Plantation Art Guild Offers October And November Workshops, Open to Non Members And Members

The Plantation Art Guild is a welcoming group, offering workshops, general meetings, paint-ins and exhibits for everyone to enjoy.  Come and explore three exciting workshops with well regarded instructors, Karen Fletcher Braverman, Marilyn Johansen and Susan Hanssen.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges you to sign up while there are still spaces available! There is a special discount for early registration and taking more than one workshop.  









Jim Ward Community Center


301 NW 46th Street   Plantation FL 33317




Artwork by Karen Fletcher Braverman


“It’s All Relative”

Karen Fletcher Braverman

10/7/16 (all levels)

RSVP by September 7th


In this workshop you will learn to distinguish what makes your painting come alive and what makes it have drama, definition and POP! Sometimes following the rules is not enough, in this watercolor workshop- It’s All Relative!






Artwork by Marilyn Johansen









Marilyn Johansen

10/21/16 (all levels)

RSVP by September 21st

We will be working wet into wet to create texture with different materials provided, a lesson in design, and finally we’ll add a real image to our textured painting.





Artwork by Susan Hanssen





“From Black And White To WOW!

Susan Hanssen

11/04/16 (all levels)

RSVP by October 4th



This is a workshop that requires only a willingness to explore the freedom of intuitive drawing and painting. It is a full busy day focused on creating amazing back & white drawings and translating them into color. Of course, there will be a discussion of design, tools and time for questions.



Registration Info:

Cost $85 Members $95 Non-members
10% discount if paid 30 days prior
15% discount if you take all 3

Contact Info:
Terry Gannet




For more information about the Plantation Art Guild’s memberships, workshops, activities, paint-ins and more:




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Art Is At The Heart Of Brewhouse Gallery As You Enjoy The Views With The Brews

The Brewhouse Gallery celebrates its new resident artists on the Thursday, August 25th. Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting in a night completely devoted to the artists with a meet and greet, creative talks and much more! The Brewhouse is a community art gallery and craft beer oasis! Sit back with a locally roasted coffee, specialty soda or wine. The Brewhouse is one of the most well-respected live music venues in all of South Florida. It’s a creative space to share ideas & get inspired. The Rickie Report shares the details, which includes information for artists to display their work and for the public to rent the facility.










720 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL 33403










MONDAY – Closed

TUESDAY – 5 – 10 PM
3:00PM – Midnight
Noon – Midnight





Thursday, August 25th 6 – 9 pm

AJ Brockman ◊ Joseph LaPierre ◊ Family561 ◊ Craig McInnis ◊ Jasper Asher ◊ Del Foxton ◊ Ivy & Oak Tattoo ◊ Lukas Mora ◊ Neil McConney ◊ Jacklyn Kovach ◊ Thornton Henry ◊ Leo Arbeznik ◊ Johnol Jones ◊ Debbie Davis ◊ Thomas Chrpa ◊ Sarah LaPierre ◊ Phil Fung





Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting.
Everyone who purchases a piece of art (no price minimum) will receive a ticket for a $50 Gift Certificate drawing to The Brewhouse Gallery.




2D and 3D Artworks For Sale



Want To Share Your Artwork?


Would you like to display your artwork at The Brewhouse Gallery? We offer excellent terms. No commission for a 3-month run, and unlike traditional artist co-ops, you are not required to put in volunteer time running the gallery. For more information, send us an email:







Here’s The Line Up*


Wednesday – Trivia Night 7 to 9 Join us for Trivia where you and your friends can win free giveaways, drinks, and even a gift certificate for the top two teams each night. Save up those gift certificates and even by some original art… No other place offers that! Try to outsmart your friends and put all that useless knowledge to use. 7 to 9 every Wednesday!  Newcomers Always Welcome!!!! Join a team and have fun!







Thursday – Open Mic Night 8 to 11 Join us for our Thursday open mic night hosted by professional comedian Wayne Felber! Sign-ups start around 7 and performers take the stage around 8 pm. We have an in-house PA (limited microphones, cables, etc.) so please bring your equipment. It is a great mix of guitarists, spoken word poetry, vocalists, keyboard, drums, Improv & more. 

Friday *FEATURED* Live Music, 8 to 11 The house will be rocking! Check the latest line-up details. Happy Hour Poker at 6:30pm

Saturday *FEATURED* Live Music, 8 to 11 A knee slapping good time! Featuring guest appearances by members of different bands, friends, family, neighbors, hell, Sasquatch and the Yeti are even rumored to be cookin’ up a few songs as a duo. If you miss this one, it’s a damn shame!








Every Other Sunday, 2 – 4 pm

Sunday is off to a great start at the Brewhouse! We’re already having great fun with some of our friends, but we would really love it if you came in to see us, too! All musicians are welcome but we require a blues Influence and this is more of an open jam set up. The performers are requested to arrive about a half an hour early to set up. Spectators welcome!





Rent the Space!

Host your next shindig with us!

We have private and semi private party rental options for every occasion:

Baby Shower ⇔ Retirement Party ⇔ Birthday

You name it… We would love to have you.

Please contact our party coordinator:




For up-to-the-minute listings of events visit:



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Multiple Calls For Art At Clay Glass Metal Stone And Multiple Opportunities For Art Patrons

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and Flamingo Clay Gallery are putting out numerous Calls To Artists for different Exhibits and The Rickie Report is happy to share them here.  ART PATRONS: Mark your calendars for these Exhibits now! All Receptions are 6 – 10 pm  In addition, Clay Glass Metal Stone is inviting the public to a Special Exhibit, “Speak Their Names”. The details are in this article.




15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

CALL:  215-205-9441


Special Exhibition:


“Speak Their Names”


An Exhibition of Healing Art

Opening Reception

Friday, August 19th  6 – 10 pm


CGMSAugust2016JPEg Card 2

Special Soap Box Reception:

Friday, Sept. 2  6 – 10 pm

Exhibit Runs Aug. 19 – Sept. 6






Artists Applications:

This is a list of the many “Calls to Artists” we are producing


Opens Friday, Sept. 9  6 – 10 pm



Opens Thursday, Sept. 22  6 – 10 pm 

CGMSAugust2016jpeg Card Call Judaic


Opens Friday, Oct. 7  6 – 10 pm



 CGMSAugust2016jpeg Card call


Opens Friday, Oct. 21  6 -10

CGMSAugust2016jpeg Days call


Opens Friday, Nov. 18  6 – 10 pm 

CGMSAugust2016Jpeg Blushing Zebra Card



 CGMSAugust2016Art-ober fest jpeg








CGMSAugust2016Lake Worth Art Market jpeg

The General Application Form Appears below:




 All shows are open to all media; 2-D and 3-D.

We want to give each of you the opportunity to add a gallery show to your resume.
This year our application fee is $35. If this is one of three or more shows, you apply for, your fee is $25 per show.

Artists may enter up to 2 pieces of work (more if less than 40 artists apply)

Entry fee is non-refundable and may be paid by check made payable to Flamingo Clay Studio.
• Images of artist work must be submitted by E-MAIL in JPEG format. Please E-Mail completed application to or Mail to CGMS Gallery, 15 South J Street- Lake Worth FL 33460.
For more information call 215-205-9441
• All exhibited work MUST BE FOR SALE with 70% of the sale going directly to artist.

Works and Applications must be in 2 days prior to opening


Event e-mail Cards will be provided to the artists to help co-promote the exhibitions. Please send these out to your email lists. 

• All works must be picked up within 3 days of close of show(unless special arrangements are made.) After that, artists will be charged $5 a day for one month. The works then become property of gallery to be sold for fund-raising.


Notifications of acceptance will be by e-mailed upon receipt of application. 

Accepted Art Work will be dropped off on the Wednesday prior to the opening. 

(Special delivery arrangements may be possible. Delivered Art Work must have your name, price and title on lower front of each piece and ready to display. 


Drop off Art Work at CLAY GLASS METAL STONE Gallery, 15 South J Street , Lake Worth. 
• Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be open 7 days a week for the duration of the exhibit. 


We will promote the exhibit through Press releases, social media and email Art Cards.
• We want your Art to sell!!!! Please make sure that each piece is titled and priced.

Please make sure that your submission includes an artist’s statement, your contact e-mail address, phone number and your web site address if you have one. 



15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460




Title of Show___________________________
Opening Reception- Friday, ________________
Event Ends Wednesday, ________________________

Entries must be in gallery on Wednesday before opening

All applications must be received by 3pm Wednesday before opening


Phone 561 588-8344

or mail:CGMS Gallery 15 South J Street Lake Worth 33460



Please PRINT legibly! List Additional entries on back of this application form.

Name ___________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________
E-mail address _________________________________

Phone # ____________________________



1. Title ____________________________________________________________
Dimensions _____________________________________ Price_________________________________

Description __________________________________________________

2. Title_________________________________________________________



 WAIVER of LIABILITY: Submission of my application constitutes my agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the prospectus.  I release and discharge Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and its owners and employee’s from all responsibility for damage or loss of any kind on all works submitted for the exhibition named above.         


SIGNATURE _______________________________


DATE ___________________________________


Please feel free to include additional works on the back of this application – they may be included if we do not reach our 40 maximum artists participation.
We can only use your works in our PR if you send us the jpegs well in advance of the show. We begin our PR many, many weeks before the show opens.


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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Stop By For A “Sizzling Hot” Exhibit At Artisans On The Ave

Artisans On The Ave Gallery presents the art of using heat in various forms.  The public is invited to  “Sizzling” Hot’s Opening Reception on Friday, August 19th.  The Gallery will feature its talented artists who love to get “HOT” with their art! There are many mediums, where the artists apply heat to achieve the finished piece of work. Artisans On The Ave showcases the artist’s work in 3 gallery showrooms of 40 local artists.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks and promises this will be a great way to cool off!






Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue     Lake Worth, Florida 33460
561-582-3300          561-762-8162

You Are Invited:

Free, Opening Reception:

“Sizzling” HOT


Friday, August 19, 2016

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Gallery Hours:  

Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm

Artisans On The Ave Gallery







Visit this Opening Night for an evening fun.

Meet the artists!!!

Classes and workshops are given in all these mediums.

Please call 561-762-8162 to reserve your spot for one of these wonderful classes!







Artisans On The Ave Gallery presents the art of using heat in various forms. The gallery will feature our talented artists who love to get “HOT” with their art! There are many mediums of how the artists applies heat to achieve the finished piece of work and their choice of elements and materials they use to apply the heat to the surface of their art. Artisans On The Ave showcases the artist’s work in our 3 gallery showrooms of 40 local artists The hot summer heat is upon us but some of our artists are used to working in heat. Please join us and come in to cool off with some “HOT” art.




Hot Kiln Glass



Hot Kiln Fused Glass: The Egyptians and Romans used the technique of an ancient fused glass process. Many intricate bowls, beautiful jewelry and decorative fused glass wall art pieces were made throughout the centuries using this method. With glass technology artists now have a greater knowledge of the method and endless creativity flourishes in their work.




Encaustic Close Up


Encaustic Hot Wax: The word “encaustic” is taken from the Greek and means “to burn in”. In the encaustic process, pigmented wax is applied and then fused to a surface with heat. The broad range of encaustic medium, paint, surface effects, mixed media and a luminous translucency make each piece of art one of a kind.



ArtisansHOThammered metal


Welding: Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing fusion. In addition to melting the base metal, a filler material is often added to the joint to form a pool of molten material (the weld pool) that cools to form a joint pressure which may be used in conjunction with heat to produce a weld.





Soldering:  Soldering is a process in which two or more items (usually metal) are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal (solder) into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal.




Sculpture by Kelly Manganaro


Polymer Clay: Polymer clays are manmade modeling materials composed of the same basic building materials: gels, fillers, plasticizers, coloring agents, and resins. Polymer clays are produced in a great range of colors that are sometimes mixed together creating a millefiori caning effect. The artist makes the sculptured piece by hand and then brings it to its hardened state with a temperature of up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.



Fused Glass by Marsha Balbierri


Enameling: Enameling is the art of fusing glass to metal. Enamel is applied to clean metal.  The piece is heated in either a kiln or with a torch to a very high temperature of 1500, until the glass enamel melts and fuses to the metal.



Pottery by Tracy Rosof Petersen


Pottery and Ceramics:  Pottery has been made by hand since prehistoric times. Early uses of clay centered on the construction of functional vessels and figurative sculptures, as the clay was hardened by baking it in the sun. There are many different techniques used when working with the various selections of clay. After the clay is hand-built or turned on a potter’s wheel it is fired in a hot kiln. The piece is glazed and re-fired.
Raku is a low-fire pottery technique in which pieces are placed in a preheated kiln and brought up to temperature quickly. Then  a combustible material is added, covered, and allowed to smoke over a period of time. The element of surprise is always fun with the end results!



For more information:

Contact Artisans On The Ave
Owners, Betty Wilson and Linda Manganaro


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Final Call For Art At Gallery Viera’s “Brush With Success” Cash Prizes, All Mediums

Art Gallery of Viera is pleased to announce its 5th Annual Juried Art Show. “Brush with Success 2016” will be on exhibit from October 7th to November 6th. A Public Opening Reception will be held on October 8th which will include the awards ceremony.  The Rickie Report shares the details for artists ( DEADLINE: AUG. 21) and for ART PATRONS to see the exhibit.  This is open to all mediums of art, 2D and 3D.










Public Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 8:

5:30pm – 8pm

Light refreshments will be provided.

A Presentation of Awards will be made at 7:00 pm.

Exhibit runs from October 7th to November 6th, 2016


Art Gallery of Viera

2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111

Viera, Florida 32940







To Enter:



Important dates:

Application window: July 17th – August 21st
Entry, images and payment due: Midnight, August 21st
Notice of acceptance: September 4th
Shipped work due: September 30th – October 3rd
Hand delivered work due: October 4th between 3 pm. – 8 pm.
Show opens: October 7th at 10:00am.
Opening Reception: October 8th from 5:30-8:00 pm.
Presentation of Awards: October 8th at 7:00pm.
Close of show: November 6th at 9:00pm.
Pick up of unsold artwork: November 7th & 8th from 3 pm. – 8 pm.
Return shipping: Begins November 9th






1st Place Gold $500

2nd Place Silver $300

3rd Place Bronze $200

$100 Special Awards

Merit Awards

Judge: more information coming soon.






1. Artist must be a resident of United States and be 18 or older.


1.Enter up to 3 pieces
2. Artwork must be the original work and concept of the artist (no classroom or workshop work) and have been created between 2014 and 2016
3. No copies or prints of original artwork accepted.
4. #1 prints of a limited edition of Photography and/or Digital Art are accepted.
5. No artwork previously exhibited at Art Gallery of Viera will be accepted.
6. This will be a family-friendly exhibit. No sexually explicit or offensive artwork will be accepted.
7. Entries may be in any medium and each entry must be ready for display.
8. All artwork must be for sale.


1. Size limit is 48 inches in either direction including frame.
2. All framed artwork over 16 x 20 inches must use Plexiglass instead of glass.
3. Wall mounted work must be wired and ready to hang with no visible hanging apparatus. No sawtooth hangers.
4. No special installation requirements and no ceiling hung works.
5. All artwork must have finished edges, be gallery wrapped or framed.


1. No larger than Length 36 inches x Width 36 inches x Height 72 inches
2. Weight, moveable by one person.


1. The non-refundable Jury fee is $35 for the first work and $15 each for up to two additional works
2. Payment of jury fees may be made via Pay Pal or by check for online entries or by cash, check or charge for hand delivered entries.
*Make check out to Art Gallery of Viera and mail or bring to:
Art Gallery of Viera
2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111
Viera, FL. 32940
3. Accepted works that are shipped will require a $20 per piece gallery handling fee.


1. Art Gallery of Viera will handle all sales and collect and pay all sales tax.
2. Art Gallery of Viera will retain a 35% commission on all sales and artwork should be priced accordingly.
3. Payment to artist will be made within four weeks of the close of the exhibit.


1. Monetary prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place with additional merit awards at the judge’s discretion.
2. The judge’s decision will be final.
3. Winners will be announced and a presentation of awards will be made during the opening reception.

Enter via Entry Thingy on our website:

1. Artists may submit 1 image of 2-D work, 2 images of 3-D work, for up to three artworks
2. Accepted files – .jpg.
3. Images must be a minimum of 800 pixels on the widest side and be of good quality.
4. Follow instructions on Entry Thingy *NOTE* Piece refers to individual artwork, Entry refers to 1-3 pieces
5. Jury fee can be paid via Pay Pal or by check made out to Art Gallery of Viera and mailed to
Art Gallery of Viera
2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111
Viera, FL. 32940

Enter via Hand Delivery:

1. Artists may submit 1 image of 2-D work, 2 images of 3-D work, for up to three artworks
2. Images must on CD or be 4×6 color photo of good quality.
3. Print the entry form. Download Entry Form
4. Bring completed form and photos of image(s) to Art Gallery of Viera at The Avenue, Viera.
5. Jury fee must be paid by cash, check, or charge at time of CD/photo drop-off.

Shipping of Accepted Artwork:


1.Attach provided label to each artwork.
2. Accepted artists are responsible for all shipping arrangements and expenses.
3. All packing material must be sufficient for safe return. Do not use packing peanuts!
4. All containers must be clearly and properly marked for return shipment.
5. All shipped work must use Plexiglass. No glass will be accepted.
6. Shipped works are due at Art Gallery of Viera between September 30th & October 3rd
7. The $20 per piece gallery handling fee must be included in package.
8. Return shipping of unsold works will begin November 9th.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up of Accepted Artwork:

1.Attach provided label to each artwork.
2. Artwork accepted for exhibition must be dropped off on October 4th between 3pm and 8pm and picked up on November 7th and 8th between 3pm and 8pm.
3. Artwork will not be released to anyone other than the artist without prior written authorization by the artist.


Storage Charges:

1. Artwork not picked up during designated time period will be subject to a charge of $5/day
2. No exceptions will be made.



The greatest care in handling and security will be taken at all times. However, Art Gallery of Viera will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. Entry into this show constitutes an agreement to hold harmless Art Gallery of Viera or its representatives from any manner of actions, suits, damages or claims arising from any damages, theft, or loss of artwork occurring during handling, shipping or display at the gallery.


*By submitting this entry you confirm that you have read all the rules and regulations for Brush with Success 2016 and agree with all the terms. You understand that your Jury fee is non-refundable even if your work is not accepted. You agree to release and hold harmless Art Gallery of Viera from any loss/damage. You also affirm that your work is completely original and of your own conception.


For more information about entering this exhibition or about visiting:

Art Gallery of Viera

2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111, Viera, Florida 32940



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Toni Willey Current Whole Foods Market Artist In Wellington

Wellington Art Society member Toni Willey is the current featured solo artist at Whole Foods Market Wellington Café. A Public Reception will be held at and hosted by the Whole Foods Market Wellington Staff on Friday, August 26, 2016. Delicious appetizers and wine will be served along with live music and door prizes. The Art Society asks a $5 donation which will go to their Scholarship Fund. It will be a lovely reception for the artist and friends and a great way to start the weekend! Toni is a highly accomplished artist and will be showing her series of endangered species entitled “The Vanishing”.  The Exhibit is open now.  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and urges you to stop by – art does sell at Whole Foods! Some art patrons have already made purchases!
















Friday, August 26th

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Whole Foods Market Cafe

2635 SR7 Wellington, FL


$5. Covers Music, Wine, Food and Donation to WAS Scholarship Fund

Exhibit Is Available At This Time












Toni Willey began drawing at an early age but her exceptional talent surfaced when she began painting. Her teachers said she painted the way Mozart played music; it just rolled off her fingers. After high school she received a National Scholastic Award of Merit from the St. Louis Art Museum. She attended Art Institute and Foundation classes at Washington University and St. Louis University, where she studied all the fine art disciplines. Her painting style is photo realistic and semi abstract done in acrylics, mixed media and watercolor.






In addition to her “The Vanishing” series she has another series defining feminine power entitled “Ancient and Mystical Women”.  Toni began showing her work on the South Florida Art Show Circuit in 1990 while acting as Business Administrator for the Ambassador Galleries on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. She has working commissions from collectors all over the world and her prints sell internationally on She has been highly successful with her local solo exhibits.




Wellington  Art  Society

The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization in its 34th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art.

For more information visit


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Lighthouse Art Center Invites You To Closing Reception Of “Art Of Association”, Announces Vacation Closing And New Plein Air Palm Beach!

Let the colors, textures and creative community quicken your imagination during the CLOSING RECEPTION of Art of Association, Thursday, August 11, 2016 at the Lighthouse ArtCenter!  Feast your eyes on 375 original works of art from 186 exhibiting artists representing 16 Art Associations from Miami to Jensen Beach. With new ideas to share and plans to discuss, the participating associations will introduce their 2016-17 calendars. Don’t miss your last opportunity to enjoy this eclectic exhibition.  The ArtCenter will be CLOSED August 14 – 28th for VACATION. The Lighthouse ArtCenter announced today the names of the 35 artists selected to participate in the 2017 Paint Palm Beach en Plein Air competition now in its 4th year at North Palm Beach County’s critically acclaimed art gallery and education center. The event will take place March 8-12, 2017.  The Rickie Report shares all the details in this article.





(561) 746-3101
373 Tequesta Drive            Tequesta, Florida 33469










Thursday, August 11, 2016

5:30 – 7:30 pm

No charge for members of Lighthouse ArtCenter, $10 for non-members.


LACMalle Whitaker Rebirth

Malle Whitaker “Rebirth”

Art Associations from Boca Raton to Vero Beach are participating in this refreshing exhibition that fosters cross pollination of ideas and practices with 2D and 3D media from fiber arts to fused glass. Let your imagination soar.

Feast your eyes on 375 original works of art from 186 exhibiting artists representing 16 Art Associations from Miami to Jensen Beach. With new ideas to share and plans to discuss, the participating associations will introduce their 2016-17 calendars. We don’t want you to miss your last opportunity to enjoy this eclectic exhibition. 

“This is an exhibition in which art lovers and collectors can see, as well as purchase, the best work by members of art associations in our region”. – Nancy Politsch, Executive Director, Lighthouse ArtCenter


LACclose up of Sandanjian Underwater Treasures

Sandanjian “Underwater Treasures” Close-Up





PAINT PALM BEACH EN PLEIN AIR 2017 (Formerly the Annual Lighthouse ArtCenter Plein Air Festival)

March 8-12, 2017





Lighthouse ArtCenter announced today the names of the 35 artists selected to participate in the 2017 Paint Palm Beach en Plein Air competition now in its 4th year at North Palm Beach County’s critically acclaimed art gallery and education center. The event will take place March 8-12, 2017. Plein Air has become a popular competition throughout the world, giving artists different venues to create in, while being challenged by the length and surroundings of the four-day contest. The selected artists compete for prize money and are able to display their work at the Lighthouse ArtCenter for gallery visitors to view, offer their opinions and purchase a favored painting at the Collector’s Party on Saturday, March, 11th, final day of competition. Paintings may also be purchased “wet” from the artist at the painting sites.
“We modified this year’s artist selection process after an outstanding 2016 competition,” said Lighthouse ArtCenter’s Chair of Painting and Drawing and Co-Chair of this event, Ted Matz. “Feedback from our former contestants suggested we narrow our field of artists to give each participant more exposure to the crowds drawn to watch them when they’re sketching and painting at the various venues. ”
With more than 120 applicants for the limited slots, Matz said the selection process became one of scoring several criteria, not all of which were based on direct artistic skills. “We wanted to be fair to artists who may not have participated in our Plein Air competition in the first three years. And fair to the Lighthouse ArtCenter patrons who want to see how new artists interpret our local scenery when challenged to capture it on canvas.”

The 35 artists selected scored highest when evaluated by the following:
1. Originality
2. Overall Quality
3. Consistency of Style
4. Technical Skills
5. Marketability to Audience

“We are thrilled by the artistic diversity selected to compete in March 2017,” said Lighthouse ArtCenter Curator Janeen Mason. “We had submissions from artists in 27 states and two who are international. We are excited to see how these artists translate our South Florida seascapes, landscapes and architecture.”

Here are the names and hometowns of the artists competing in Lighthouse ArtCenter’s 2017 Paint Palm Beach en Plein Air competition:




To learn more about Plein Air art, visit Wikipedia at or Google Plein Air art.

For additional information about upcoming exhibits or the 2017 Paint Palm Beach en Plein Air competition, contact Lighthouse ArtCenter by calling 561-746-3101.

For more information about the Lighthouse ArtCenter, visit

Lighthouse ArtCenter is an equal opportunity gallery, learning center and employer.




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Art In Public Places: “Body Graphix Mural Project”, An Interview With Sharon Koskoff

The Rickie Report has shared Calls for Art in Public Places before and has written about Public Art Projects in Hobe Sound, Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale and more.  This article takes our readers behind the scenes, as we interview award winning mural artist and art educator, Sharon Koskoff, who oversaw the “Body Graphix Mural Project”. We hope that art lovers, art patrons and artists get a better understanding and appreciation of these Public Art Projects.














Body Graphix Mural Project




TRR:How did the Body Graphix Mural Project Begin?


As one of several Center for Creative Education teaching artists I was eligible to apply for this project, and happily my proposal was accepted. The project was sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs in partnership with Palm Beach County Art in Public Places and the Solid Waste Authority’s Recycled Paint Program.


The mural spans 80’ and is hung high. It is meant to be seen driving by in a car or as a pedestrian from a distance. We also wanted to introduce the students to three area professional artists from Belle Glade who would also serve as role models for mentorship.





TRR:How was the project formulated?


There are several ways to approach this group mural project….




• An artist makes a design in color and everyone paints different parts of it. The previous mural was painted on 4’ x 8’ wood panels and created a large scale single concept, which was a landscape.




• Everyone gets an individual wood panel and paints anything they want or follows a theme but creates 20 different ideas and colors. Balance is only created in the installation through repetition of similar scale and size.




• My Concept: Combine the two ideas! Each student gets their own panel, the theme is their individual portrait of their ‘physical presence” and chosen images of their “personal essence”. The mural is created in an abstract style of warm and cool colors with overlapping chosen images. The students all use the same selected paint colors and use outlining to create one harmonious mural of 20 individual panels that has a dynamic view from afar.





I have used this concept serval times before at public venues as Lake Worth Middle School, Toussaint L’Overture High School, Home Safe youth affected by violence and other locations. I knew it would adapt well to the scrutiny of exterior public art maintenance and longevity, as well as it being age appropriate for the young adult teens.






TRR: Where do you begin?


Organization is the key to success in an Artist in Residence atmosphere where education and learning is as important as the process of making art and the finished product. Project outlines and lesson plans made it possible to create Body Graphix in eight hands-on workshops.





Materials were gathered loaded and unloaded onto the site. Safety, drop cloths, painting attire, rules and “getting to know you” takes place in the first session. I was going to use a projector to create the personal student silhouettes, so on the first class, I used to the projector to create “head” shots of each student on paper.






They got to know me, see my tools, how I operate, learn what to expect, what we were going to do next class, what they needed to prepare and plan for their personal individual “full body portrait – body graphic”.





TRR:How did Body Graphix come into being?



We jump right in and begin to paint! We primed the heavy wood panels front and back and the high energy begins to flow… everyone has a job to do with no time to waste!






By the second workshop, we built a “stage” for the panels and the projector light box and the students took turns making their “pose”. Then their inner emotions dictated what symbols to add to the silhouette as the sun, the moon, flowers, sports, animals, planets, rain, lightning, flora, architecture, music …. All symbols that had meaning to each student alone. Theatrically, I hand drew all 20 panels while each student participated posed for their silhouette individually.







Students also started a journal book where they wrote their feelings, impressions and ideas of what was going on around them. Some added collage elements to their notebook journals and created artistic book covers.





Third Workshop
Warm Colors of Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink were introduced. Teens made a choice to paint the background in warm colors, or their body portrait.




Fourth Workshop
Cool Colors of Blues, Greens and Purple were introduced. If the portrait was warm colors, the background would now be in the cools colors to “pop” out in contrast.




Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Workshops
In the remaining workshops students worked with each other, alone, other with adult volunteers who came by to be part of the high energetic act of creativity!




Three local artists born in Belle Glade, came by to show their work and tell the kids how they became professional artists. Featured in the TV video was Donald Neal.






When the warm and cool panels were completed, a dark brown outline color was mixed to symbolize the “soil” in Belle Glade, as the motto goes, “her soil is her fortune”. The panels were then sealed front and back for exterior longevity and protection from the sun.





All students signed a large ball that could be bounced around the gymnasium as a reminder of the project. Also everyone who was associated with the project dipped their hands in paint and made colorful imprints on a panel to be hung indoors in the recreation room!



TRR: Let’s talk about the Outcomes


I led and coordinated the “Body Graphix Mural Project” for the Bill Bailey Center Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County participants and extended community, through the educational and artistic process of public mural painting. Participants learned about art, painting, color, design, and scale, as well as teamwork, group effort and social history. Tremendous positive energy was shared while working together, formulating ideas, planning, and problem solving. It was extremely exciting to be connected to the process of a blank canvas that evolves into a successful and significant work of art. Each participant created their own individual “identity” work of art, that installed together, created a beautiful vision of 4’ x 8’ connecting mural panels on the newly painted building!




The following process was implemented: community invited/ stake holders / local guest artist mentors etc., create connections, collaborations and introductions, slide presentations of previous public murals, rules and safety, expectations, questions and answers, create artworks to take home as a silhouette self-portrait on paper, prime mural panels, interactive team projection of full body portrait ”Graphix” onto mural panels using a projector, add individual “identity” designs elements relating to personal participants, learn about warm and cool colors, paint the mural panels, encourage open dialogue of expression in Recap, learn painting techniques, top coat murals with exterior sealer, supervise install of mural panels and then celebrate accomplishments with an all invited Award Certificate Ceremony. The mural project was documented individually through daily “journaling books” with writings, sketches, and thoughts, as well as publicly, through photographs / video and media press releases.







• After the County installed the panels measuring 80’ wide by 8’ tall onto the exterior façade of the Bill Bailey Community Center,a Body Graphix Award Luncheon and presentation was held and everyone celebrated!

  • The Sun wrote a front page story on the Body Graphix mural project. 
  • A half hour TV show featuring the Body Graphix project and it’s aired on the County Connection program since April 2016. 
  • Sharon Koskoff received an accommodation from Congressional Representative Alcee Hastings.
  • Palm Beach Post featured an article on Art in Public Places of PBC with Elayna Toby Singer and the Sharon Koskoff Body Graphix residency.






TV Segment Overview

In the latest episode of County Connection, meet the teens, adults and organizations who helped create the “Body Graphix“ murals at the Bill Bailey Community Center in Belle Glade.  Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places program partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County’s teen after-school program and the Solid Waste Authority’s recycled paint program to design and paint the new murals which recently replaced murals created in 2002 by Glades area students and teachers.



TRR:  Tell us more about yourself and your own art.


I graduated from Brooklyn College with Honors (Fine Arts Major and Education Minor), Honor Photography and Sculpture, New York School of Interior Design (Masters Color Theory), School of Visual Arts  (Printing).  I’m involved in numerous Associations, including: Florida Humanities Council Speakers Bureau, Arcadia Publications / Author Art Deco of the Palm Beaches / Local History, Founding President Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches 1987 – present, Public Art Advisory Board of Delray Beach / PAAB Chairperson, School of Creative Arts at the Old School Square Arts Complex / Youth & Adult Art Instructor, Society of Four Arts / Museum Leader of Group Tours, Very Special Arts /VSA Florida / Artist in Residence, Armory Art Center / Historic Preservation / Art & Architectural Lecture Series.


TRR: Sharon’s accomplishments and mentorship include collaborations, commissions, workshops, projects and grants on behalf of numerous local non-profit organizations: 

Recent Collaborations/ Commissions / Workshops / Grants / Projects
Cornell Museum at Center for the Arts / Children’s Wing Murals
City of Westgate / Public Sculpture / Ceramic Tile / Community Youth
FIU Wolfsonian Museum / Key Note Speaker
Florida Humanities Council / Amory Art Center Art Deco Lecture Series Grant
Osborne Center/ For the Children / Lake Worth Murals Interior & Exterior
Nine Arch Murals / LULA Lake Worth CRA
Palm Beach County Gov/TV Chanel 20– Inside History / Three Documentaries
Pine Grove Elementary School / Artist in Residence
Plumosa School of the Arts / Artist in Residence
Roosevelt Middle School / Artist in Residence
Safety Net Program / Home Safe A Place for Children / Artist in Residence
Butterfly Installation at Cultural Council
Stage Left Theatre / Boynton Beach

Her recent Awards:
2014-15 Winner Ellen Liman Arts Educator Award of Excellence; Muse Awards Palm Beach County Cultural Council; 2013 International Coalition of Art Deco Societies / Havana, Cuba; Arts & Cultural Exchange Program
2008 / 2010 Finalist Arts Educator of the Year Muse Awards Cultural Council; 2009 / 2015 Women in Executive Leadership.


Sharon Koskoff Public Commissions include:

90 Southeast 5th Ave/Exterior Art Murals◊505 Teen Center/Woman’s Club Mural◊American Heart Association/Signature Artist◊ARC/4 Murals◊Armory Art Center/ 1997- 2001 “Artists Ball Designer”◊Armory Art Center Gators Galore /“Gator Calculator”◊Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches◊Art & Jazz on the Avenue/Official Poster Beach Art in Public Places◊Art in the Alley / Community Art 1 – 5◊Artigas/2 Community Murals◊Atlantic Community High School/3 Murals◊Banyan Creek Elementary Butterfly Mural◊Barton Elementary School/ 8 Murals◊Belvedere Elementary School/ 8 Murals◊Boca Raton Art in Public Places Photo Exhibition◊Boca Raton Elementary School/2 Murals◊Boca Raton Express Museum/Tile Train Depot◊Boys & Girls Club of PBC/Art in Public Places PBC Belle Glade, FL◊C.W. Gerstenberg Hospice, Children’s Bereavement◊Carver Middle School/2 Murals/Book Installation◊Center for Creative Education/Project LEAP◊Cezanne Jazz Club at Sheraton Hotel/Mural WPB ◊City of Aventura/3 Murals, Founders Day Festival◊City of Westgate/Community Ceramic Totem Pole ◊ Clematis Street Bench Project/Metropolitan Sponsor◊Coffee Gallery Café/3 Murals Lake Worth / 4 Murals◊Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation, Mural◊Crosspointe Elementary School, Cafeteria Murals◊Del Prado Elementary School,Cafeteria Murals◊Delray Beach Cultural Loop, Open Door Project◊Delray Beach Cultural Loop, Community Chairs ◊Delray Beach Flower Festival,Millennium Project ◊Delray Beach Flower Festival,Toussaint L ‘Overture◊Delray Beach Multicultural Festival,Murals◊Delray Full Service Center (Old Carver Middle)◊Discovery Key Elementary School,3 Murals◊Eagles Landing Middle School, 7 Murals◊Environmental Resources Management Palm Beach◊First Night 2001 – 2014,10 Puppets on Wheels◊First Night 2004, Seven Hole Miniature Golf Murals◊Galilee Retirement Village, 7 Murals◊Good Samaritan Hospital Kids ER Lobby◊Greenacres Elementary School,3 Murals◊Gringle, Dougherty & Wheat – Have a Seat!◊Hamburger Heaven Clematis Murals◊Hidden Oaks Elementary,Mural◊Home Safe / A Place for Children 5 Murals◊Hotel Biba Showtel 2004,Flower Bed ◊HRS Lobby & HRS Pediatric AIDS ◊Indian Ridge School, 20 Murals ◊JCC Theatre Production Mural and 6 Sculptures ◊JCC, Wild Things: A Child’s Right to Read◊JCC, Hanukkah-fest,10 Pastel Murals – WPB ◊JCC 350 Years of Jewish History in America◊Jefferson Davis Middle School, Murals ◊ Jell-O Shots! Resource Depot Recycle Center ◊Juneteenth! Shady Museum Freedom Celebration ◊ Juvenile Justice of Port St. Lucie/ VSA Artist◊Juvenile Justice of Palm Beach County◊Keyes to the Cities/Kretzer Pianos Kravis Center◊Lincoln Elementary School, 8 Murals ◊ Loggers Run Middle School,4 Murals ◊ B Love’s Drug Building, 1/8 Community Mural NARP◊March of Dimes, 8 Murals ◊Mario’s Market West Atlantic,Exterior Murals◊ Morikami Park Elementary School ◊Native Sun, Have a Seat! Adirondack Chair ◊Nine Muses, Art Therapy Mural ◊Nine Arch Murals Lake Worth◊Norton Museum of Art,2 Murals◊Northmore Elementary School,2 Murals◊Odyssey Middle School,10 Murals◊Old School Square/Cornell Museum Murals ◊Orchard View Elementary School,2 Murals◊Office Depot Corporate Headquarters,3 Murals◊Open Door Project / Cultural Loop Delray◊Osborne Center,For the Children, 9 Murals◊Palm Beach County Millennium CouncilPalm Beach Gardens Hospital,10 Murals◊Palm Beach International Airport 2 Murals◊Palm Beach Public School,2 Murals◊Palm Beach Zoo Dreher Park,50 Mural Panels◊ Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park,Boo at the Zoo Live Animal Stage, Christmas in July◊Palm Springs Elementary School,2 Murals◊Palm Springs Middle School,30 Murals◊Palmetto Elementary School,Murals◊Parker’s Kitchen Building, 2 Murals◊PBICA, Palm Beach Institute Contemporary◊Pineapple Grove Archway, Ceramic Tile Bases◊Pine Grove School of the Arts,18 Murals◊Pine Grove/Paint Up Pine Grove, Lead Artist◊Plumosa School of the Arts/ Go Green Murals◊Port Salerno Elementary School◊Post Card Murals Sent to the US Troops◊Puppetry Art Center of the Palm Beaches◊Quest Theatre,Theatre Design and Murals◊Ranger Construction Corporate Office◊Robert Montgomery’s Home Safe Project◊Roosevelt Elementary School,10 Murals◊Roosevelt Middle School,3 Murals◊Rosemont Park,Ceramic Tiles/Words to Live By◊Royce Hotel,Murals ◊SD Spady Elementary School,11 Murals◊Solid Waste Authority PB County◊South Florida Science Museum◊St. Mary’s Hospital, Mural◊Stage Left Theatre / Boynton Murals◊Sugar Sand Science Playground◊Sunfest Banner Project◊Sunrise Park Elementary School, 3 Murals◊U. B Kinsey/Palmview School of the Arts◊United Way Day Care,5 Murals◊Very Special Arts/ VSA◊Washington Elementary School◊Westgate CRA,Totem Project◊ Westward Elementary School◊West Palm Beach Centennial◊Whispering Pines Elementary School◊Women’s Circle of Hope/Signature Artist◊YMCA of Boca Raton,Murals.


For more information about this article and to see more of Sharon’s artwork, please visit:

Sharon Koskoff websites include:

Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches
325 SW 29th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33445




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1st Annual West Palm Beach Arts Festival By Armory Art Center Accepting Applications Until September 15th

Artists are invited to participate in the 1st Annual West Palm Beach Arts Festival produced by the Armory Art Center on December 3rd and 4th. ART LOVERS: Mark these dates on your calendars now!  This will feature local and out-of-town artists, live music, demonstrations, food trucks, and activities for all ages. This event will be well-publicized by local media reporting, media sponsorships, advertising, and social media. Scheduled at the perfect time for holiday shopping, vendors will reach affluent Palm Beach and Broward County residents, plus engage our large seasonal tourist population. This Rickie Report shares the details and urges you to apply now!  Artist Deadline to Apply:  September 15th!




1700 Parker Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401




1st Annual West Palm Beach Arts Festival

Saturday, December 3

Sunday, December 4

10 am – 5 pm








Festival Activities:

Fine Art
Kid’s Activities

The campus hosts space for 180 10’x10’ tents throughout the Armory’s sprawling campus.

Tents will be located outdoors in the courtyard, in the front parking lot, and in Montgomery Hall which is inside the Armory Art Center’s historic art deco building.


The Armory Art Center is on the south end of Howard Park within walking distance of the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, the Palm Beach Convention Center, Hilton West Palm Beach, and CityPlace—a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.
Artists will have the opportunity to interact with the public through art demos and booth chats. Live music, food, and kid’s activities make the festival a perfect experience for all.


Set up is on Friday, December 2nd. Artists parking will be available.

To participate go to

  • Submit three jpegs of the artwork you plan to sell along with your application.
  • Application deadline is September 15, 2016
  • Notification deadline is October 1, 2016
  • There is a $25 artist application fee
  • Booths are 10’ x 10’ for $125 each. After selection instructions for booth payment will be sent.
  • After acceptance into the festival, instructions for booth payment will be provided.
  • Booth fees will be due within three weeks after acceptance until November 4th and due immediately after acceptance after November 4th.
  • Tent Requirements: Tents must be 10’x10’ and made to withstand wind and rain. The tent color must be white to remain consistent with event standards. Recommended brands are Light Done, Show Off, and Flourish.
  • There is a minimum of 50 lbs. of weight per corner required to meet quality standards.
    Tent Rental: “Tents 4 Events” is offering tents for rent with set-up and breakdown included. Please log on to or call 954-675-7634 directly to setup your tent rental.




The mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation and experience of art. The Armory’s vision is to be the leading visual arts education and exhibition center of the Palm Beaches. Housed in an historic Art Deco building, the Armory provides art classes for students of all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events. Held in twelve state-of-the-art studios, nearly 100 courses are offered including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, glass fusing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, and 20 exhibitions are hosted annually in four galleries. For more information, visit or call 561-832-1776 x33.



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Call For 11th Annual Art Fest On The Green Fine Art And Craft Show Produced By Wellington Art Society

The 11th Annual Art Fest on the Green Fine Art and Fine Craft Show produced by the Wellington Art Society continues its tradition of bringing art and community together to celebrate creativity and artistic excellence.  Proceeds from the show will go to the Wellington Art Society’s Scholarship Fund and other Community Programs.  Art Fest on the Green features local and out of town artists, live music, demonstrations, Children’s Art Activity Tent, food trucks and activities for all ages in a beautiful setting on the green of the Amphitheater.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges emerging as well as established artists and fine crafters to apply!











11th Annual Art Fest on the Green in Wellington

January 28 to January 29, 2017






Application Dates: Now through November 15, 2016

Notification Date: December 2, 2016

Application Fee: $35.




Artists will have the opportunity to interact with the public through art demos and booth chats. Live music on the Amphitheater stage, food, and kid’s activities make the festival a fun, interesting, and inspiring experience for everyone.



This Annual event will be well-publicized by local media reporting, media sponsorships, advertising, and social media. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Wellington is home to the Winter Equestrian Festival, International Polo Capital of the world, and a unique destination for seasonal visitors and residents.



January is the peak season and affluent international visitors and residents of Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward counties fill the event venues in Wellington and return yearly to Art Fest on the Green.



Wellington offers many exciting dining choices, upscale shopping, and entertainment with a distinctive flair. It is just a short drive to the beach and many outstanding art and cultural attractions.


For more information about WAS please visit:


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