Arts. New classes have been added to the schedule. Resident and Visiting Artist Workshops will offer more intensive study for both hobbyists and professional artists. The Rickie Report shares a few highlights here. The next Term begins January 5th and runs through February 28th. Term 4 begins March 2nd and runs through April 25th. The School offers beginner through master level classes and workshops in art, photography and writing. Day and evening classes are available for adults and youth during fall/winter and spring/summer semesters. What a creative gift idea!! 






Think Outside the Box!

Classes Make Great Gifts!



 51 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach 33444









Photograph by Irene Hill

Photograph by Irene Hill



(Term 3) with Irene Hill

This class is designed for creative, experienced photographers who want to elevate their photography to a higher, more nuanced artistic level.



Photograph by Bob Neiman

Photograph by Bob Neiman




(Term 3 and 4) with Bob Neiman

This class is for advanced and master level photographers. As photographers mature in their image making, they begin to identify themes and styles in their work. This process culminates in developing one or more bodies of work.








"Reed Walker" Pastel, by Deb LaFogg

“Reed Walker” Pastel, by Deb LaFogg Docherty



(Term 3 and Term 4) with Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Beginner to intermediate level students will get an understanding of how to use the pastel medium and different techniques currently used. They will get a chance to create pastel paintings that have strong compositions, pleasing colors, exciting contrast and textures that hold the viewer’s interest.




"Symphony" by Patricia Maguire

“Symphony” by Patricia Maguire



(Term 4) with Patricia Maguire

The focus of this workshop will be impressionist principles of painting in a modern, personalized form, using emotional responses to subject matter. Learn how to use a limited, effective palette, hard and soft edges and broad brushstrokes to convey your impression of a chosen subject matter. For students with some painting experience.


"Sunflowers" by J

“Sunflowers” by Manny Jomok





(Term 4) with Manny Jomok

Watercolor has inherent characteristics that because of its fluidity can produce an exciting expression sometimes bold and at times subtle. This course will teach techniques that will produce loose, spontaneous brush strokes that “indicate not duplicate” what is seen; applying paint in a way that’s different from other mediums, even from some other watercolor methods taught.




Crest Theater

Crest Theater


Delray Beach Center for the Arts is located at 51 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach 33444. The School of Creative Arts is located in the studios and classrooms on the second floor of the Crest Theatre building.



Now celebrating its 25th Anniversary Season, Delray Beach Center for the Arts offers “a total arts experience™” through events, theater, exhibits and learning opportunities. The historic campus includes the intimate Crest Theatre (in the restored 1925 Delray High School building) the Cornell Museum of Art (in the 1913 Delray Elementary building), and the Vintage Gymnasium (c. 1925). The Pavilion, which opened in 2002, hosts outdoor concerts and festivals.


The School of Creative Arts (located on the second floor of the Crest Theatre) offers art, photography and writing classes and workshops. The Center also serves as a venue for community, corporate, private and media events. For information on performances, exhibits, classes or facility rentals, call 561-243-7922 or visit




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Brewhouse Gallery Shows New Artwork, Shares New Brews and Slips in Fun

The walls of The Brewhouse Gallery’s have new pieces of art!   Part eclectic hipster lounge/part modern New York art gallery, it’s a creative space to hang out, sip a brew, hold a meeting, share ideas, listen to music and appreciate local art. Free Wi-Fi and comfortable furniture (that is also for sale) make you feel right at home.  In addition, there are new taps and new artists! The Rickie Report sensed it from the beginning…The Brewhouse Gallery is more than an art gallery… AJ Brockman’s vision has truly created a community in Lake Park.  The Rickie Report shares some highlights for the end of December through January.  Don’t miss Whiskey Wasps’ live performance, Meet the Artist Night with Special Gift Certificates, Vintage Bike Night and Suga Wack for the Sunday night Jazz Series!







AJ Brockman: Cofounder – Gallery Curator


Tuesday through Sunday

10 am – 11 pm


561.771.1641 | Facebook |

Somethins’ Brewin at 720 Park Ave., Lake Park, FL 33403




Thursday, December 18th    6:30


Our New Artists:






Next artist Open house is Thursday, January 29th!



Artwork by Phil Fung

Artwork by Phil Fung


 The Brewhouse Gallery would like to recognize the Fine Art of Phil Fung. A longtime friend of the Brewhouse Family, Phil is a Miami-born artist of Chinese-Jamaican descent whose colorful paintings represent his unique upbringing and positive view of the world. Phil has made quite a name for himself in the Miami art scene as a featured artist at Art Basel and has had some extremely high-profile clients including, The Obama Administration, Intercontinental Hotel, BMW, Delano Hotel and more.


Phil Fung's "Penguin Art Museum"

Phil Fung’s “Penguin Art Museum”



We are lucky to have him joining us Wine & Design with Phil Fung @ The Brewhouse Gallery. No experience required!! Paint step-by-step alongside Phil, learn painting techniques, and have a great time while sipping on your favorite beverage. Check the Brewhouse website for the next dates in January and in February!   You can also order more of Phil’s work online at :





Epic Trivia Wednesday with Think and Drink Trivia at The Brewhouse Gallery from 7 to 9! It’s a great time, a really great time, a really great and wonderfully fantastic time… We promise!






Wynwood Brewing

Wynwood Brewing’s Craft Beers



Check out our Wynwood “Tap Spotlight” @ The Brewhouse Gallery. The brewery is located in the heart of the Miami arts scene and they have been huge supporters of the Brewhouse family from day one. The first craft beer we ever poured was their blonde ale “La Rubia”. Did you miss the release “Death of Elvis” – a bacon, peanut butter and banana porter that has never been released outside the brewery? 






We proudly serve French Press, Lattes, Cappuccinos, and other coffee creations made with locally roasted beans sourced directly from the growers. We also whip up a killer Cuban espresso.  By night we offer craft beer from the finest Florida microbreweries, including Due South, Monk in the Trunk, and Cigar City, along with a selection of favorite wines.





Live music every Friday and Saturday!







 The Whiskey Wasps Playing on January 9th!


Musical performances, poetry readings, painting classes, and other assorted nighttime events keep things lively and we are quickly becoming one of the most well-respected live music venues in all of South Florida. Check our Events page to see what’s brewin’ next.




Although we don’t cook food, we have food trucks stopping by every Friday and Saturday evening, and throughout the week you can order from local restaurants that deliver right to our door.




Monday – closed

Tuesday – Musician Spotlight “singer-songwriter in the round” – 7 to 10 pm

Wednesday – trivia night – 7 to 9 pm

Thursday – open mic night – 8 to 11 pm

Friday – live music – food truck – 8 to 11 pm

Saturday – live music – food truck – 8 to 11 pm

Sunday – just come and hang with us!



For more information about The Brewhouse Gallery please contact : or call 561.771.1641

Facebook |

Somethins’ Brewin at 720 Park Ave., Lake Park, FL 33403




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Call to Artists: Sneakers and Canvas

CONTINUUM is a pop-up art gallery in the Downtown City of West Palm Beach, Florida that is run by A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers LLC (ATB) from January 21 – February 8, 2015. ATB has worked with the founders of ArtSynergy to create a gallery in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach during the weeks of ArtPalmBeach (January 21 – 25) and the American International Fine Art Fair (February 3 – 8) with the purpose of attracting local and out of town art buyers to a source of community artists. ArtSynergy will be coordinating other art exhibits and events at art districts throughout the county during this time period.   The Rickie Report shares this CALL TO ARTISTS.  Attention Art Patrons and Art Lovers:  Save these dates to experience ArtPalmBeach/Art Synergy!









 501 Fern Street       West Palm Beach, FL

(10 minute walk from the Convention Center)





Artist Opportunity:

Decorated Sneakers


Sneaker-themed Canvas!


The opening night for CONTINUUM

V.I.P. Black Tie and Sneaker Charity Affair

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6:00 – 11:00 p.m.






Sneakers from Continuum, 2014

Sneakers from Continuum, 2014


The event is to benefit Faith’s Place Center for Education Inc. Faith’s Place is an organization that provides educational services to the community, offering pre-school (VPK), homework assistance, tutoring, and after school arts enrichment programs.


Donations to Faith’s Place will be the suggested admission at the door of a new pair of sneakers, as well as the auctioning off of artist-decorated sneakers and canvases.


Artists may choose to decorate a pair of sneakers or a 14” x 14” canvas, both of which will be provided by A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers.


The decorated sneakers and sneaker-themed canvases will be sold through a silent auction during the Black Tie and Sneaker Charity Affair.

Sneakers from Continuum, 2014 by Anthony Burks,Sr.

Sneakers from Continuum, 2014 Created by Anthony Burks, Sr.

Artist Agreement

  • Sneaker Fee: $40 Canvas Fee: $25 (both fees are non-refundable)
  • Fees must be paid to ATB Fine Artists & Designers, LLC.
  • Payment should be made via PayPal. Visit under “Sneaker Call to Artists” to access PayPal.
  • Your payment will be your commitment to decorating sneakers or painting a canvas.
  • Payment should be made no later than December 21.
  • Sneakers and canvases can be picked up at Harold’s Coffee Lounge, 509 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, on December 23 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Sneakers must be tastefully designed and appropriate for this event.
  • Canvas artwork must be in a sneaker theme.
  • ATB will notify artists of the delivery date and delivery location of the decorated sneakers and canvases.
  • The date will be around January 19, 2015, but earlier delivery is preferred.
  • Once you deliver the sneakers and/or canvas, they are the property of ATB. If the items are unsold, they will be used in next year’s auction.
  • The artist will receive 40% of the proceeds, as they will be split 40/40/20 (charity/artist/gallery). If a client pays with a credit card there will be a 3.5% charge per transaction.


Please sign and return this to ATB on the day of artwork delivery.

______________________________ ______________________
Artist                                                                          Date

______________________________ ______________________
Coordinator                                                            Date


ATB manages the CONTINUUM gallery and this Call to Artists. The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority is a CONTINUUM sponsor who will provide logistical responsibility for the space and additional PR for the exhibition.  For more information please contact: A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers LLC    703 39th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407   561-714-6674


For more information about other ArtSynergy events and art exhibit opportunities, go to





Sneakers in Continuum, 2014 by Caron Bowman

Sneakers in Continuum, 2014 by Caron Bowman

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Palm Beach Home Interiors Art & Design Offers New Creative Classes and Welcomes New Artists

Palm Beach Home Interiors Art & Design is happy to announce that “Meditation on Canvas” classes are resuming in January on Thursday nights from 6 pm til 9 pm. These classes are designed to ignite creativity and offer a way to relieve stress at the same time. Everyone can benefit from participating!  In addition, visitors can enjoy the artwork of two community-based artists, Bobby and Maria Gugliuzza.   The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  A gift certificate is always a great idea!








Palm Beach Home Interiors, Art & Design

706 Lake Avenue

(Note new address)

Lake Worth, FL 33460





Palm Beach Home Interiors Art & Design is happy to announce that “Meditation on Canvas” classes are resuming in January on Thursday nights from 6 pm til 9 pm. These classes are designed to ignite creativity and offer a way to relieve stress at the same time. Everyone can benefit from participating! Classes are $50.00 per class or $180.00 for four classes. Owner, Jana Costa, tells The Rickie Report, “We are taking very small classes so don’t wait to sign up. In fact NOW would be a good time to secure your spot”.



Jana shares more news, “Also here at PBHI…Art & Design we are welcoming two new artists into our midst. Both are members of the Wellington Art Society. They are joining our current artist Bobbin Salisbury who is also a member of WAS.




“Live” by Maria Gugliuzza

“Live” by Maria Gugliuzza


The art of Bobby and Maria Gugliuzza brings bright colors as well as the beauty of realistic paintings and drawings. Bobby is otherwise known as “Bobby G” for his musical talent. He is not only an awesome artist he’s a singer/songwriter and amazing musician”.




Wall of Art by Bobby & Maria Gigliuzza




Maria Gugliuzza is a decorative painter and muralist. She has done residential artwork throughout Palm Beach, New York City, Long Island, Miami and Trinidad.


“Free Bird” by Bobby Gigliuzza




Bobby G will be playing right in front of our store at 706 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth on multiple occasions starting officially on December 19 from 6pm til….he stops???



Floral by Maria Gigliuzza



Come to Lake Worth for Evening on the Avenue and enjoy one of our restaurants and cruise down to where the best live music is coming from! Palm Beach Home Interiors…Art & Design, 706 Lake Ave.



“Desert Canyon” by Bobby Gigliuzza

“Desert Canyon” by Bobby Gigliuzza



For more information about “Meditation on Canvas” or becoming an artist whose work is shown, please contact Jana Costa:

Call (561) 249-7002 store  Or (561) 255-8271 (cell) to make an appointment.

Visit or email



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“Collaborations and Mixed Mediums” is Coming! CALLING ALL ARTISTS NOW

 Jonathon Ortiz Smykla and Evelyn Ortiz Smykla of OSGS have a BIG dream. “Collaborations and Mixed Mediums” is a charitable Fine Art Exhibition that will take place at the CCE (Center for Creative Education) building on 24th Street in Northwood Village. The Opening Reception night is March 7th and the exhibit will run the entire month of March. OSGS Gallery is the Host Gallery and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla is the show’s producer.  The Rickie Report believes that you have to dream BIG in order to succeed, so we are sharing this CALL TO ARTISTS!!!!  Attention Art Patrons: Mark your calendars now for this Spectacular event!







TRR:  Why is March 7th Opening Reception such a big deal?


The Sponsorships are Big!  From the moment you arrive there will be Valet on hand and a Red Carpet Entry with a step-and-go photo opportunity! At the door there will be a suggested donation for the CCE, but that is small peanuts compared to the offerings ahead… The Entry will flow the attendees directly through the Exhibition, which is the highlight of the evening. I am trying to highlight Collaboration works so I am very interested in Artists working together to show their skills. The other side of the exhibition is Mixed Mediums”.




 TRR: What should attendees expect?


“I am opening the Art Call to Artists so that I can also represent works to compliment Collaboartion pieces, maybe not necessarily Artist Collaborations but collaborations of mediums. That will also be open to installation work for consideration. To keep the evening lively, Tito’s Handmade Vodka will be on hand with a couple of specialty drinks, along with Table 427 for the culinary treats. C-Keys Recording and Vinyl will be providing the evening’s musical entertainment. Easel Art has graciously donated some materials so there will be Artists present who will be Collaborating, Live”.




“This will clearly be the biggest event that is currently lined up for March. So after we’ve all settled down from the Art Fair stretch in South Florida, we can take a moment to celebrate and highlight our Local Talent while helping a charity that teaches and nurtures children’s learning abilities through the Arts. That is reason enough to get excited about this event, it just so happens that I’m providing a social scene to accompany the evening.”





TRR: How can more people (art lovers, art patrons and      local vendors) get involved?


“I’m still reaching out for additional sponsorships to round out the evening but the most recent has been the West Palm Beach CRA and other Northwood area merchants. Interested vendors and artists should contact me now, so they will be included in the massive marketing and publicity campaign preceding this event! “







Entry Fee and Payment Options:
$15 for Up to Two (2) submitted works
$5 for each additional submitted work


Payment can be made via PayPal at
Send a Check, payable to:  OSGS    500 Northwood Rd.  Unit 1    West Palm Beach, FL 33404



  • Images of submitted works to be sent via email to or mailed to the above address along with payment.
  • Entry images must be in .jpeg, .tiff, or .pdf format and no smaller than 100dpi and no larger than 2MB in size (images may be used in promotional materials).
  • Please specify in your Entry email your method of payment, your PayPal address if applicable, so we can match your entry with your payment.


Works to be accepted:
– Open Medium Collaborative Works
– Mixed Media Works (these entries do not have to be collaborative efforts among 2 or more artists, but       highlight collaborative mediums within the work)
– 3D Works (free standing or artist provided pedestal for exhibition)
– Indoor/Outdoor Installations (please contact host email for needs prior to submitting)


**All submitted 2D or hanging works must be wired and ready for hanging, loose flat work not framed (I.e. prints, photographs, etc..) will not be acceptable entries.**

Entry Date(s) – December 15th, 2014
Art Call Deadline – January 31st, 2015
Selected Artists will be notified of acceptance on or around Friday, February 13th.

Article of Reference to ‘Collaboration in Art‘:


Exhibition Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 7th, 2015    6pm-9pm

Visit for more details:

 and for a full rundown of the Opening Reception Highlights (Not To Be Missed!)

**Dates and Times Are Subject To Change**



Visit this blogspot for full details :

OR Contact

Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio

p: 561-833-2223   e:
Find us on Facebook at



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Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery Presents “It’s A Dog’s Life”

This December, The Arts are Springing Up All Over Lake Worth!  The question is, “who let the dogs out?”  The Rickie Report has the answer:  Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery!  Art, art everywhere and new  activities each month are happening there.   “It’s A Dog’s Life” opens Friday Evening, December 19th from 6-10 PM at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery. Featuring artists throughout Palm Beach County, this show is the Dog Lover’s answer to the successful Cat-O-Strophic Event, earlier in the season. From paintings and sculpture to jewelry and holiday ornaments, this show barks up the right trees.  Here are the details and some sneak peeks!









“It’s A Dog’s Life”




Friday, December 19th  6-10 PM


15 South J Street     Lake Worth, FL


Exhibit Continues  Through December 31st



CGMSDog's Life Jpeg postcard 1


“It’s A Dog’s Life” opens Friday, December 19, from 6-10 PM at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, 15 South J Street in Downtown Lake Worth. 40 artists from all over Palm Beach County have contributed works ranging from sculpture, fused and stained glass, photography, painting, jewelry, pottery. Ornaments and artist made accessories. The event is free to the public. The reception will include treats for both humans and their pets.




Photograph by Durga Garcia  (Buttons with this image will also be available)

Photograph by Durga Garcia (Buttons with this image will also be available)


“Equal Time”, was the cry from Dog Lovers, after the successful “Cat-O-Strophic Event” in October. Artists have come forward bringing both quirky and serious portraits in an endless variety of media. Many of these artists can be contacted in advance for custom portraits of individual, family pets and breeds. Unlike the “Cat-O” show, Canine enthusiasts are specific about breed preferences in their art.




Paper Cut Poodle by Nina Fusco

Paper Cut Poodle by Nina Fusco

This event is a fund-raiser for favorite, non-profit animal shelters or organizations. A donation will be sent to organizations in whose name works of art have been purchased. Patrons need only supply the gallery with contact information. The donations will be sent out at the closing of the show on December 31, New Year’s Eve. Artists will be available before or during the reception to discuss special portraits of dogs and dog breeds.




“Yorkie” by Karen Zuk Rosenblatt





Among the many artists participating in this event include internationally renowned artists with works at the white house, murals at zoos, photographs in world collections, sculptures in museums, and animal accessories in many homes in the region. Along with “Fine Art” paintings and sculptures, paper cuts, will be custom made dog collars, his and hers doggie bowls, doggie bags (custom art purses), doggie tree ornaments and doggie fused glass wind chimes. Prices range from $10 to $7500.



"Rasta Pup" by Vandy

“Rasta Pup” by Vandy




ClayGlassMetalStone Cooperative Gallery is sponsored by the Flamingo Clay Studio, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio and gallery space for three-dimensional artists. The gallery is located at 15 South J Street in downtown Lake Worth. Hours are Sunday thru Tuesday, 10AM-5PM. Wednesday thru Saturday, 10AM-10PM. Gallery openings are the first and third Friday of each month from 6-9 PM with many special events in-between. For information call Joyce Brown-215-205-9441 or Gallery phone: 561-588-8344.



CGMSCard#3 BambooShoots




Bamboo Shoots Cafe at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery brings FREE COFFEE, gluten free Vegan Desserts, music, juggling and Chain Maille art to J Street every Saturday Evening from 6-10 PM.  Engage in the Arts Triangle every Saturday Evening between Excelsior Comic Books, Common Grounds Coffee Bar & Arts Cafe, and CGMS Gallery. Lots of art, food, light and family activities are planned for the entire season.





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Visiting Master Artists, Parties, Pop-Up Workshops and New Classes at the Armory Art Center

Let the Armory Art Center’s new catalog amaze you with the varied opportunities to be inspired and learn a new artistic technique or skill.  There is something here for all ages!  The staff is supportive and eager to help you create, from ceramics to sculpture, from jewelry to painting, from drawing to printmaking or collage.  The Rickie Report shares a few pages of the new catalog and highlights some particularly interesting classes and workshops.




Armory Art Center Logo 2012


Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue   West Palm Beach, FL 33401





What the Students Have to Say


“I love this class – immensely. From start to finish it is a wonderful thing to see a project come together.” – Linda Benedetti (Second term of Camille Perrin’s Fused Glass course)

“The Armory…I love it! I have been able to reconnect with my artistic side and I find the teachers helpful and supportive. This is my second session of ceramics and I am really enjoying it”
– Edrian Thomidis

Edrain, student at the Armory Art Center

Edrain, in the Armory Art Center Ceramics Class




This is one of our special classes!


Magical Mystery Tour: 8-Weeks of Art at the Armory
Level: All

An excellent introduction to the Armory and to your future focus. Try out various mediums as we take you on a magical tour of the diverse programs we offer with fabulous instructors. Each week features a class in one of the following areas: ceramics, drawing, painting, fibers, jewelry, printmaking, and sculpture. Meet instructor at registration area each week.   INSTRUCTOR: VARIOUS   Monday 6:00 – 9:00pm | beginning January 5  Tuition: $320 | Lab Fee: $40



Build a 3D Printer! 


Learn from Visiting Master Artists!

( VMA will continue beyond the dates of this catalog.  Stay in touch with )





Create Jewelry With Today’s

Leading Designers! 
















Meet The Faculty! Join Their Classes!


Artwork by Visiting Master Artist, Hiromi, "Unstable"

Artwork by Artist-in-Residence, Hiromi Katayama, “Unstable”


Artwork by Mark Cohen

Artwork by Mark Cohen



"Island Hopper" by Ron Garrett

“Island Hopper” by Ron Garrett




The Armory Art Center’s mission is to inspire the creation and experience of art. Its vision is to be recognized as providing a premier art center for both creating and viewing art. The Armory is a high-quality visual art school and exhibition center. Housed in an historic art deco building, the Armory provides art classes for students of all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events.



Twenty exhibitions are hosted annually in three galleries. Nearly 100 courses held in 12 state-of-the-art studios are offered including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, glass fusing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, and more! For more information, visit or call 561-832-1776 x33.



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Art at the Airport: New Call to Artists and Reception to Meet the Artists Whose Work is Showing Now

Art at the Airport Sells!   The Rickie Report shares two announcements about Art in Public Places at the Palm Beach International Airport.  First, don’t miss the opportunity to MEET THE ATISTS whose work is currently hanging.  The public is invited to the Reception on Wednesday, December 10th, 5:30-7:30pm.  And we’re sharing the CALL to ARTISTS for the next exhibit! Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA) has become a premiere venue to showcase quality, original artworks by Palm Beach County’s finest emerging and professional artists.  Get the details here and apply!!!!!








“Sprouts” by Jose Casado




Palm Beach County Art in Public Places

“ART at the AIRPORT”

Deadline December 12, 2014


Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA) has become a premiere venue to showcase quality, original artworks by Palm Beach County’s finest emerging and professional artists.



This exhibition runs January 14 – April 22, 2015 and is located on Level 2, across from Sam Snead’s restaurant and bar, the Visitor’s Lounge, and mini putting green.


"The Pool" by Gabriele Kraus

“The Pool” by Gabrielle Kraus






As a major gateway to South Florida, PBIA receives an average of 500,000 travelers per month. Of local, national and international origin, travelers frequently purchase works featured in “Art at the Airport” exhibitions.
· Artists have sold work in every show for the past five years
· Artists keep 100% of income from sales
· Art seen by travelers and locals result in commissions and sales of additional work by featured artists

"Anticipation" by Joan Therien

Anticipation” by Joan Therien



Marisa Pascucci, Curator of Collections at Boca Museum of Art will guest judge the exhibition.  As Curator of Collections for the Boca Museum of Art, Marisa Pascucci cares for and develops the museum’s permanent collection, and plans and selects the museum’s diverse exhibitions and programs. Recently she was a freelance arts writer and adjunct faculty and career advisor at Palm Beach State College. Her previous art museum experience includes serving as the Norton Museum of Art’s Smith Curator of American Art along with roles at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts; MOCA, Cleveland; and Cleveland Museum of Art.

"Manhattan Style" by Rosenberg

“Manhattan Style” by Judith Rosenberg


· Artists can enter one original, 2-D artwork. All media welcome. Painting reproductions not accepted
· All art must be wired across the back. Artwork not properly wired will not be accepted
· Art can be either framed or unframed. If unframed, work must be finished on all sides
· Size: minimum 16” x 20” – including frame, maximum 8 ft tall x 13 ft wide

"Untitled" by Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

“Untitled” by Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES one entry per Artist

Submittal materials must be in our office by 4:00 pm on December 12, 2014. There is not a separate application form to complete. Simply provide items 1 – 4 below. You can mail your submittal or deliver it in person to Palm Beach County Art in Public Places, attn: “Art at the Airport, 2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411-5603. No email submittals will be accepted.

1) APPLICATION FEE $20.00 – check or money order made out to Palm Beach County BCC

2) PHOTOGRAPH No larger than 8½” x 11” of proposed artwork. If the art is framed, please submit two photographs of the art showing it 1) with frame, 2) just a quality print of the art

3) LABEL On the back of your submittal photograph. Include:
· Your name, address, phone number, email and website
· Artwork title, medium, dimensions, year completed and sale price.
· Describe how artwork is “finished” i.e. framed, gallery wrap, other

4) ARTIST STATEMENT Should not exceed 90 words. Please note we want an artist statement, NOT a bio.

"Man's Paradox" by Hoffman

“Man’s Paradox” by Peter Hoffman


Artist will be notified of their acceptance into the show by December 31, 2014.
· Accepted artwork must be dropped off at the exhibition area January 14, 9:30-10:00 am.
· Art pick-up at end of the show is April 22,2015 8:30-9:00 am, at the airport exhibition area

"Wings" by Mittermaier

“Wings” by Cheri Mittermaier


Artists accepted into “Art at the Airport” exhibitions are featured on Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places and the PBIA websites. In addition, the County’s Public Art Program broadly promotes “Art at the Airport” exhibitions and receptions to diverse media outlets and to the more than one thousand local artists and arts supporters in the County’s Artist Registry.

"The Grass is Greener" by  Jim Moores

“The Grass is Greener” by Jim Moores


Date not yet finalized. Marisa Pascucci, the exhibition’s guest judge, will be in attendance.

"Old Shrimper, Captain Nephi" by Friedkin

“Old Shrimper, Captain Nephi” by Sandy Friedkin



Elayna Toby Singer, Art in Public Places Administrator

Phone: (561) 233-0235,
Palm Beach County Art in Public Places
2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Ph (561) 233-0235 Fax (561) 233-0206

"Ripples" by Salansky

“Ripples” by Sharon Salansky




If you wish to drop off your submittal materials at the County’s Art in Public Places office
2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach 33411

From I-95
Exit 70 at Okeechobee Boulevard, head west on Okeechobee Boulevard, past Military Trail, Haverhill Road, past the entrance to the Florida Turnpike (on your right).
Continue west over the overpass to the next stoplight turn right on Vista Parkway.
Continue on Vista Parkway past the 4-story pinkish County building
You know you’re getting closer when you reach CINTAS company on your left
You’ll continue pass two white stucco County buildings with green trim
Turn left at the third white stucco County building with green trim
the sign says Palm Beach County OPERATIONS & SUPPORT CENTER, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Facilities Development & Operations
o Park in front of the building – 2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach 33411

From Turnpike
Exit 99 at Okeechobee Boulevard.
After you pay toll, turn right (toward Fairgrounds) and continue west over the overpass to the next stoplight, and turn right at Vista Parkway.
Continue on Vista Parkway past the 4-story pinkish County building
You know you’re getting closer when you reach CINTAS company on your left
You’ll continue pass two white stucco County buildings with green trim
Turn left at the third white stucco County building with green trim
the sign says Palm Beach County OPERATIONS & SUPPORT CENTER, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Facilities Development & Operations
Park in front of the building. 2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach 33411



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Boca Pen Women Present “Learn The Art of Marketing” with Rickie Leiter, Publisher of The Rickie Report

Join the Boca Raton Pen Women for a delicious luncheon and an informative program on getting your brand out to the public. Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, will be speaking about “The Art of Marketing”.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their business cards, which will be used during the interactive session.  At the end of the program, one person’s business card will be picked for a FREE article in a future Rickie Report.  Boca Pen Women is an organization of artists, composers and authors.  Their monthly events offer opportunities to network and connect with other professionals in the area.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  RSVP for lunch and lecture information is in this article.







” Art of Marketing”

Rickie Leiter – Marketing Master



Thursday, December 18, 2014

12:00 Noon


Guests are welcome!



Members: $25 ~ Non-members: $30


Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

Delray Golf Club

2200 Highland Avenue      Delray Beach, FL  33445




What are the basic tools needed to successfully promote your creative work and increase sales? Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, an online arts magazine, will answer this question and many others in an exciting interactive program. Rickie will share her marketing strategies with Pen Women.






Rickie has always been involved with the arts and creativity, as a child, first expressing herself with fabric creations and needlework.  After working in a rural Massachusetts public school system as their social worker and family therapy coordinator, she followed her passions as an art consultant.  In addition, Rickie served as a volunteer for a number of varied non-profit organizations and worked for the “Jimmy Fund”, the fundraising arm of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Rickie also coordinated the Marketing and Communications Department of an international not-for-profit.  As an artist, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, which she sells at Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth. 


Rickie Headshot


The Rickie Report will celebrate its 4th year of publicizing art events and opportunities to both artists and art patrons.  Rickie believes the key to success is to understand yourself and your potential buyer.  Networking and marketing are essential tools to reach your goals for success.  She is an original team member of the Palm Beach County Think Tank, which founded Art Synergy.  In addition to writing about and attending art-related functions, Rickie offers seminars and lectures about marketing.



Everyone is requested to bring their Business Cards to share. Rickie will be conducting an interactive session using the cards.  At the end of the presentation, there will be a drawing for a FREE article in The Rickie Report.




Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

(clip below form and mail with check)

12 Noon ~ Delray Beach Golf Club  ~ 2200 Highland Avenue ~ Delray Beach


Please circle one Entrée and one Dessert

(1) Shrimp Caesar Salad – Crispy romaine lettuce tossed with classic homemade Caesar dressing, fresh Parmesan cheese, crunchy croutons and Shrimp.
(2) Chicken Francaise – Parmesan egg battered chicken breast sautéed to a golden brown and finished with a lemon butter sauce, chef’s choice rice or potato, seasonal vegetables.
(3) Poached Filet of Salmon – Court bouillon poached salmon finished with creamy dill sauce.
(4) Fresh Veggie Platter


Dessert Choice: Lemon Layer Cake or Fruit Cup

Members: $25  ~  Non-members: $30

Checks payable to: Boca Raton Branch NLAPW
Send to: Barbara Bixon, 9674 Harbour Lake Circle, Boynton Beach FL 33437
Or email for more information:
Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11



NAME: (Print) ________________________________________Email/Phone______________________


GUEST’S MENU CHOICES:_______________________________________________________
Guests : How did you hear about us ?_______________________________________




The Boca Raton Branch of the National League of American Pen Women is a prestigious organization of professional women in the Arts – Published Writers, Authors, Poets, Musical Composers and Award winning Artists.

NLAPW’s corporate headquarters is based in Washington, D.C. in an historic building, once the residence of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. It oversees branches all over the United States. The league boasts membership of such prominent women as Eleanor Roosevelt, Erma Bombeck, and local well-known artist Edna Hibel. Vinnie Ream, the only woman to sculpt President Lincoln from life, was an early member of NLAPW. Her statue of Lincoln now stands in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

The Boca Raton branch is one of the largest in the country and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. As a qualified member of Art, Letters or Music, each member is exposed to participation in Art Exhibits, Author Talks and various workshops. On the third Thursday of the month – from November to May – luncheons are held with interesting, informative and entertaining speakers featuring the three Muses ~ Art – Literature – Music!




For more information about Boca Raton Branch National League of American Pen Women please visit:



Barbara Bixon:
Phone: 561 732-3577




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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The Rickie Report

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Griffin Gallery Presents: “Nahariya To The Negev: Images Of Israel” with Paintings and Photography

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art invites you to their SECOND THURSDAY exhibition opening, December 11, 2014. This event is from 5:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M. Admission is FREE and is Open to the Public.  The Rickie Report suggests bringing a friend or two. Save the Date of the SECOND THURSDAY exhibition opening each month on your calendar from October until April.  We share the details of “Nahariya to the Negev: Images of Israel”, including paintings and photography by Jonathan Kis-Lev, Eve Menes and Charles Cohen.








Griffin Gallery Presents




Paintings and Photography by
Jonathan Kis-Lev, Eve Menes, & Charles Cohen


Free Public Reception

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.


The exhibition continues through January 07, 2015. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 A.M. until 5 P.M., Monday by appointment only and closed Sunday.




Griffindec 14 low res


Jonathan Kis-Lev was born in 1985 to Russian Jewish immigrant parents and spent his childhood years in a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. At the age of sixteen, Kis-Lev was granted a full scholarship to Pearson College of the Pacific in British Columbia, Canada where he studied painting, sculpture, etching and print making.




Eve Menes was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and at an early age, after the outbreak of World War II, moved with her family to Brazil and later to the United States. She grew up in New York. Eve received her B.A. in Art and Education at a time of great ferment in the New York art scene: The New York School of Abstract Expressionism had already established itself and Pop Art and Neo-Realism were in their first stages of development.


Charles Cohen’s interest with photography began over twenty years ago, and he set up a dark room in his home and developed his own black and white photographs. He began taking classes at Old School Square in Delray Beach, Florida, and he is currently continuing his studies at the Boca Raton Museum of Art where he is a member. His favorite photography is black and white, however, he does have occasion to print in color.


Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city in Israel. It takes its name from a stream of the Ga’aton River (Nahar in Hebrew means River.) The water source has served as a draw for settlement over thousands of years as evidenced by the ruins of a Canaanite temple which were discovered near the present day municipal beach. This temple, archaeologists believe, was dedicated to Asherath (Astarte) the Canaanite goddess of the sea and dates to approximately 1500 BCE, roughly 200 years before the Exodus of Egypt and the Children of Israel’s entry into Canaan.


Historians know little about the inhabitants who lived in the region during this era. The city lies on the path of the ancient trade route, the Via Maris, that linked Syria, Egypt, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia. Its proximity to Acre, a major port City, would indicate the probability that the area was continuously inhabited. A Byzantine-era church was built in what is today the heart of Nahariya. A mosaic floor of the church can still be seen, depicting flora and fauna as well as scenes of work and hunting.


Modern day Nahariya was conceived as an utopian model by the agronomist Dr. Selig Eugen Soskin (1873-1959). Soskin was born in Russia and studied agronomy and philosophy in Germany. By 1903 he was already one of the best known leaders of the Zionist movement. He had a good command of Russian, Yiddish, German and English, but spoke hardly any Hebrew. On one of his many trips around the world, Dr. Soskin discovered a small colony in southern Spain called Monte Algaida. The colonists intensively cultivated seven dunams each of sand dunes, on which they grew potatoes, melons, cucumbers and other vegetables, using only sunlight, underground water, and natural fertilizers produced from their animals’ manure, and compost. Each house stood on its own lot, which was just large enough to provide for the family’s needs, and to market any surplus produce. All colonists were members of various cooperatives that provided the necessary infrastructure and community services, and took care of credit and marketing the colony’s products. Soskin searched all over the world, from Latin America to China, for a suitable model for colonizing Jewish Palestine. Soskin found it in the early 1920s at the western rim of the Mediterranean. Mid-thirties Nahariya was to be mirror image of Monte Algaida on the eastern rim of the Mediterranean.
The Negev, which extends over Israel’s southern region, accounts for over half of Israel’s land area. Due to its desert character, this region is sparsely populated. Even so, the Negev has seen its share of history. Abraham built his home in Be’er Sheva, the Nabateans passed through here on caravans of camels laden with precious trade goods. Various peoples have lived in the Negev since the dawn of history: Nomads Canaanites, Philistines, Edomites, Byzantines, Nabateans, Ottomans, and of course Israelis.



The modern Israeli settlement of the Negev began about 100 years ago when a few communities were built. There were joined by another 11 settlements whose founding members built the first home in a single night. After the establishment of Israel, the new country’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, promoted the settlement of the Negev. He later moved to Sde Boker.
Griffin Gallery specializes in museum quality Ancient Art. Our holdings include over five hundred authentic artifacts that reflect a spectrum of the cultures of Antiquity in addition to Contemporary Fine Works of Art. Among our treasures are pieces from Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Far East, the Near East, the Holy Land, Pre-Columbian cultures, and pre historic Native America.



The Original Miami Beach Antique Show
Miami Beach Convention Center
January 30, 2015 – February 03, 2015
Booth 3008



Boca Raton Fine Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
February 07 – 09, 2015
Boca Raton Marriott
5150 Town Center Circle
Boca Raton, FL
Booth 13




For more information about this exhibit or other events please contact:

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
Gallery Center      608 Banyan Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33431
561.994.0811      fax: 561.994.1855



Sponsored by: Beiner,Inkeles & Horvitz, P.A. 2000 Glades Road, Ste. 110 Boca Raton, FL  33431   (561) 750-1800

Works Cited:,,




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