Get Your Bling on at Artisans on The Ave and Support Your Favorite Charity

Artisans on The Ave are having a Win-Win event on Saturday, August 2nd.  ”Get Your Bling On” will showcase the jewelry artists of this boutique/art gallery.  The event is Open to the Public.  Enjoy the bubbly, strawberries and chocolate AND your favorite charity will benefit from all purchases!  The Rickie Report shares a sneak peek and all the details.  See you there!

“Get your Bling On”


Help a charity of your choice!

Saturday August 2nd 2014

6-9 pm


This event is free and open to the public


Artisans On The Ave

630 Lake Avenue    Lake Worth, Florida 33460



We feel the jewelry created by these talented hands of the Diva artists is the best Bling you can find. Jewelry is the way to a women’s heart! Enjoy our opening night and fall in love. Our jewelry artists will wow you with their imagination. Their creations are made fine silver, gold and gems, wire, paper, metal, clay, glass from the sea and found objects. Visit this opening night for an evening of Glam, strawberries, chocolates and bubbly. Have some fun!! Count our jewels to win art donated by Artisans On The Ave. A portion of the evening’s proceeds will go to the charity of your choice.

Gabriele Kraus's Hand hammered metal jewelry

Gabriele Kraus’s Hand hammered metal jewelry

Our featured artists for the evening are: Gabriele Kraus, Irene Jalowayski, Mary Catello, Amelia Costa, Debra Kashdan, Julie Sylvester, Rickie Leiter, Marsha Balbier, Lori Axelrod, Hannah Long and Linda Manganaro
Marsha Barbier's necklace

Marsha Balbier’s necklace

Our jewelry artists draw inspiration for their designs from endless variations of color, texture, pattern, and form. Some view nature and man-made environments as sources for their artistic ideas.The end results form a strong vision and a blend of wonderful, fun ideas which make their jewelry a one of a kind find!!!! Part of the proceeds on each purchase of art for the evening will go to a charity of your choice! What a wonderful way to enjoy art while helping others!!!!

Meet the artists and explore their creations!


Lori Axelrod's Multi-color Bracelet

Lori Axelrod’s Multi-color Bracelet

Lori Axelrod tells The Rickie Report, “  My passion for color and pattern drew me to polymer clay as the perfect medium for my creative expression. The intensely saturated colors and the technical detail I can achieve with polymer clay, combined with the wonderful tactile experience of the clay in my hands that has me hooked!”



Mary Catello's Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

Mary Catello’s  Handmade Paper Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings



Mary Catello shares, “Although my signature baskets are made in naturals, primarily palm inflorescence, when I teach I use many other conventional materials.  When working with paper, to create colorful vessels, I started to play with all the scraps. So, my love for color and my girly love of bling were the driving force and inspiration to a line of artistic hand-painted paper called “Painted Pulp”.”



Amelia Costa's  Fine Art Necklace

Amelia Costa’s Fine Art Necklace


Amelia Costa has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and ceramics. While exploring sculpture of the human form, she started making small pieces of jewelry to adorn her figures. This led her to design and make “human size” jewelry.  She tells us, “I like to work in sterling silver, copper, recycled glass and semi precious stones. Mixing colors, texture and shine help me create one of a kind pieces that will compliment the wearer’s personality.”

Irene Jalowayski's  Hand made blue glass with silver necklace and earrings

Irene Jalowayski’s Hand made blue glass with silver necklace and earrings

Irene Jalowayski specializes in fused glass and silver jewelery including gorgeous pendants, earrings and bracelets.  New in her line is a series of bib necklaces made from cast glass beads with matching earrings.  Irene cast these beads from ground glass in specially made molds.  The glass is fired at about 1400 degrees.  She tells us, “My pendants and cabochon earrings are also fused and are made with a lot of dichroic glass.  The dichroic glass gives my pieces a shine and sparkle that is enhanced by the silver findings that are used to finish them.  Each piece is different and one of a kind.  These pieces make wonderful gifts or gorgeous additions to any lady’s jewelery wardrobe.”
Deborah Kashdan's metal and cabochon bracelet

Deborah Kashdan’s metal and cabochon bracelet

Deborah Kashdan explains, ” My jewelry reflects my eclectic interests…I like to incorporate metals, both new and repurposed, into pieces using stones or beads to augment the designs.  I often mix metals such as sterling silver, brass and copper…I like the idea of re-using old material in a new way.  Metal salvaged from old silver silver-plated brass trays and dishes are the basis for some of my work.”
Linda Manganero's Zipper Necklace

Linda Manganero’s Zipper Necklace


Linda Manganaro says, “ My fun jewelry evolves from memories, stories, and visions. Using found objects and unique items I create one of a kind wearable art.  Each whimsical piece will bring a smile and thought to your day.”
Julie Sylvester's Shell necklace

Julie Sylvester’s Shell necklace


Julie Sylvester explains, “ My one of a kind jewelry made of seashells, pearls and feathers. All pieces are made of reclaimed natural materials found on Florida beaches and beaches around the world.”


Artisans On The Ave Gallery


Artisans On The Ave Gallery is located at 630 Lake Avenue in the middle of downtown Lake Worth, Florida.  Hours are Sunday thru Tuesday, 11 AM – 6 PM. Wednesday thru Saturday, 11 AM – 9 PM.   Our Gallery features the work of 25 local artists working in all media.  For information on becoming an artist with two or three-dimensional art in our gallery please call Betty Wilson  561-762-8162 or Linda Manganaro  561-308-7263.  Gallery phone: 561-582-3300.



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Brewhouse Gallery Offers Art and Events: Don’t Say You’re Bored

The Brewhouse Gallery is bringing in the crowds for the art, the brews and the events!  Thursday, July 31st is the monthly Open House.   A wide range of coffees/ teas during the day and handcrafted beers/wine in the evenings  plus a full calendar of activities are offered: an art gallery, place to meet a friend, play a board game, share the Trivia mania or have a big laugh during the Comedy nights.  Bring your own food or take advantage of the food trucks that park nearby.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  





The Brewhouse Gallery


Thursday, July 31st

6 – 8 pm

720 Park Avenue    Lake Park,FL

561.771.1641 | Facebook |





Laz Ruda

Laz Ruda Photography




Thursday, July 31st is the monthly Open House at the Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park.  AJ Brockman and his business partner, Bobby Hodson have events planned for almost every night of the week!  Of course, everyone is welcome to just sit and chill out, too!






Greg Mathews Paintings

Greg Matthews Photography

Plan Your Week!


Monday – Cornhole tournament ($6) art, brews, and BBQ.
Tuesday – Karaoke starting in August.
Wednesday – Trivia Night.
Thursday – Open Mic and Poetry.
Friday and Saturday – live music and food trucks.
Sunday – Comedy



Tammy Frand, Ceramics for your walls

Tammy Frand, Ceramics for your walls




All reports say this place is hopping!  The public enjoys themselves in a sophisticated atmosphere, the artists gain new patrons and the Brewhouse brings us the true meaning of “community”.  Complete with Wi-Fi and a friendly vibe, the Brewhouse Gallery is your place to relax, socialize, and get somethin’ brewin!”



Michelle Nicole Lowe, Paintings

Michelle Nicole Lowe, Paintings



 Facebook event:





For more information about The Brewhouse Gallery please contact :  or call  561.771.1641

 Facebook |

Somethins’ Brewin at 720 Park Ave., Lake Park, FL 33403

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The Art of Literature: Call for Entries

The Artists of Palm Beach County’s understanding of the symbiotic relationship between literature and art brings a new CALL FOR ENTRIES.  ”LITERARTURE 2014″  will be an art exhibit honoring books.  A percentage of the sales will benefit the Friends of Lake Park Library.  2D and 3D entries are encouraged.  The Rickie Report shares the information.  We can’t wait to see what you enter!


Artists of Palm Beach County




You can’t have literature without art

an exhibit in honor of books to benefit

The Friends of the Lake Park Public Library

Giving Back to the Community

15% of sales will be donated

A juried exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Palm Beach County artists

August 15 to September 29, 2014

Opening Reception:  Friday, August 15, 2014   5 – 8 pm

Art on Park Gallery    (Monday through Saturday 12 PM to 6 PM)

800 Park Avenue     Lake Park, Florida 33403      561-345-2842

The theme of this exhibit is the “Art of Literature.”

Works will reflect or represent images of books, authors, famous novels, plays or poetry.

For Submission Information FOLLOW THIS LINK:

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When is a Book More (or less) than a Book – And What is a “book”? Visiting the Jaffe Center for Book Arts

The Jaffe Center for Book Arts is located at Florida Atlantic University’s Wimberly Library in Boca Raton, Florida.  The Rickie Report wants to thank Paula Marcus for bringing this gem to our attention. An excursion to the Center gave us a lot of food for thought:  What IS a book?  Director, John Cutrone, introduces visitors to a bevy of possibilities.  The Rickie Report shares an overview of the Center and suggests you ( individually or with a small group) take a tour or sign up for some of the fascinating classes.  Spread the word – Books are here in all shapes, sizes, materials — and beyond your imagination!

Books As Aesthetic Objects

Together with his late wife, Mata, Arthur Jaffe donated their collection of books as aesthetic objects, built for over 50 years, to FAU in 1998. Rather than being the end of something, that donation was an inspired beginning, garnering an enthusiastic group of loyal supporters that grows with each passing year. Arthur is a graduate of Penn State University and was a partner in Jaffe Department Stores  (Ohio and Pennsylvania) before he and Mata moved to Boca Raton in the 1980s. He is at the JCBA most days (very often coming in with a new book under his arm) and loves to show books to visitors and groups. Arthur’s not so sure he has a favorite book… but the book that may have inspired all that has lead to where we are now? Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
One of the many PopUp Books in the Jaffe Collection (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)

One of the many PopUp Books in the Jaffe Collection (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)

There is great breadth to this collection.  It encompasses not just artists’ books and limited editions, but also books that just appealed to the collecting sensibilities of the Jaffes. As such, there is much here that would be found in traditional libraries.



"Prayer Book" from the Jaffe Collection  (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)

“Prayer Book” from the Jaffe Collection (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)




There is great focus given to the artists’ book and on all aspects of the Book Arts: artists using the book as a means of artistic expression, fine bindings, limited edition printings, hand paper making and paper decoration, and indeed any of the handcrafts that artisans use to create books.



John Cutrone shows Various Pages of "Prayer Book"  (Photo courtesy of Candace Kahan

John Cutrone shows  incised and hand written pages of Book (Photo courtesy of Candace Kahan)



To Register
Click the date below, which will open an email that you can send to John Cutrone, JCBA Director. Sending the email, with your contact information, will begin the registration process:

Tuition Schedule
Self-determined (your tuition is a gift to the JCBA Education Fund).


September is that time of year when we here in Florida begin to get a little punch drunk on summer. The heat and humidity have been with us for so long, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Each day is very much the same as the one that came before it and the next day will probably be just like today: About 90 degrees, sunny, with a good chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. What we need is a little change of pace. What we need is a good escape.


John Cutrone Shows Pages of a Book, created with heat and fire  (Photo Courtesy of Rickie Leiter)

John Cutrone Shows Pages of a Book, created with heat and fire (Photo Courtesy of Rickie Leiter)



JCBA has just the ticket. We can change you into a book artist (and a cool one at that) with this three and a half hour introductory immersion in the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. We’ll begin with a screening of a 20-minute video about JCBA and the amazing collection of artists’ books that is at its core. We’ll follow this with an in-depth viewing of some of the artists’ books in the collection––books that will entertain, inspire, and astound.



John Cutrone displays small books that have been removed from medication containers  (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)

John Cutrone displays small books that have been placed in clear pill containers (Photo Courtesy of Candace Kahan)



We’ll honor summer by finding some particularly summery books from the collection… and maybe even encourage summer to pack its bags by conjuring some books that bring to mind cooler, more varied days. Expect a summertime story or two, as well, from the instructor’s cache of Convivio Dispatches from Lake Worth.


John Cutrone demonstrates Book Pages flapping - part of the story the book tells  (Photo Courtesy Rickie Leiter)

John Cutrone Demonstrates Book Pages flapping – part of the story this book tells (Photo Courtesy Caren Hackman)




Afterwards, we’ll move on to the JCBA Letterpress Studio, where each participant will print a sheet of paper from type set by hand out of JCBA’s collection of historic wood type. These sheets will be the covers for the books we’ll make, a brief history of the book arts that we’ll bind by hand in the Single Signature Pamphlet stitch, a simple bookbinding technique that you can use again and again in your own book projects.


John Cutrone shows one end of symbol story book

John Cutrone shows one end of symbol story book

Arthur Jaffe holds end of symbol story book  (Photos courtesy of Rickie Leiter)

Arthur Jaffe holds end of symbol story book (Photos courtesy of Rickie Leiter)









You’ll go home with a book you made yourself––one that you can read as sleep calls later that night, as you reflect on the new outlook on books (and maybe even life) that you’ve found earlier that evening at JCBA. “For there is great joy in knowing how to do things.” All levels are welcome!

John Cutrone shows postcard book, personalized by the artist.  (Photo courtesy of Candace Kahan)

John Cutrone shows postcard book, personalized by the artist. (Photo courtesy of Candace Kahan)

Thank you to John Cutrone, Director and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts website for this material.

For more information about classes or tours, please contact:

John Cutrone, Director
JCBA: Jaffe Center for Book Arts
Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida

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Zonta Club’s “Festi-Fall” Arts and Crafts Show Calls for Artists and Vendors

The  “Festi-Fall” Arts and Crafts Show is being organized by the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach. The event is Saturday, September 27th. Artists and vendors are urged to apply quickly, before this indoor show fills up!  It takes place at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center  in Pompano Beach, a popular and busy venue for all types of community activities.  This article includes the general information and application form.  The Rickie Report shares this Call to Artists and looks forward to hearing from you when you get accepted!




 “Festi-Fall” Arts and Crafts Show

Organized by

the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach  




10 am – 3 pm


Emma Lou Olson Civic Center

1801 NE 6th Street

Pompano Beach, FL





 Zonta International seeks to advance the status of women worldwide by improving the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women at the global and local levels through service and advocacy.  The Greater Deerfield Beach Club is sponsoring an Arts and Crafts Festival on Saturday, September 27th as a fundraiser for their goals.  





Artists, crafters and vendors are welcome to apply to this event.  It takes place at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center (originally Pompano Beach Civic Center). It is located at 1801 NE 6th Street in Pompano Beach, one block west of Federal Hwy and six blocks north of Atlantic Blvd.  Regular classes and events are held at this community center Monday through Saturday throughout the year.




Zonta International seeks to advance the status of women worldwide by improving the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women at the global and local levels through service and advocacy. With the generosity and collective action of Zontians and friends around the world, Zonta International has supported projects in 57 countries, provided scholarships and awards to women around the globe, and been a powerful advocate for change in our local and international communities, thereby transforming the world and women’s place in it.





Name (please print)___________________________

Business Name____________________________


Cell phone________________________________


City/State__________________________Zip Code______

Email/Web Address_______________________________________________


Category (check): ___FINE ARTS  ___ CRAFTS   ____JEWELRY ____ OTHER  (Explain_______________)

• Fine Arts:  All media artwork, photography,  pottery, handpainted original objects, quilting, or any mixed media.

• Crafts:  Handmade crafts, holiday arrangements/crafts

• Jewelry: Handcrafted jewelry from precious materials (gold, silver, gemstones, etc.) and/or non-precious materials (wood, clay, glass, etc.), vintage jewelry

• Other:  Local businesses, support groups,  special  organizations, miscellaneous crafts,  foods



Booth Fee approx 8’ x 8’ (Includes one 6’ Table) 

Due with application, no later than September 15, 2014

____Booth Space (includes one table): $40.00

____Two Booth Spaces (includes two tables):  $75.00

____Food Vendors (refer to special form)       ____Sponsors (refer to special form)

Booth fees are deposited upon receipt and refunded if applicant is not accepted into the event.


Release and Indemnity: In consideration of mutual benefits, I agree to abide by the rules established by the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach which I have carefully read and which are listed and made part of this contract. The Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach will not be responsible for any injury that may arise to exhibitors or guests while they are within the space set aside for exhibitors, or for loss or damage to any property from any cause whatsoever during the period of this festival. Further, in consideration of the Festi-fall providing us with space for the display and sale of our various products, goods and other valuable wares, do hereby release the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach, City of Pompano Beach, Community Redevelopment Agency, and any of their members, employees, directors or volunteers from any liability for the loss or damage of product, personal injury or property damage.   I acknowledge full responsibility for all my activities at the Festi-fall and for those assisting me and I agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach, City of Pompano Beach, Community Redevelopment Agency, for any damages, attorney’s fees or costs of any legal action resulting from any claims in which they, their members, employees, agents or volunteers are made parties defendant.  This Release and Indemnity Agreement applies for the duration of the Festi-fall as scheduled and to any claims made within the applicable Statute of Limitations for a loss occurring during that time period.



Applicant’s Signature_________________________________

Print Name________________________________________


Payment :

 Check Enclosed is my check /money order payable to ZONTA CLUB OF GREATER DEERFIELD BEACH

Amount of check/money order:  $________





Setups for this event will be in the auditorium/banquet hall and stage area.  Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis after applications are received and accepted.




  1. Participants and/or assistants must tend their booth for the length of the show (Saturday, September 27, 10am to 3pm). Set ups begin NO EARLIER than 8:00am  Participants must have all work unpacked and on display by 10am. NO EARLY breakdown of booths allowed.
  2. Each participant is responsible for providing a display unit that is attractive and suitable for crowd visibility. Booth spaces can accommodate a 8’ x 8’ area. Electricity is not provided. The participant’s set up, including personal materials, must be contained within their space.
  3. Each participant sells directly to the public and must individually comply and is responsible for collection of 6% Florida State Sales Tax.
  4. Your space is reserved when payment clears. Deposited checks returned by the bank will void entry to the show.
  5. The Show organizers reserve the right to request the removal of any inappropriate work or display.
  6. Applications and booth fees MUST BE POSTMARKED by 09/15/14. Notification will be sent by email.   Participants whose work is not accepted will be notified and all fees returned. Participants who are accepted will receive an information packet.
  7. A reservation is a commitment to show and no refunds will be made for cancellations after 09/19/14. There will be no cancellation refunds due to weather, etc.





  1. All display work is preferred to be handcrafted by the displaying participant; however commercial products or company-produced products, and resale products are only permitted at the discretion of show organizers.
  2. Use of space is restricted to the participant(s) whose name appears on the application. No booth sharing permitted.
  3. We reserve the right to remove any questionable, non-approved display work from the show.
  4. Booth areas must look professional at all times.
  5. Food participants must have necessary food permits as required by Florida Agriculture Dept.




  1. Participants must be present and maintain booth throughout the day of the event.   Booth sitters will be available if necessary.
  2. All works displayed must be for sale.
  3. Participants are required to load in between 8:00am and  9:00am on Saturday, September 27, 2014.
  4. No animals are allowed in or around the participants’ booths.
  5. All applicants are asked to supply Zonta Club with ONE DONATED ITEM that can be used as a raffle-type item….value $15+.




  1. Participants are responsible for clean up and trash removal of your assigned area.  Civic Center staff will be available to give directions regarding trash removal.
  2. All activities, including breakdown and cleanup, must be completed by 5pm.



Mail booth fee & application to:

Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach

PO Box 315

Deerfield Beach FL  33443



For information:   or

Phone:  Emily Lilly at (561) 299-8684




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Port St. Lucie Unveils New Photographic Exhibit by BRBarbara

BRBarbara will be exhibiting in a SOLO show at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  She is a digital artist/photographer, serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center and has shown in juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peaks.







Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery

Presents A

SOLO Exhibition by:



Opening Reception  

Thursday, July 17th    6-8 pm

Exhibit Runs Through September 11th

Monday through Friday  8:15 am – 4:15 pm

Free admission and Free Parking

9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, southeast corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Walton Road

BRBarbara will be highlighted in a SOLO exhibit at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, showing her varied photographs.  She is a digital artist/photographer who serves on the board of the Palm Beach Photographic Center.  She has shown in other juried exhibits throughout Palm Beach County.  There will be a Free Public Reception on July 17th at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery from 6 – 8 pm. The exhibit continues July 18th through September 11th, Monday – Friday.  The Gallery is closed on weekends.

"Green and Yellow" by BDBarbara

“Green and Yellow” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara studied at Brookdale Community College, International Photographic Center, Palm Beach Photographic Center, Armory Art Center, Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University.  Her juried exhibitions include Jensen Beach, Okeeheelee Nature Center, Life Long Learning at Florida Atlantic University and Jonathan Dickinson State Park.




"Cape Coral" by BDBarbara

“Cape Coral” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work encompasses different catagories of fine art photography. In addition to her own artwork, BRBarbara promotes the work of other talented artists.  The selections of prints available are of a broad spectrum and available on her website. 


"Glass Building" by BDBarbara

“Glass Building” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s subject matter is diverse.  Two pieces of her artwork are placed in Municipal buildings in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.  BRBarbara’s capturing of shadows is particularly entertaining, with every-day objects taking center stage.  The beauty of her photography is how she captures what we normally pass by without thinking – and makes us take a second look. 



"Shimmer" by BDBarbara

“Shimmer” by BRBarbara



BRBarbara is a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and serves on their Marketing Committee.  She was most recently Honorary Host of the prestigious Members’ Juried Show Reception.


"Look Through" by BDBarbara

“Look Through” by BRBarbara


BRBarbara’s work will also be shown at upcoming exhibits including: A Focus on Flags at the Lake Park Library (November-December), Art Express, Palm Beach Gardens (November 15 – January 15) and at the Art Gallery in Tequesta.


"Tribute" bu BDBarbara

“Tribute” by BRBarbara


For more information about BRBarbara’s own photography and digital art or representation of other artists, please contact her at:  or




For more information about the Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery contact: 

Kelly A. Tiger, Recreation Manager
Port St. Lucie Civic Center
City of Port St. Lucie
(772) 807-4467


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Art of Association Breaks All Records in the Spirit of Cooperation

 Collaboration and cooperation are key to the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s latest exhibition, Art of Association showing now through August 14. Featuring juried works from 13 art associations throughout Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast,  Art of Association celebrates its fourth year.  The common goal of each organization sharing the experience of the visual arts promises visitors an exciting artistic experience that will have something for everyone. Additionally, visitors can purchase most of the art on display.  The Rickie Report shares the details for the upcoming Third Thursday Reception and Program on July 17th.





Lighthouse ArtCenter




The Art Of Association




Gallery Square North

373 Tequesta Drive       Tequesta



The public is welcome to the  Lighthouse ArtCenter’s 3rd Thursday event from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m on July 17th.  Admission is free to members and $5. for non-members.  Refreshments are served.


Art of Association Award Winners, 2014

Art of Association Award Winners, 2014


Participating art groups include Art Associates of Martin County, Artist Association of Jupiter, Artists of Palm Beach County, Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches, Hobe Sound Fine Art League, Lighthouse ArtCenter Artists’ Guild, North County Art Association, Plein Air Palm Beach, Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association, Palm City Art Associates, Port St. Lucie Art League, South Florida Basket and Fiber Guild and Wellington Art Society.



Best of Show

Best of Show:  ”Gemma” by Kris Davis                                                                                     (Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association)

Art of Association heralds 276 original works of art from 146 exhibiting artists.   Alphabetical list of winners: Cindy Bartosek, Norman Berman,  Jane Blatt,  Nancy Brown David Craft,  Eileen Curtis, Kris Davis,  Sarah Davis, Durga Garcia, Patricia Hoshino, Diane Hutchinson, Carol Kepp, Chris Kling,  Rick Lewis, Floyd Markowitz,  Debbie Lee Mostel, Pamela Acheson Myers, Deborah Neuhaus, John Vincent Palozzi, Sally B. Pearson, Bobbin Salisbury, Lorrie B. Turner, Carolyn Walsh, Tanya Witzel,  Betty Usdan Zwickler.



Cindy Bartosek "Dawn Seat" (South Florida Basket and Fiber Guild)

Cindy Bartosek “Dawn Seat” (South Florida Basket and Fiber Guild)




“This is an exhibition in which art lovers and collectors can see, as well as purchase, the best work by members of art associations in our region. There are outstanding pieces of art ranging from representational and abstract paintings to photography to ceramic sculptures to fiber art,” said Executive Director Katie Deits. “The openings, lectures and exhibition this summer also offer the participating artists an opportunity to network, share ideas and expand their horizons.”



First Place Painting: Rick Lewis "Egrets and Sabals" (North

First Place Painting: Rick Lewis “Egrets and Sabals”                                                                  (North County Art Association)


 Meet the Judge:

Ms. Jenifer Mangione Vogt      



Jenifer Mangione Vogt is the founder and creative director of JMV Media Group, an integrated marketing firm with specialization in: art, healthcare, financial services, nonprofits and Italian culture. She has 20+ years of experience in corporate and nonprofit marketing for Fortune 500 companies, including Mastercard International and The Bank of New York, as well as healthcare organizations, including Westchester Medical Center and sports, entertainment and art organizations, including the PGA TOUR and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She’s developed annual marketing plans and managed budgets in excess of $1 million and managed relationships with leading public relations and creative firms.



First Place Photography: Nancy Brown, "Floating Market Bankok" (Wellington Art Society)

First Place Photography: Nancy Brown, “Floating Market Bankok”                           (Wellington Art Society)




Jenifer received her bachelor’s from Purchase College in Humanities with an art history concentration. In 2005, she began writing about art on a freelance basis for art and culture publications in New York and South Florida. Her writing work and press placements have appeared in many publications, including Entrepreneur, CFO Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, Risk Waters, JetSet Magazine, ArtLog, ArtPulse, ArtDistricts, ArtInfo, The Art Newspaper, ArtDaily, Bloomberg, Daily News, Palm Beach Arts Paper, Palm Beach Art + Culture, Ambassador (NIAF), Knight Arts Blog, Tutto NIAF Blog, The Italian Tribune, The Journal News and The Scarsdale Inquirer. Her photographs have been featured in Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Catholic New York, Hospital Magazine, The Journal News, The Daily News and Palm Beach Art + Culture.



"Jonah" by

“Jonah 2″ by Cory Daust                                                                                                                                     (Port St. Lucie Art League)



Prior to graduation from college, Jenifer completed internships in the Estates & Appraisals Department at Christie’s, the Education Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Public Relations Department at the Neuberger Museum of Art, as an editorial assistant at Art in America and on the restoration of a room at the 1890 House in Cortland, NY.  Jenifer is a thyroid cancer survivor and an advocate for awareness of, and more comprehensive education about, this form of cancer, the fastest growing cancer among people under 40 in the US.




Lighthouse ArtCenter:

The Lighthouse ArtCenter is a member-supported nonprofit 501(c)(3) community arts organization, providing excellence in art exhibitions, instruction, education and outreach for all ages. Programs are funded in part by the Palm Beach County Cultural Council, the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.




For information on the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, School of Art, exhibitions, programs and events, visit or call (561) 746-3101. The Lighthouse ArtCenter is at Gallery Square North, 373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, Fla., one-half mile west of U.S. Highway 1. Museum hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is $5 Monday through Friday. Free admission on Saturday. As part of the national Blue Star Museum initiative, free admission to active military and their families from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.   Closed Sunday.




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OSGS Gallery Features Ilene Adams for BYOC Lecture

 OSGS Gallery is keeping the summer hopping and the arts alive with their BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) Lecture Series. OSGS Works of Art and Custom Framing (Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio) is located in the heart of Northwood Village.  Their free lectures take place in conjunction with the free Northwood Village ArtWalk Gallery Tours on the 2nd Saturday of every month, the first lecture beginning Saturday, July 12 with Ilene Gruber Adams.  She will be speaking about  her work and her involvement in the local arts community.  Who says there isn’t anything going on in West Palm Beach in the summer?  The Rickie Report shares the details.









Saturday, July 12, 2014

You’re invited


  BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair)

 Lecture Series

 7 pm



Meet Ilene Adams

Painter and Photographer

Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio

500 Northwood  Village  West Palm Beach, FL

Corner of Spruce and Northwood Road



"On The Road" by Ilene Adams

“On The Road” by Ilene Adams



During the Summer Lecture Series, each speaker will share their passion for the arts and their identity as an artist.  You will discover how each began their incredible artistic journey, their background, techniques, mentors, what drives and/or motivates them and where they see their work taking them into the future.  If you have not attended one of our lectures prior to now you are in for a fabulous treat and will, at the same time, learn something new in the process.





"Perpective" by Ilene Adams

“Perspective” by Ilene Adams


You do not have to be signed up for the Free ArtWalk tour to attend the Free Lecture.  Although it is encouraged to not miss out on the Free VIP Guided Tour through the many art spaces in Northwood Village.  If you wish to take the tour, please sign-up at  The Lectures will begin at the end of the first ArtWalk tour, around 7pm.    There are many fabulous restaurants in the area with many of them offering live music, so plan to have a bite to eat or enjoy a glass of wine before or after the lecture.


"Remember Me l" by Ilene Adams

“Remember Me l” by Ilene Adams



Ilene Adams has over 25 years professional experience in various businesses in the art field.  She studied graphic design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University and then continued on to study printmaking and fine art at Tyler School of Art in Rome.  After completing college, Ilene worked in New York City in advertising, illustration and fabric design. She has continued studying many art disciplines throughout her career at schools such as Harvard, The School of Visual Arts and faux finishing schools. 




"Pretty Junk" by Ilene Adams

“Pretty Junk” by Ilene Adams

After working in the corporate world as owner/CEO of a national broadcast marketing company, Ilene  turned her attention back to design and has been creating wonderful, warm environments for homes and businesses from New York to Miami.  Ilene has been featured in many design magazines in the New York metropolitan area and the Palm Beaches, as well as winning several awards for her art. 


"Remember Me ll" by Ilene Adams

“Remember Me ll” by Ilene Adams


 Ilene’ s involvement in the community’s art scene has made quite an impact.  She has served as a member of organization boards, including  Wellington Art Society, Artists of Palm Beach County, the Cultural Affairs Committee for West Palm Beach and has been an active leader in Art Synergy/Art Palm Beach.


Currently, Ilene has a marketing and graphic design business, The Marketing Works, that caters to businesses, non-profits and artists.  When time permits, Ilene works on her paintings and photographs and shows her work in galleries and exhibitions,  winning several awards for her art.  Ilene’s work can be found at and







For more information about this program or other exhibits at OSGS please contact:

Evelyn Ortiz-Smykla/Jonathan Ortiz-Smykla, OSGS Gallery 561-833-2223;


Art runs in the veins of gallery curators Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla. OSGS, is the embodiment of their love of art, and for sharing the work of talented artists. On any given day, a visit to their gallery sends guests crossing paths with a variety of works in many mediums that include modern-art paintings, sculptures, and home wares. The team also does their own creating inside the studio: custom framing is available with a large number of options for materials, glass, matting, and mounting. The gallery also brings in guest speakers for the Bring Your Own Chair lecture series, whose dates are published on the gallery’s website. The gallery is located at 500 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach.



For more information about OSGS:  Visit our website for more information about the gallery visit:

    Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla     OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223


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Art Auction Promises Terrific Opportunities to Support Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Artists

The Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park presents an exhibit of nature-themed art that includes forty-four artists and almost 90 pieces of work. The Kimbell Center Gallery will host an Opening Reception Friday July 11th.   In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be an art auction.  You can leave your bid and be assured that you’ll be able to keep track of the auction on line.  The exhibition is open to the public with admission to the park. There will also be a People’s Choice award given at the Closing Reception on August 15th.  The Rickie Report shares the details and knows you will not want to miss this!




The Friends of  Jonathan Dickinson State Park



Art Auction through August 15

In Person at the Gallery or On-Line




Opening Reception:

Friday, July 11  at 6:30PM

Closing Reception: Friday August 15th  6:30 pm

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Kimbell Center Gallery

16450 SE Federal Highway               Hobe Sound, FL 33455




"Belted King Fisher" Sculpture by  David Cericola




The Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park presents an exhibition of nature-themed art. This is sure to be a great exhibition with submission made from artists throughout the state .  Forty-four artists were selected to display their art with close to 90 pieces in the show with various media represented, including standard and creative photography, paintings, drawings, multi-media, and sculpture. The work will represent nature from parks, all created with each individual artists own interpretation.


"Perspective" by Ilene Adams


Work will be exhibited at the Kimbell Center Gallery with an Opening Reception Friday July 11 at 6:30PM.  The exhibition will be up through August 15th and is open to the public with admission to the park. There will be a People’s Choice award that will be presented at the Closing Reception on August 15th at 6:30 pm.


"Cry of the Wild" by Wendy Somero Bello


In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be an auction from June 21 – August 15th. Visitors can bid on items at the center, any day between 9:00 and 5:00, or there will be bidding online at with a catalog of all available artwork. Proceeds from the show will benefit the artists and the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, which supports programs at the park.


"Egret Wings Spread" by Mary Taylor



The Friends of JDSP is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization advocating for the historical, educational, and ecological enhancement of the park. Its mission is to assist park management in meeting the natural and cultural resource management objectives established for the park.

"The Wave" by Gabriel Kraus


The park is located at 16450 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound, FL 33455. For details, visit , email, or call the Kimbell Center 561-745-5551.



"Calla Lily" by Wendy Klein

“Calla Lily” by Wendy Klein


"The Oracle" by Steve daPonte

“The Oracle” by Steve daPonte


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Kari Chapin Offers Personalized Approach to Marketing and a FREE Giveaway

Kari Chapin is a small business “how to” guru.  Her newest book offers crafters and artisans and  small businesses owners marketing basics.  She includes advertising and publicity, social media, selling online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and at fairs. She gives the one-woman business everything needed to become successful. The Rickie Report interviewed Kari, who lives in Portland,OR  for this article.  In addition to sharing her business suggestions, we are offering a FREE COPY of her book to our readers!  Kari will be offering a FREE webinar on July 5 & 6.  More details are in this article.




Kari Chapin’s


How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online!  



THE HANDMADE MARKETPLACE is aimed specifically at crafters, but the advice is universal.  This is an exceedingly practical guide on how to start a small business. (For example, the chapter entitled Establishing Basic Business Practices covers sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations; getting a tax ID number; basic bookkeeping; collecting money; pricing work; hiring professionals such as lawyers, accountants and publicists.)  You may work at home alone but you’ll feel like the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm!






In 2010, Kari Chapin worked as a manager and buyer for an upscale store in the Berkshires (MA).  She was looking for high-end textiles with a partiality toward recycled fabrics.  By contacting sellers through Etsy, she was able to find the pieces she needed.  However,  she found it difficult to get them to stock their work in her store.




She tells The Rickie Report, “I saw that they didn’t have the business skills necessary to market themselves to the fullest of their potential.”    Kari is an activist!  She began working with those sellers and creators forming a business plan to help them sell their goods both wholesale and retails.  She helped them market themselves!




When the store she was working at closed, Kari decided to draw on her own dream of being a writer.  The result is her helpful and insightful book.  Kari speaks to the psyche of the crafter and the artist.  Owning a creative business is different than other retail businesses.  ”Crafters and artists are selling something very personal, almost a part of themselves.  Their mittens or paintings are not just another commodity”, she explains.




Photo courtesy of


This is Kari’s second book, an updated version of the first.  This is a DIY crash course in entrepreneurship.  She has broken the book’s lessons/activities into three parts: “Getting to know yourself and your business; Spreading the word and images; and Getting down to selling.” There are tips from business cards, pricing, photographing your work to blogging and being your own boss.  This is an easy-to-read helpful and insightful book.




Kari Chapin

Kari Chapin


Kari believes that certain areas of the United States are more conducive to successful creativity.  ”Anecdotally, I see that highly creative people across generational lines are successful when they live in an environment that promotes and supports handmade products.”  The Rickie Report believes that Southeast Florida is one of those areas.  Which is why we will be offering a FREE copy of Kari’s book to our readers!



To Enter the Drawing for a FREE Copy  of Kari’s Book:

  • Send your best business suggestion and 1 jpg of your work to:
  • Put “FREE book drawing” in Subject line
  • All suggestions will be entered into the drawing
  • The drawing will take place August 14th at 5pm
  • One winner will be picked from the drawing and notified by email
  • All entries will be considered for inclusion in a future article in The Rickie Report, giving proper identification to each suggestion.
  • Please include your email address, phone number and website


The next  CreativeLive Broadcast will take place July 5 & 6th. For more information go to:     

Or  visit .  

You may also contact us 


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