Harold Silvers Is Featured At Palm Beach International Airport Exhibit

The Palm Beach International Airport’s Art In Public Places will be featuring artist, Harold Silvers. You may recall seeing his pointillism designs in the windows of Cartier Jewelers or Bonwit Teller. Now you can see what he has been creating since leaving the graphic arts world!  The Rickie Report shares the details about the upcoming Free Public Reception and includes a closer look at more of Harold’s artistry.  If you think you are seeing dots in front of your eyes, you are!  Each one is created individually by Harold!




Palm Beach International Airport

Art In Public Places


Harold Silvers


Free Public Reception

Wednesday, September 9th

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Palm Beach International Airport

1000 Turnage Boulevard   W.Palm Beach, FL

Exhibition is located near the Mall on Level 2 of the Main Terminal, across from Travelers Lounge.


Parking Will Be Validated ( not including Sun Pass)


Harold Silvers with hone of his paintings. (Photo courtesy of Carol Baldwin)

Harold Silvers with one of his paintings. (Photo courtesy of Carol Baldwin)




Harold Silvers tells The Rickie Report, “You may have seen my pointillism designs in the windows of Cartier Jewelers or Bonwit Teller. Now you can see what I have been creating since leaving the graphic art world. I moved to Southern Florida five years ago and have gone back to my roots as an artist. I graduated from NYC Community College for Commercial Art and Parsons School of Design for Graphic Design.”



“Steel Wave” by Harold Silvers




Harold has used a radiograph pen, magic marker, stencils and air brush techniques as well as computer design. He explains, “My pointillism designs as have to do with Nature, Time, Space and Infinity. I started pointillism in my college days, and decided that I should get back to doing it again, being retired. I make the designs one dot at a time.”





“Optical” by Harold Silvers







How does he keep all of the design elements in perspective?  He says, “one has to have a certain mind set to do this kind of art. I usually have a concept of how I want the design to look before I start… Sometimes I let the dots take me for the ride.”




“Burst” by Harold Silvers

Harold offers prints on paper from 6 x 9, and digital prints on canvas up to 30 x 45. He can also make color variations of the design. Harold makes the highest quality Giclee’s. At times, he might show one of his designs completed on translucent film with a light behind it.



“Organs” by Harold Silvers




Here we see an example of one of Harold’s pieces lit. He used a process with film negatives and color key prints, that is no longer available.  These prints are made of 3 transparent color keys.  They are sandwiched between clear glass in the front and translucent plexiglass in the back. New designs are printed on translucent white film.




“Beginning” by Harold Silvers




Harold offers digital prints on paper from 6×9, and digital prints on canvas up to 39×58. He can also make color variations of the design on request and offers the  highest quality prints.


For more information about Harold Silvers’ artwork, please email him at:


or call:  561.701.2679


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Art In Public Places Invites You To Three Free Art Events

Art in Public Places invites everyone to Three Free Art Events!  “Local Artists Take Flight” takes place September 9th at the Palm Beach International Airport.  Come to the Reception and Meet the Artists. (Exhibit continues through December 9th).  Juror, Paul Fisher, will present awards. Parking will be validated (not for SunPass).  “Through the Camera Lens” takes place on September 17th at the Glades Road Library Branch in Boca Raton. There will be a special presentation by selected artists from the Airport Exhibit.  Another  “Through the Camera Lens” takes place on September 24th at the Wellington Branch Library in Wellington.  Having seen this exhibit a number of times already in person, we must urge everyone to stop by!  Revel in the creativity, the images and the amazing textures. The Rickie Report shares all of the details here. 





“Inner Struggle” by Erika Cespedes


Meet the Artists

 “Local Artists Take Flight”

September 9, 2015

5:30 to 7 p.m.

Award presentation  6:30 p.m.

Palm Beach International Airport

near the Mall on Level 2

The public is invited to meet the latest crop of talented local artists whose original and diverse paintings, photographs and mixed-media works were selected for exhibition in the “Local Artists Take Flight” exhibit at Palm Beach International Airport. The exhibition runs through December 9, 2015 and is located in the Mall on Level 2. At 6:30 p.m., awards will be presented to three local artists by guest judge, Paul Fisher, of Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach. Use #PBILOVESART to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.



"Peacock Promenade" by Carol Erenrich

“Peacock Promenade” by Carol Erenrich

Mr. Fisher remarked, “There was a terrific pool of artists to choose from. One of the great things about this changing exhibition is that artists can be well known and established, in galleries and museums, or they can be students. Everybody has an equal chance to get into the exhibition. Although the show has a Florida flavor because it showcases Florida artists, it shows a wide range of styles and techniques, and all of the work is of exceptional interest and quality.”



"Space" by Harold Silvers

“Space” by Harold Silvers




“Local Artists Take Flight” featured artists: Elliott Block, Nancy Brown, Lewis Lautin and Agata Ren from Boca Raton; Martin Schmidt, Harold Silvers and Mary Taylor from Boynton Beach; Stephanie Brown from Delray Beach; Rick Lewis from Jupiter; Chrisanthy Vargo from Lantana; Erika Cespedes from Loxahatchee; Steve Horan from Lake Worth; Sandi Pfeifer from Palm Beach; Suzanne Gaumer from Palm Beach Gardens; Karla Walter from North Palm Beach; Gary Antonio, Carol Erenrich, Cheryl Maeder, Erica Rukin, Jane Saull, Paulo Slater and Madelyn Winchester from West Palm Beach.



"sweet Lips" by Jane Saull

“Sweet Lips” by Jane Saull


Presentation – “Through the Camera Lens”

September 17, 2015

 2:00 to 3 p.m.

Glades Road Library Branch

20701 95th Avenue South, Boca Raton, FL 33434



“Through the Camera Lens” will feature presentations by photographers Elliott Block, Lew Lautin, Martin Schmidt, Mary Taylor, whose work is included in the current “Local Artists Take Flight” PBI exhibition.




"Egret and Chicks" by Mary Taylor

“Egret and Chicks” by Mary Taylor


Presentation – “Through the Camera Lens”

September 24, 2015

6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Wellington Branch Library

1951 Royal Fern Drive, Wellington, FL 33414

“Through the Camera Lens” will feature presentations by photographers Erika Cespedes, Steve Horan, Cheryl Maeder, Madelyn Winchester, whose work is included in the current “Local Artists Take Flight” PBI exhibition.


"Flying Tiger P40" by Martin Schmidt

“Flying Tiger P40” by Martin Schmidt



Both Library programs will feature artists showing samples of their work, speaking about what inspires them and sharing some hints about the equipment and special techniques they use to create award-winning photographs.




"Zen" by Gary Antonio

“Zen” by Gary Antonio

The goal of the “Through the Camera Lens” program is to bring art, and the experience of being a photographer, to life though the Palm Beach County Library’s Book Life Series. In its second year, the series features eight books that look at different facets of our identity. The featured book for September and October is “Still Life with Bread Crumbs” by Anna Quindlen which is about the life of a fictional photographer.




"Parallax" by Paulo Slater

“Parallax” by Paulo Slater




For a virtual tour of the exhibition, visit http://pbcgov.com/fdo/art/exhibitions/ArtAtAirport.htm.

For more information please contact:

Elayna Toby Singer
Palm Beach County Art in Public Places
2633 Vista Parkway      West Palm Beach, FL 33411
http://www.pbcgov.com/fdo/ART         esinger@pbcgov.org
(561) 233-0235



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Lynn Matsuoka Swings The Barn Door Open To The World Of Horses In Motion

After a glorious 37-year art career in Japan, Lynn Matsuoka is now sharing her visual wealth throughout the Hamptons. Lynn’s new equestrian art debuted at Art Hamptons in July this season and continues to excite art patrons and equestrian lovers world wide. This Exhibition of the Equestrian collection will be highlighted August 23rd – 30th at Snake Hollow Studio right across the street from the Hampton Classic. Lynn brings an international cachet to her US endeavors and it’s hard to know where to start to describe the soul stirring artistic life she has led. From the inner sanctums of sumo wrestlers, to 20 years working backstage with Japan’s top Kabuki actors documenting their costume and make-up changes, she now takes viewers into the stables and paddocks of the horse world.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some of Lynn’s magical imagery.






Snake Hollow Studio


Invites You To:

Exhibition of the Equestrian Collection

AUGUST 23rd – 30th

1:00 – 5:00 Daily

221 Snake Hollow Road


(Across the street from the Hampton Classic)

Or Call: 631.537.5237



Lynn Matsuoka is now sharing her visual wealth throughout the Hamptons, after a 37 year art career in Japan. Lynn’s new equestrian art  debuted at Art Hamptons in July this season.  



"Flying" By Lynn Matsuoka

“Flying” By Lynn Matsuoka



After admiring horses all day, come across the road and admire their unique portraits, as created by a leading Hamptons equestrian artist.  Meet fellow aficionados and savor summer refreshments as you discover powerful equestrian paintings, drawings and prints by internationally collected artist, Lynn Matsuoka.  Her striking body of work must be experienced up close and personal to fully realize its gravitas and energy impact.  This low key, classic art event can be found at Snake Hollow Studio, August 23rd – August 30th.


"After The Classic" by Lynn Mastuoka

“After The Classic” by Lynn Mastuoka



Blessed with a gift of documentary story-telling fused with a rare visual craft, Matsuoka’s art conjures up the poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth. Her brush glides over the canvas or paper, creating a startling whirr of images and motion. Her sure hand designs poetic movements that stir emotion in the viewer, and her compelling work has thus earned over 40 international solo shows.


"Polo" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Polo” by Lynn Matsuoka


Matsuoka’s new equestrian works are defined by powerful, lyrical lines. They often feature hand-made rice paper, lending a rich substrate of unique depth and tactile quality wherever her brush lands. It adds further credence to her reportage skill and energy, where she quickly converts people, animals and events into inspirationally renewing art. When she finishes a painting or drawing, it not only “looks” but “feels” like the person or animal depicted. It’s all part of her open energy approach, a rare artistic gift that creates instant emotional connections.


"Watching From The Buggy" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Watching From The Buggy” by Lynn Matsuoka



Lynn brings an international cachet to her U.S. endeavors and it’s hard to know where to start to describe the soul stirring artistic life she has led. From the inner sanctums of sumo wrestlers, to 20 years working backstage with Japan’s top Kabuki actors documenting their costume and make-up changes, she now takes viewers into the stables and paddocks of the horse world.


"Ahead Of The Rain" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Ahead Of The Rain” by Lynn Matsuoka


Her peek at life behind the scenes and the insights into ancient Japanese life opened magical doors to a previously hidden world of mystery. And now she turns her all-knowing eye to the culture and intrigues of American equestrian endeavors.



"On The Money" by Lynn Matsuoka

“On The Money” by Lynn Matsuoka



Lynn learned these very fast “reportage drawing” techniques through her time studying with the great Jack Potter at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She begins her compositions capturing delicate nuances of the world she surveys. Using graphite pencils and oil pastels on canvas or rag paper, she first creates a likeness, then sketches in quick, exacting detail the costumes, colors and energy forces inherent in her subjects.


"Grazing At Two Trees" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Grazing At Two Trees” by Lynn Matsuoka

This spontaneous act preserves the moment, feeling and spirit of her portraits. Her paintings evoke karmic forces, using bold lines and subtle colors that depict the effects of light on her subjects. This same sensibility also shows up in her commissioned portraits.



"Zen Horses" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Zen Horses” by Lynn Matsuoka



The U.S. born Matsuoka gained superstar status during her tenure in Tokyo. One of the few “outsiders” ever allowed to observe the secretive sanctums of sumology, she put her talents to quick use in a long series of in-depth depictions of this art form onto itself. She is the singular champion of this unique, free method of expression, as she pushes the boundaries of how defining moments in sport are captured.  Born in New York City, Lynn studied art & music at Temple University in Philadelphia and later studied at SVA with Jack Potter & Milton Glaser.


"Dad's Bagel Band" by Lynn Matsuoka

Dad’s Bagel Band” by Lynn Matsuoka

Lynn tells The Rickie Report,” The human image, alive and expectant and representing tradition is what inspires me. Documenting Japanese Sumo and Kabuki in quick, on-location drawings, then turning some of them into paintings has been my main focus for many years, tho’ I have focused as well on Hawaiian Hula, American sports, Native Americans and other traditions, including the Equestrian world.”


She goes on to explain, ” The Sumo and Kabuki worlds have always appeared to me to be a microcosm of the Japanese culture, a population apart yet steeped in the traditional values. The men of sumo do not realize their own beauty and always look at my work with surprise. The Kabuki actors are well aware of their beauty, as that is their focus, and have always told me that they like me to be there drawing them because they feel I capture their beauty.”


"Sky Horse" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Sky Horse” by Lynn Matsuoka


Lynn considers herself a “reportage artist”.  She begins most of her work in front of the subject at the tournament, the practice ring the Equestrian ring, stables, wherever her subject lives and works.  ” I work quickly to produce many initial line drawings, indicating light, shadow, and color, and then often finish the piece later in my studio. Accuracy is important to me, to include the intricacy of the tied Sumo mawashi (belt), or the referee’s headdress and kimono, the layers of the kabuki actor’s kimono… the feathers of the Native American headdress. The riding boot in the stirrup…”




“I like to start with a good paper, prepared with a dark ground so the quick graphite drawing has instant depth. A hit of color gives it dimension and the work begins to breathe.  Recently I have been working on large wooden panels in the studio, transposing my on-location drawings to the painting on board or canvas.”



For Interviews, Press Inquiries, or More Information

please contact Lynn Matsuoka at 631.537.5237



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OSGS Invites Everyone To Mural Reception Featuring Tiffany Beasi

Everyone is invited to celebrate the culmination of the newest mural by Tiffany Beasi, part of Northwood Village’s Mural Project! The Mural Reception/Artists Meet and Greet takes place during the Northwood Art & Wine Promenade on Friday, August 28th.  Beasi is an internationally renown artist.  Her mural brings color and meaning to the outer wall of OSGS, Ortiz Smykla|Gallery Studio. The Rickie Report shares the details and hopes to see you there!






Featuring: Tiffany Beasi


Friday, August 28th

6 – 9 pm

Free and Open to the Public

500 Northwood Road    W.Palm Beach, FL







The Northwood Village Mural Project was conceived in early 2014 with Northwood Village Merchants and Proponents Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, Billy Manthy, William Halliday, Craig McInnis, Eduardo Mendieta and the West Palm Beach CRA. The West Palm Beach CRA and Edaurdo Mendieta spearheaded the initial Artist search and saw the first three murals in Northwood Village through to completion. Currently, there are several completed murals adorning the walls of various buildings in Northwood Village.These murals were created by Eduardo Mendieta, Amanda Valdes, Craig McInnis and now Tiffany Beasi.



Artist, Tiffany Beasi

Artist, Tiffany Beasi

This Mural at OSGS by Tiffany is part of the Northwood Village Mural Project but was produced solely by the owners of OSGS Gallery (as opposed to the initial murals funded by the CRA). Tiffany has painted murals in other Palm Beach County locations (Downtown Lake Worth at Dave’s Last Resort) as well.




The Northwood Village Mural Project is now in the hands of the Village Merchants and future growth will depend on merchant follow-through, sponsorships, and overall exposure to generate Northwood Village as a Mural Destination. Murals projects have thrived in many cities and create a fabulous environment for all to enjoy.



Inside OSGS

Inside OSGS

Tiffany Beasi is a professional painter and a freelance graphic designer located in Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. As an award-winning international artist, she has created commercial art for clients across the world including Walt Disney World, Core Communities, Orlando Magic, Hard Rock International, Roadhouse Grill and Cafe Tu Tu Tango. In recent years, Tiffany has exhibited her work in several group art shows including House of Blues Folk Art Festival, Sun Fest, Gibson Guitar Town and Hard Rock Hotels Velvet Lounge. In 2011, she was commissioned by Hard Rock International to paint 3 Les Paul Guitars for their Top of The Rock Project.




Beasi’s paintings are drowned in lush vibrant colors and were published in two books, Beatles Art: The Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four and Marilyn in Art. Beasi has been the Featured Artist in Industry Magazine, Axis Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel, MetroWest Magazine, Fox 35 and Jacksonville’s BUZZ Magazine.


O S G S:



Art runs in the veins of gallery curators Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla. OSGS is the embodiment of their love of art and for sharing the work of talented artists. On any given day, a visit to their gallery sees guests crossing paths with a variety of works in many mediums that include modern-art paintings, sculptures, and home wares. The team also does their own creating inside the studio: custom framing is available with a large number of options for materials, glass, matting, and mounting.  The gallery is located at 500 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach.




Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio
p: 561-833-2223
e: OSGSart@hotmail.com
Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart




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Brewhouse Gallery Is An Art Gallery Like None Other With Original Art, Fresh Coffees, Brews, Live Music, Games And More

Join The Brewhouse Gallery in celebrating all of their resident artists on the last Thursday of each month! Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting. This night is completely devoted to the artists with a meet and greet, creative talks and much more! Everyone who purchases a piece of art (no price minimum) will receive a ticket for a $50 gift Certificate drawing to The Brewhouse Gallery. Tell your friends and help support our extremely talented local artists! Stick around and enjoy the regularly scheduled open mic night with some great, local, live music, poetry, comedians and more. The Rickie Report shares these details and more!







12:00PM – 12:00AM

720 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL 33403








Thursday, August 27th 6 – 9 pm

Sarah Lapierre ⋅ Cynthia Hockaden ⋅ Francis Lynn ⋅ William King ⋅

Phil Fung ⋅ Matt Godwin ⋅ Kevin Goff ⋅ Craig McInnis ⋅ Joe ⋅

Emmanuel Gonzales ⋅ Danny Albertson ⋅ Michael Pucciarelli ⋅

Scott White ⋅ Wendi Willis ⋅ Craig Dietrich ⋅ Diane Hutchinson ⋅

Tory Miessau


  • Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting.
  • Everyone who purchases a piece of art (no price minimum) will receive a ticket for a $50 gift Certificate drawing to The Brewhouse Gallery.





Saturday, August 29th   5pm


BIG NEWS : We are sad to say goodbye to Tacos Don Pepé, as Pepe will be returning to his family to take care of his elderly father and family restaurant. That being said, we hope he returns very soon to hopefully start a restaurant of his own here in the states. Join us to send Pepe off in style with his going away party and the last opportunity to order his awesome food. We love you Pep.



Tacos De Pepe

Tacos Don Pepe


With sadness comes opportunity and we are happy to announce our new food option starting in September will be provided by our good friends Diner Dogs Inc. They will be setting up shop offering the best gourmet hotdogs and other specials that will pair perfectly with our craft beer!




Other Unique Food Items Will Be Offered!  Stay Tuned~






Want To Share Your Artwork?

Would you like to display your artwork at The Brewhouse Gallery? We offer excellent terms. No commission for a 3-month run, and unlike traditional artist co-ops, you are not required to put in volunteer time running the gallery.

For more information, call AJ Brockman at (561) 771-1641, or send us an email: info@brewhousegallery.com.




Vintage motorcycle nights!
Every last Friday of the month 6 -10pm

Raffles!   Product give away!   Art Work!   Live Music!  Beer Specials!
Craft and micro brew beers!  Vintage Arcade Games!  Vintage Iron merch!  &  More…….


  • All motorcycles welcome
  • All Modern Classics, Sport Bikes and of course Vintage motorcycles 25 years or older welcome to display in the free roped off show parking!
  • Come out and join Vintage Iron Club! Become a member at the event! Get info at the VIC tent!

Our sponsors that make this possible:
Rockitmanradio.com  *  Florida Sports Cycle & Atv  * BurnUP Company  
Bob’s British Bike Company  * Architectural and Interior Design Photography  * Purehoney Magazine *The Brewhouse Gallery


Allaxis 3D Printers Will Be Back to Let You Make 3D Selfies!

Allaxis 3D Printers Will Be Back to Let You Make 3D Selfies!

Here’s The Line Up*






Tuesday – Board Game Night! : 7 to 10 : Happy Hour Pricing All Night Long! We have the beers, we have the tables, we have the food! You bring the games, your bring your friends, and your better bring an overly competitive attitude!





Wednesday – Trivia Night, 7 to 9. Brought to you by Think and Drink Trivia! Now with our new expansion we can accommodate an additional 40 people with a direct speaker output you can hear throughout the entire space for those of you that have been requesting it. This was just listed in the top 50 favorite things to do in all of Palm Beach County by The Palm Beach Post.




Thursday – : Open Mic Night : 8 to 11 : Join us for our Thursday open mic night hosted by professional comedian Wayne Felber! Sign-ups start around 7 and performers take the stage around 8 pm. We have an in-house PA (limited microphones, cables, etc.) so please bring your equipment. It is a great mix of guitarists, spoken word poetry, vocalists, keyboard, drums, Improv & more.


One drink minimum for performers and guests.  More info for performers, call : 561-771-1641 or 561-469-8930


Digital Pour System is Here!

Digital Pour System is Here!


Friday – *FEATURED* : Live Music : 8 to 11 : The house will be rocking! Check the latest line-up details. Also, Happy Hour Poker (Texas hold ’em) starting at 6:30 PM. Food Truck!


Vintage Arcade Games

Vintage Arcade Games


Saturday – *FEATURED* : Live Music : 8 to 11 : A down south, knee slapping good time! Featuring guest appearances by members of different bands, friends, family, neighbors, hell, Sasquatch and the Yeti are even rumored to be cookin’ up a few songs as a duo. If you miss this one, it’s a damn shame! Food Trucks!


Sunday, August 30th 2pm


Reggie Ellison's Smooth Jazz

Reggie Ellison’s Smooth Jazz


Sunday – *FEATURED* : 7 to 10 : We are happy to have Nicholas Caputo every other Sunday for the next few months! He is one of the premier Accordion players in all of Florida and will be bringing his traditional (and not so traditional) french vibes. Art + Beer + Accordion = WINNING.


Steve Dunn * Mark Telesca * Austin Miller * Music With Rob & Friends * Belgian Standoff * Sangria Spotlight * Bob Torres * Whiskey Wasps * Zack Jones * Jangle Leg * Tahiti Band * Greg Hanson * Joe Greco * Slip and the Spinouts * Ruling Mercury * iggys * String Assasins


* Please check the Brewhouse Gallery Website as dates, events and performers are subject to change.



Host your next shindig with us! We have private and semi private party rental options for every occasion. Baby shower, retirement party, Birthday, you name it… We would love to have you. Please contact our party coordinator, Pepe, at 302.897.1990 or info@BrewhouseGallery.com



For up-to-the-minute listings of events please visit:





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Art Gallery of Viera Calls For 2D And 3D Art In All Media, Offers Cash Prizes

Art Gallery of Viera in Melbourne, FL announces its 4th Annual Juried Art Show, “Brush With Success”.  This all medium and juried show offers cash awards. 2D and 3D work is welcome. The Deadline for Entries is September 12.  Art Lovers and Art Patrons: The Exhibit begins on October 7th, with an Public Opening Reception on October 10th.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  Artists who are not in the area are encouraged to apply, as shipped pieces will be accepted.





Art Gallery of Viera

2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111

Viera, Florida 32940



Brush with Success 2015

Public Opening Reception:

October 10, 2015

5:30 -8:00 pm

Show Runs October 7 – November 7, 2015



1st Place Gold $500

2nd Place Silver $300

3rd Place Bronze $200

$100 Special Awards

Merit Awards

Judge: Linda Schaner – current owner of Made in USA Framing, Past President Mill Pond Press, Venice, Florida.


Deadline for entries: September 12, 2015

Important dates:


  • Application window: August 3rd – September 12th
  • Entry, images and payment due: Midnight, September 12th
  • Notice of acceptance: September 19th
  • Shipped work due: September 30th – October 3rd
  • Hand delivered work due: October 4th between noon and 5pm.
  • Show opens: October 8th at 10:00am.
  • Opening Reception: October 10th from 5:30-8:00pm.
  • Presentation of Awards: October 10th at 7:00pm.
  • Close of show: November 7th at 9:00pm.
  • Pick up of unsold artwork: November 8th from noon and 5:00pm.
  • Return shipping: Begins November 9th.



1. Artist must be a resident of United States and be 18 or older.


  1. Enter up to 3 pieces
  2. Artwork must be the original work and concept of the artist (no classroom or workshop work) and have been created between 2013 and 2015
  3. No copies or prints of original artwork accepted.
  4.  #1 prints of a limited edition of Photography and/or Digital Art are accepted.
  5.  No artwork previously exhibited at Art Gallery of Viera will be accepted.
  6. This will be a family-friendly exhibit. No sexually explicit or offensive artwork will be accepted.
  7.  Entries may be in any medium and each entry must be ready for display.
  8.  All artwork must be for sale.




1. Size limit is 48 inches in either direction including frame.
2. All framed artwork over 16 x 20 inches must use Plexiglass. No glass.
3. Wall mounted work must be wired and ready to hang with no visible hanging apparatus. No sawtooth hangers.
4. No special installation requirements and no ceiling hung works.
5. All artwork must have finished edges, be gallery wrapped or framed.


1. No larger than Length 36 inches x Width 36 inches x Height 72 inches
2. Weight, moveable by one person.


1. The non-refundable Jury fee is $35 for the first work and $15 each for up to two additional works
2. Payment of jury fees may be made via Pay Pal or by check for digital entries or by cash, check or charge for hand delivered entries.
*Make check out to Art Gallery of Viera and mail or bring to: Art Gallery of Viera 2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 111 Viera, FL. 32940
3. Accepted works that are shipped will require a $20 per piece gallery handling fee.



1. Art Gallery of Viera handles all sales; collect and pay all sales tax.
2. Art Gallery of Viera retains a 35% commission on all sales and artwork should be priced accordingly.
3. Payment to artist will be made within four weeks of the close of the exhibit.


1. Monetary prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place with additional merit awards at the judge’s discretion.
2. The judge’s decision will be final.
3. Winners will be announced and a presentation of awards will be made during the opening reception.

Enter via Entry Thingy on our website:

1. Artists may submit 1 image of 2-D work, 2 images of 3-D work, for up to three artworks
2. Accepted files – .jpg, .png, .gif, or .pdf
3. Images must be a minimum of 800 pixels on the widest side and be of good quality.
4. Follow instructions on Entry Thingy

Enter via Hand Delivery:

1. Artists may submit 1 image of 2-D work, 2 images of 3-D work, for up to three artworks
2. Images must on CD or be 4×6 color photo of good quality.
3. Print the entry form. Download Entry Form
4. Bring completed form and photos of image(s) to Art Gallery of Viera at The Avenue, Viera.
5. Jury fee must be paid by cash, check, or charge at time of CD/photo drop-off.

Shipping of Accepted Artwork:

Detailed instructions will be provided upon acceptance.

1. Accepted artists are responsible for all shipping arrangements and expenses.
2. All packing material must be sufficient for safe return. Do not use packing peanuts!
3. All containers must be clearly and properly marked for return shipment.
4. All shipped work must use Plexiglass. No glass will be accepted.
5. Shipped works are due at Art Gallery of Viera between September 30th & October 3rd
6. The $20 per piece gallery handling fee must be included in package.
7. Return shipping of unsold works will begin November 9th.

Labels and instructions for accepted works, shipped or hand delivered.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up of Accepted Artwork:

Detailed instructions will be provided upon acceptance.

1. Artwork accepted for exhibition must be dropped off on October 4th between noon and 5pm and picked up on November 8th between noon and 5pm.
2. Artwork will not be released to anyone other than the artist without prior written authorization by the artist.


Storage Charges:

1. Artwork not picked up during designated time period will be subject to a charge of $5/day
2. No exceptions will be made.


The greatest care in handling and security will be taken at all times. However, Art Gallery of Viera will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. Entry into this show constitutes an agreement to hold harmless Art Gallery of Viera or its representatives from any manner of actions, suits, damages or claims arising from any damages, theft, or loss of artwork occurring during handling, shipping or display at the gallery.



*By submitting this entry you confirm that you have read all the rules and regulations for Brush with Success 2015 and agree with all the terms. You understand that your Jury fee is non-refundable even if your work is not accepted. You agree to release and hold harmless Art Gallery of Viera from any loss/damage. You also affirm that your work is completely original and of your own conception.





Art Gallery of Viera

Art Gallery of Viera




Art Gallery of Viera is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Juried Art Show. This is an all medium show with cash awards going to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Brush with Success 2015 will be on exhibit from October 7th to November 7th. An opening reception will be held on October 10th from 5:30 – 8pm. Light refreshments will be provided. A Presentation of Awards will be made at 7:00 pm.


For more information please contact:


Sheri Hughes
Events Director Art Gallery of Viera



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Call For Collage And Mixed Media Art Is Open To Palm Beach County Artists

APBC Art on Park Gallery Presents “COLLAGE & MIXED MEDIA EXHIBIT 2015”, an Exhibit to showcase the talent of collage and mixed media artists from Palm Beach County, FL.   The judge is Leslie Albert, Professor of Art at Palm Beach State College and staff member at the Armory Art Center.  ART PATRONS and ART LOVERS: You are welcome to the Free Opening Reception on September 25th and the After Party at the Brewhouse Gallery following. The Rickie Report shares this call for 2D and 3D works of art and reminds artists that there are cash prizes. Entries are open to members and non-members.





APBCpage1CALL TO Collage & Mixed Media Exhibit 2015



Collage & Mixed Media Exhibit 2015

Opening Reception:

Friday, September 25, 2015  

5 – 8 pm

After Party: The Brewhouse Gallery starting at 8pm

720 Park Ave.  Lake Park, FL. (on the next block east of Art on Park Gallery)

Exhibit Runs September 21 to October 31, 2015

Art on Park Gallery

(Monday through Saturday 12 PM to 6 PM)

800 Park Avenue Lake Park, Florida 33403





To access the submission form go to:





Open to all artists who live in Palm Beach County, Florida

The theme of this exhibit is Collage & Mixed Media. Works must be by artists who live in Palm Beach County, FL. Multimedia , 2D and 3D work welcomed. Maximum Size: 36″ wide x 60″ high. Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

  • Please ONLY submit work that is ready to hang.
  • Submissions and payments to be sent in electronically via our website.
  • APBC Members non-refundable entry fee: $15 for up to 3 pieces (.jpg up to 3 MB each)
  • Non-Members non-refundable entry fee: $25 for up to 3 pieces (.jpg up to 3 MB each)
  • Members will receive 75% of the gross sale.
  • Non-Members will receive 65% of the gross sale.

Juried by the Art on Park Gallery Management Committee

  • Notification to artists on or before Saturday, September 19, 2015
  • Hand delivery of artwork, Monday, September 21 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Opening Reception: Friday, September 25, 2015 from 5 – 8 pm
  • Art Pickup: Saturday, October 31, 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm



To access the submission form go to:



Please read these entire instructions before you proceed:

1.   If you want to join APBC please follow the “Become a Member” link BEFORE you try to enter the exhibit. After you pay the membership fee ($50 for one year), please make sure you complete the registration process by following the provided links and email instructions to fill in your user name/password and contact details. Or you can renew your membership if it has lapsed.


2.   Go to the “APBC Exhibitions” tab on the left side column of the Home page. Go to the Collage & Mixed Media 2015 event and click on the provided link. Please check the appropriate link for member submission fee.



3.   After you enter/edit the information fields, go to the bottom of the page to: “Exhibition Name” “Select an Exhibition Name.” Select Collage & Mixed Media 2015, then click the last link: “proceed to Submit . . .”




4.   You should have all your images ready to upload (JPEG format only, no larger than 3 MB each). After you have chosen ALL your images click the UPLOAD button. You will then be asked to fill in the name, medium, size and price of each image. When this is complete you have reached the final step. Click the button. You should receive an email telling you of the successful submission.




IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH THIS PROCESS or have any questions, please call John Palozzi at the Gallery for help, 561-345-2842



1) No late entries accepted.
2) Original ideas only – no copying of works.
3) Maximum Size: 36″ wide x 60″ high.
4) Entry fees are not refundable.
5) The decision of the jurors is final.
6) Images of works must be submitted to be juried in an electronic JPG format, no larger than 3MB, via the link on the APBC.org website.
7) File names should contain your name. Make sure the file names match the names listed on entry form.
8) All paper media must be glazed with Plexiglas.
9) Unframed oils and acrylics must be finished on all sides – no staples showing.
10) No damaged frames or mats; mats must be clean.
11) All installation methods, such as wire attached to frames, must be secure. All 2D pieces MUST be wired on the back.

12) All entries must be labeled on the back of the work, base of sculpture, or somehow attached to artwork with artist name and title of work.

13) Members will receive 75% of the gross sale. NON-members will receive 65% of the gross sale.

14) APBC, Inc. carries liability insurance for the Art on Park Gallery which does not extend to your artwork. APBC, Inc. will do its best to safeguard against theft, loss, breakage, or other damage, but will not be financially responsible for reimbursement of lost or damaged work.


For more information please visit:
APBC Art on Park Gallery
800 Park Avenue, Lake Park FL 33403



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Clay Glass Metal Stone Calls For Entries ” Days Of The Dead”

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is Calling For Entries for their ever-popular October exhibit: “Days Of The Dead”.  ART PATRONS: Mark your calendars for the Opening Reception on Friday, October 23rd.  The Exhibit runs through November 4th.  The Rickie Report shares the details here. ARTISTS: Send your application and photos of your work early. You could be included in CGMS press releases and postcards.  This is a Call for 2D and 3D artwork!





Call To Artists
“Days of the Dead”

Opening Reception:

Friday, October 23  6pm

Show closes on November 4
Exhibit is limited to 40 Artists


15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460




October 23 to November 4 “Days of the Dead” This event brought purchasing patrons into the gallery long after the exhibit was taken down. The works of gallery artists, left over from this event, continue to sell. CGMS has a mailing list of Day of Dead patrons who are looking forward to your works. 



Artists may enter up to 2 pieces of current work, conforming to the following criteria:

  • A completed application form
  • Up to 3 JPEG images in E-MAIL
  • $35.00 entry fee
  • Deadline of 3pm Tuesday October 20.
  • No late applications will be accepted. (We will accept the first 40 artists) (If you are entering 3 or more shows this year, your fee is $25 per show.)
  • Entry fee is non-refundable and may be paid by check made payable to Flamingo Clay Studio.
  • Images of artist work must be submitted by E-MAIL in JPEG format.
  • Please E-Mail completed application to Joyce@flamingoclaystudio.org or Mail to CGMS Gallery, 15  South J Street- Lake Worth FL 33460.


For more information call 215-205-9441


  • All exhibited work MUST BE FOR SALE
  •  70% of the sale going directly to artist.
  • Event e-mail Cards will be provided to the artists to help co-promote the exhibitions. Please send these out to your email lists. 
  • All works must be picked up within 3 days of close of show(unless special arrangements are made.)
  • After that, artists will be charged $5 a day for one month.
  • The works then become property of gallery to be sold for fund-raising.


Notifications of acceptance will be by e-mailed upon receipt of application.

Accepted Art Work will be dropped off on Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday (September 29/30/ October 1) from 1pm to 6pm.  (Special delivery arrangements may be possible.


Delivered Art Work must be priced and titled on back of each piece and ready to display.


Drop off Art Work at CLAY GLASS METAL STONE Gallery, 15 South J Street , Lake Worth.
Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be open 7 days a week for the duration of the exhibit.


We will promote the exhibit through newspaper advertising and email Art Cards.  We want your Art to sell!!!!


Please make sure that each piece is titled and priced.


Please make sure that your submission includes an artist’s statement, your contact e-mail address, phone number and your web site address if you have one. 


15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
APPLICATION for“Day(s) of the Dead”


All applications must be received by 3pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Phone 561 588-8344 E-MAIL cgmsgallery@flamingoclaystudio.org
or mail:CGMS Gallery 15 South J Street Lake Worth 33460


Please PRINT legibly!




E-mail address ________________________________

Web address__________________________





1. Title_________________________________________________









WAIVER of LIABILITY: Submission of my application constitutes my agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the prospectus.  I release and discharge Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and its owners and employee’s from all responsibility for damage or loss of any kind on all works submitted for the exhibition named above.







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Public Is Welcome To Oscar Rojas’ SOLO Exhibit At Wellington Whole Foods Market On Behalf Of Wellington Art Society

Wellington Art Society invites you to a Public Reception for artist, Oscar Rojas.  It will be held on Friday, August 28, 2015 in the Cafe Gallery of the Whole Foods Market in Wellington. This SOLO Exhibition will feature Oscar’s lush Florida landscapes, equines and his well-known tennis players.  The Rickie Report shares the details with some sneak peeks and urges you to stop by.  All of Oscar’s paintings are for sale and the Reception benefits the WAS Scholarship Fund.  Stop by any time before and see Oscar’s color-filled artistry!
















O S C A R   R O J A S


Friday, August 28, 2015

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Whole Foods Market Cafe

2635 SR7 Wellington, FL


$5. Covers Music, Wine, Food and Donation to WAS Scholarship Fund

Exhibit Is Available At This Time



"Okaheelee Cypress" by Oscar Rojas

“Okaheelee Cypress” by Oscar Rojas

Oscar Rojas is the current Wellington Art Society SOLO artist at Wellington Whole Foods Market. A reception in his honor will be hosted by Whole Foods on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 6:30-8 PM. There will be live music, delicious and creative snacks, special vintage wines and door prizes. There is a $5 charge at the door goes to help fund the Wellington Art Society Scholarship Fund.



"Jupiter Lighthouse" by Oscar Rojas

“Jupiter Lighthouse” by Oscar Rojas

Oscar Rojas has been painting for as long as he can remember. His paintings are classical and dynamic. He loves depicting the beautiful and lush Florida landscape and plants on large spectacular canvases. He has a portrait series of well know tennis players and a number of large horse paintings which he likes to paint without a model. Each work of art flows and there are differences between his paintings because he does not seek a style.


"Bamboo" by Oscar Rojas

“Bamboo” by Oscar Rojas

For Oscar, painting is not an objective, it is to give life. He says, “ the day you are satisfied means that you have successfully dominated the art and have taken a path that was to your liking and comfort. There is an endless search in the domain of colors and each work of art is different from the previous one. They are like people each totally different and they speak for themselves”. Oscar has no set goals…it is an endless story.



"Banana Plant" by Oscar Rojas

“Banana Plant” by Oscar Rojas

Wellington Art Society:


The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization In its 35th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art.

For further information visit wellingtonartsociety.org



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Aya Fiber Studio Dyehouse Shares August Offerings And Upcoming Specialty Workshops

Aya Fiber Studio Dyehouse’s Suzanne Connors has brought new classes and techniques to share with you! The Rickie Report shares the August Workshop Schedule, studio time and group visits. Indicate your interest in a future Felting Workshop. Sign up now for Kathy Hay’s Eco Print Workshop in October. NOTE TO FIBER ARTISTS/INSTRUCTORS: Suzanne is putting together the Fall and Winter Schedule. Contact Suzanne if you are interested in being an instructor. NOTE to Indigo Lovers – Aya Studios offers ready made tote bags, clothing, bedding and more! Click here for details.







Aya Fiber Studio

Fish House Art Center

4745 SE Desoto Ave

Port Salerno, Florida 34997

STUDIO and BOUTIQUE OPEN: Tuesday- Saturday

and by appointment: 336-693-4606


Suzanne Connors tells The Rickie Report, “I can hardly believe summer is going by so fast, My 2 weeks at Arrowmont were wonderful and I learned so much new information! I’m putting together some really exciting workshops and I hope you will join us at The Dyehouse.”


Interested in a September Felting workshop with Robin Firth of Heartfelt Silks?  This would be held on Sat or Sunday, September 19th or 20th. Before committing I would like to see if there are enough people interested. Please email ayafiberstudio@gmail.com if you are interested or to let me know things you might be interested in.



Hand Dyed Mobius Shawl

Hand Dyed Mobius Shawl


Suzanne will be adding new workshops monthly! I have received some very exciting proposals from some of the best fiber artisans I know and I am excited to see what this season will bring. Eco- Printing , basketry, felting, dyeing with lichen; these are just a few! In order to help me with this could you take 3 minutes to fill out a survey? http://questionpro.com/t/ALh1lZSuW9




Marbling on Fabric
Monday  August 17, 2015
10:00- 3:00



Shibori Dyeing – Silk Scarf

Wednesday, August 20, 2015

10:00 -1:00




Intro To Shibori Stitching on Raw Silk

 August 23, 24, 2015

10:00 – 3:00




Select DeGumming on Raw Silk

Thursday, August 27  10:00 – 3:00




Indigo Play Date!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

10:00 – 3:00



Come enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on the dock, gather and mingle with like minded fiber artists, learn new techniques. Call Suzanne at (336) 693-4606 for more information
In addition you can rent studio space by the hour, day, week or month to practice your new skills. Purchase a Studio Pass! It is a great opportunity to create in an intimate fully furnished waterfront studio environment in South Florida!



Eco-Printing Workshop With Kathy Hays


Eco-Printing workshop with Kathy Hays

October 16, 17, 18, 2015

Eco Printing is contact printing of plants onto fabric. In this 3 Day Eco Print workshop intensive you will learn about plants, fabrics, equipment, processes and bundling techniques. Silk and wool fabrics have an affinity for plants and create fantastic prints. This workshop is perfect for fiber artist, feltmakers, dyers and art quilters. No experience necessary, just a willingness to experiment and enjoy the bounties of nature. Some hand strength is needed to create bundles. This workshop is designed to learn essentials to carry printing at home.




  • Day 1 Introduction – A discussion about what is Eco printing, what type of fabrics necessary, the equipment, materials, solutions and processes that are used for successful prints. A demonstration of how to make a bundle is given and balance of the day students make bundles. An indigo vat will be available, some fabrics are dipped for printing on day 2




  • Day 2 First bundles are processed in the morning with results and discussion in afternoon of results. In the a.m. different bundling techniques are demonstrated and students allowed to explore those techniques. Those morning bundles will be processed in p.m. (if indigo vat available students may use their fabric from previous day)



  • Day 3 Bundles will be opened from previous day and results discussed. (Fabrics from day 1 can be dipped into indigo vat .) Final bundling technique to produce high definition prints will be demonstrated. The balance of the day if finishing up all bundling processes and discussion of results.


$150 Deposit will hold your place in class; Balance of $300 due 1st day of class (cash/check) payable to Kathy Hays. Cancellation before 9/25/2015 will credit toward another workshop at Aya Fiber Dyehouse.

Materials List will be supplied September

LIMIT 10 persons

Weekly and monthly WORKSHOPS are available for all ages and all levels from absolute beginners to experienced craftspeople looking to hone their skills. Teachers and speakers include local artists as well as experienced “visiting artists” from the Fiber world!
Rent studio space by the hour, day, week or month to practice your new skills. It is a great opportunity to create in an intimate fully furnished waterfront studio environment in South Florida! Use onion skins and beets for natural dyes!

REGISTER TODAY: http://www.ayafiberstudio.com/indigo-workshops/

Studio equipped with:

sewing machines
large cutting and work tables
irons/ironing boards
dress forms
wet area with sinks
dye equipment
drying rack and indoor lines
silk and batik frames
4 harness Leclerc floor loom
Tapestry Loom
Marbling equipment
Reference library
Computer and printer
Wi-fi also available




New Arashi Fabric

New Arashi Fabric

Suzanne explains to The Rickie Report, “What I love about fiber art is the surprise element – the mixture of the fabric, the dye and the resist create different combinations of results that are only revealed at the final step…the magic when the freshly dyed indigo comes out of the vat and turns from green to blue right before your eyes! It is always a surprise when I unwrap a freshly dyed piece of fabric! I currently specialize in Shibori and Batik. For me, these art forms are an excuse to use vibrant colors and simple shapes to produce designs, without having to worry too much about the details –just as in life, there are no “mistakes” with fiber, and everything is always subject to change. The imperfections are all part of the creative process. I’m always learning new techniques and experimenting so I can share them with my students. Every piece created is a unique one of a kind original!”



For more information please contact Suzanne Connors at:(336) 693-4606

or visit www.ayafiberstudio.com

or visit:




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