How A Museum Can Lift Our Spirits And Share Common History Through Art-The Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews

The Rickie Report shares our visit to the newly opened Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, through the eyes of artist and art patrons. We went to recapture part of our heritage, before WWII, and to support the educational efforts to teach acceptance and tolerance of “the other”.  This article will focus on two main features: the role of architecture of this edifice and the highlight of the Core Exhibit itself.  While we publish on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we celebrate this visit because it is a museum of life, rich in culture, ready to be shared.



Welcome to the Museum!




Outside the Museum Plaza

Outside the Museum Plaza


The Museum of The History of the Polish Jews



The architecture of every building tells a story.  What can we learn as we visit this museum?   The Museum is situated on the ruins of a prewar Jewish neighborhood, where the Germans established the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII.  It faces the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, commemorating how Jews died.  The Museum memorializes how they lived among their Polish neighbors.


Museum, Outside View, Left of the Entrance

Museum, Outside View, Left of the Entrance


From the outside, we can see the overriding chasm coming together with an inner bridge, the undulating walls and massive panes of glass.  Like art itself, the interpretations are left to the viewer.  We overhear other guests, ” Is it the splitting of the Red Sea?”  ” Is it breaking with the past and moving toward the future?”  “Is it the chasm caused by WWII, when 90% of Polish Jews perished?”  What does it mean?  There is one, clear glass corner of the building on the first floor, where we can see colorful chairs. The bright colors hint at what we will find inside.



Etched Glass Columns

Etched Glass Columns Of the Museum Facade



Before we even enter, we notice the Latin letters “Polin” and their Hebrew counterparts, silk screened on the vertical glass and copper columns.  The word, “Polin” in Hebrew means “Rest Here”.  The Museum serves as a common meeting place for a diverse public, an opportunity to learn, discuss, and grow continued tolerance.




Walking Up the Ramp into The Museum

Walking Up the Ramp into The Museum (Courtesy of Museum of History of Polish Jews)


As we enter, we walk up the ramp toward the naturally lit interior.  The  light that fills this space is magical, as shadows dance around the smoothed, rolling walls. We are met by a Museum Intern, Iwona Oleszczuk and walk into the space.


Museum Interior Walls

Museum Interior Walls


Chief Architect, Rainer Mahlamäki says, “This place called for light; a natural radiance that would illuminate the surroundings”. The building, a postmodern structure in glass, copper, and concrete, was designed by Finnish architects Rainer Mahlamäki and Ilmari Lahdelma. A plaque tells us that “Since the museum presents the whole history of Jews in Poland, not only the period under German occupation, the designer wanted to avoid similarities to existing Holocaust museums which had austere concrete structures. The architects kept the museum in the colors of sand, giving it a more approachable feeling.  They won the 2008 International Architecture Award in recognition of their bold and innovative design”.


Rear View of Museum

Rear View of Museum (Courtesy of Museum of History of Polish Jews)




Children twirl to their own tunes and adults speak in soft voices. Outside, at the back of the museum through an all glass wall, we can see a large grass lawn, with people sitting and enjoying the sunshine.  From this vantage point, we can also see the top of the wooden synagogue, plain and bear wood planks meeting at the roof top.  We cannot see into the Core Exhibit, but it beckons.  This is like peeling an onion, layer by layer. We look at some explanatory signage and are anxious to see where the next step will take us.




Roof Beams from the Core Exhibit synagogue below

Roof Beams from the Core Exhibit Synagogue below


Visitors are brought into the time and place  of the story itself.  The exquisite painted ceiling and timber framed roof of the 17th century wooden Gwozdziec Synagogue is the highlight of this visit. Over 400 volunteers from all over the world recreated it over a period of 10 years at 85% scale.  They used old drawings by Alois Breir to paint the interior.  To construct and assemble the wood beams, they recreated the same tools used to build the original structure.  


Welcome to the Core


We are greeted by Curator, Eva Malkowska-Bienick, who brings us down to the Core Exhibit.  At the time, we are the only visitors because the Museum had not officially opened yet.  Walking off the elevator into the basement level of the museum, I was unprepared. We stepped into a replica of the Gwozdziec Synagogue.  I have never seen such bright colors on a synagogue ceiling, or any ceiling. I had to catch my breath!  There are zodiac symbols, depictions of animals (real and mystical) , quotations form Hebrew liturgy and images recalling the Jewish calendar. Each had been painstakingly painted on the ceiling and upper walls.  




Close-Up of Gwozdziec Synagogue Ceiling

Close-Up of Gwozdziec Synagogue Ceiling (Courtesy of Museum of History of Polish Jews)



The Core Exhibition is a journey through 1000 years of the history of Polish Jews – from the Middle Ages until today.  Eva explained, “The Core Exhibition is a narrative: visitors will be drawn into a story told by artifacts, paintings, interactive installations, reconstructions and models, video projections, sounds and words. Our focus is on life, therefore at each stage of the journey we strive to remain close to life by letting people speak – Jewish merchants, scholars or artists from a given era, rabbis, housewives, politicians, chroniclers and revolutionaries. We give the floor to those who perished and to those who survived.  We present 1000 years of Polish-Jewish coexistence, speak of cooperation, rivalry and conflicts, autonomy, integration and assimilation. While seeking to confront thorny issues, we also bring attention to bright chapters in our common history”.



Close-Up of G Synagogue Ceiling

Close-Up of Gwozdziec Synagogue Ceiling (Courtesy of Museum of History of Polish Jews)


According to the Museum website, “The Core Exhibition was developed by a team of international scholars and curators under the direction of Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. The design was created by Event Communications, a London-based company, and by Nizio Design International from Warsaw. Thanks to these teams, the Core Exhibition employs reliable methods as well as cutting-edge multimedia solutions”.




Synagogue Bimah (Courtesy of M. Starowieyska D. Golnik Museum of History of Polish Jews)

Synagogue Bimah (Courtesy of M. Starowieyska D. Golnik Museum of History of Polish Jews)



While many of the Eight Galleries were not ready for visitors,  we were able to interact with some of the technicians who were tweaking the final stages of one interactive module.   We asked about the general public’s reaction to this facility.  One said, ” We have a curiosity of Jews before the Holocaust and this is a place which shows commonality, not just catastrophe.”  This echoes the Musuem’s Vision Statement, “To make the Museum of the History of Polish Jews an important and innovative center of research, education and culture – a platform for social change, offering a profound, transformative experience and promoting new standards of narrating history.”



Model of Gwozdziec Synagogue


An explanatory sign tells us, “This model of the wooden synagogue that once stood in Gwozdziec was created in workshops organized by Handshouse Studio for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  The model is based on the research of Kärol Maszoswki, Alois Breier, Maria and Kazimierz Piechotka, and Thomas Hubka.  Rick and Laura Brown, directors of Handshouse Studios donated this model to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews”.


The Rickie Report thanks our Museum guides and the Museum website for technical information used in this article.


To learn more about the Museum:




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Art And Kimono Exhibit Will Offer Lectures And Sales Of Wearable Art

The kimono is a simple garment with a complex history of weaving, dyeing, and embroidery techniques reflecting the cultural changes of Japan. Barbara Cheives of Afrasia Design Studio and Anthony and Trina Burks of ATB Fine Art are bringing  an Art and Kimono Exhibit and Sale to Palm Beach County.  This exhibit and shopping event includes vintage kimono, haori jackets, and obi along with décor items, and wearable art created from vintage Japanese textiles.  This is a unique opportunity to experience the fascinating story of kimono while learning to wear and decorate with the garments and the textiles.  World renown kimono researcher and merchant, Les Kozuki will be on hand!  The Rickie Report knows this will appeal to history buffs, Asian art lovers, textile junkies and fabric hounds.  Bring your Fabric Guild and Quilting Buddies! We share a few sneak peeks and suggest you mark your calendars now for Friday, May 15th through Sunday, May 17th!  Ronald Shaffer Interiors will host this event.




barbaracheivesart-and-kimono-exhibit 57kb




Art & Kimono Exhibit & Sale

History of Kimono & Japanese Textiles Lectures

Hosted by

The Paint Store at Ronald Shaffer Interiors

1800 Upland Road   West Palm Beach, FL


Friday, May 15th

6:00 – 10:00 p.m. – Opening Night Celebration
Be among the first to experience a unique blend of
the Asian experience with the contemporary art


Saturday, May 16th

Interactive Lectures
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – “The Evolution of Kimono: Cracking the Kimono Code”
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. – “Kimono Redux: Modern Adaptations”

The Exhibit is open 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

6:00 – 8:00 Jazz at the Gallery with the Unorthodox Duo – SAMM with Jamie Ousley



Sunday, May 17th

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Interactive Student Lecture
“What the Heck is Kimono? A Colorful Conversation about Vintage Japanese Garments as Art”

1:00 – 6:00 p.m. – Sunday Afternoon at the Exhibit


10% of all sales will be donated to the following local nonprofit organizations: Community Partners, U.B. Kinsey Education & Community Center, YWCA of Palm Beach County









Vintage Kimono has fascinated Leslie Kozuki for most of his adult life. This fascination has lead him to spend most of the last 30 years actively selling and researching Vintage Kimono, Obi, as well as other Asian textiles and Art.


Les Kuz

Les Kozuki, World Renown Kimono Expert



Born and raised in Hawaii, Les was immersed in multi-culturalism.  Being Japanese American, kimono were easily accessible. His research began with questioning his parents and older family members, then extended to books, and participation in cultural interest groups. Les considers himself a merchant/researcher and is perhaps the most widely travelled Kimono salesman in the USA. His trunk show and lecture circuit has ranged throughout the United States Mainland. For the past six years, his focus has been in Hawaii, including the islands of Kauai, Maui and Oahu. He is tracking the evolution of the Kimono and its fabric, right here in the United States. 



Barbara Cheives, of Afrasia Design Studio

Barbara Cheives, of Afrasia Design Studio


Barbara tells The Rickie Report, “Back in the 90’s I accompanied Les to several of his shows, most notably the Houston International Quilt Festival. Through Les’ tutelage I developed an appreciation for the garments, art and culture of Japan. I also have a natural affinity for the African culture and discovered that many of the colors and textures of the African textiles formed a beautiful “marriage” with Japanese textiles. This union resulted in the birth of my artist’s moniker – “Afrasia”.


"Krazy Kimono" by Barbara Cheives

“Krazy Kimono” by Barbara Cheives

“Though the Japanese garments are vintage and no longer being worn, the beauty of the textiles are timeless. It seems natural to re-purpose these fabrics into wearable art – scarves and purses and decorative art – pillows, runners and wall hangings. Not wanting to lose an inch of the silks, I make use of the scraps to design small collages and greeting cards. Embellished with African & Asian inspired trims, beads, and “found” items my art is a form of ‘Multi-cultural Recycling’!”



"Sancha McBurnie" by Anthony Burks

“Sancha McBurnie” by Anthony Burks


Completing and complimenting the theme of multiculturalism, Anthony Burks will be exhibiting his mixed media paintings.  He is one of the most unique conceptual artists in America. His paintings mix colored pencils, watercolor, pen, and ink, and are characterized by his unusual choice of colors. Whether depicting birds, animals, or people, Anthony is able to convey the intertwining of their beauty and their strength. He chooses his subjects because of what they mean to him, and he tells their stories through his combination of realistic forms, bright colors, and abstract images.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Anthony has exhibited at galleries, museums, and events for over twenty years. His painting “Freedom 2001” can be found in the Cornell Museum Permanent Collection.  Anthony mentors fellow artists young and old, teaching them his techniques and encouraging them to pursue their own creative talents. He is also the co-founder of A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers where he curates shows for other artists and promotes the local arts scene. He is presently working on a coffee table book of his paintings and drawings.


"Never Along" by Anthony Burks

“Never Along” by Anthony Burks



Anthony tells The Rickie Report,My works result from the blending of my mind and heart. It is a gift from God that I love and cherish immensely. Whether choosing a bird, animal or beautiful woman as my subject, I achieve diversity by incorporating into my art bright colors and abstract images. I want my audience to be as free in viewing my work as I am in creating it. Change is a challenge for many artists, but I have learned to embrace it. I am constantly inspired by the artists that I mentor and the shows that I curate. My artwork evolves as I create new collections that tell new stories. I am eager to tackle the next stage of my artistic journey.”


For more information about this event please contact Barbara Cheives at:





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Vicki Siegel’s SOLO Exhibition Engages In A Dialogue About The Nature Of Connections

Vicki Siegel’s use of multiple images, using photography and painting, will intrigue and fascinate viewers at her SOLO Exhibition at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. Her contemporary art works are a dialogue about the nature of connections: biological, psychological, emotional, physical and universal. Siegel’s artistry is a narrative that is informed by memories, both personal and collective. She worked as an art director and creative director in Chicago, Milan, Italy and South Florida. Siegel works in her Delray Beach studio creating mixed media works that are both emotional and introspective. Siegel has exhibited extensively in South Florida and can be found in multiple private and corporate collections.  The Rickie Report shares a few images and the details about the SOLO Exhibit as well as an Artist Talk.  The public is welcome and we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to meet this artist.



New Contemporary Paintings

SOLO Exhibition

Public Reception:

April 25th   3 – 5 p.m.

Artist Lecture:

May 2nd  3 p.m.

Please RSVP for the Lecture  561.471.2901

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

601 Lake Avenue        Lake Worth, FL 33460
561 471-2901

Parking is available on Lake Avenue or make a right on “L” Street and there is a free lot on the left.


These Events Are Open To The Public


Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm


Exhibit Runs April 25th Through May 23rd


A solo show of new contemporary paintings by artist Vicki Siegel will be held at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. The exhibit runs from April 25- May 23, 2015. The Artist Reception will take place Saturday, April 25, 2015, 3-5 PM. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is located in the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building, 601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, FL 33460. For more information please visit or call (561) 471-2901.  




"Wired" by Vicki Siegel

“Wired” by Vicki Siegel



Vicki Siegel is part of an emerging genre of artists that are transcending the boundary between painting and photography. She is a narrative artist who explores issues of identity, connectivity and the environment. Each painting unites a particular memory or moment in time with a world that is part fantasy and part reality. To achieve this, painting, drawing and image transfers of photographs can be found in each mixed media painting, creating a dreamlike atmosphere with a surreal sense of space.




"Transformation" by Vicki Siegel

“Transformation” by Vicki Siegel





The use of multiple images and the comparison of images has always been a theme of Vicki Siegel’s paintings and photographs. “I begin each work with an idea or a social issue that I want to narrate.” Siegel said. “Then, I work with a model and/or take photographs that I incorporate into the painting. In the studio, I begin experimenting until the vision that I have in my mind becomes a physical work of art.”


"Birds Of A Feather" by Vicki Siegel

“Birds Of A Feather” by Vicki Siegel


Fascinated by paint, acrylic paint in particular, Siegel experiments with the paint itself, utilizing unusual techniques such as acrylic encaustic, poured, dripped or paint skins. “I love experimenting with paint, pushing the boundary of what it can do in both 2 and 3 dimensions.”
“South Florida’s natural landscape has also been an influence in my work,” Siegel said. “but the human form always seems to find its way into my paintings.” The current work that will be shown at her solo show at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County explores the connectivity and boundaries between individuals in our society and nature.


"Nature Unbound" by Vicki Siegel

“Nature Unbound” by Vicki Siegel


Siegel began taking figure drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago when she was 16 years old. She got her BFA and then went on to do graduate work in Italy. She worked in advertising as an art director and then a creative director in Chicago, Milan, Italy and South Florida. “I continued to make art while working in advertising until I finally decided to do it full time. Vicki now shows her work extensively and teaches painting at the Armory and at Delray Center for the Arts as well as holding workshops. She currently has work in “Adornment” at the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach and at the Faculty Exhibit at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. Her studio is in Delray Beach, Florida.
An artist talk, “Process and Method in Contemporary Painting” connected to the Cultural Council Solo show will be held at the Cultural Council building at 601 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth on May 2, at 3 p.m. For more information, call (561) 472-3336 or go to to RSVP.



For more information about her artwork, please contact Vicki Siegel at:



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Artisans On The Ave Features Five New Artists With Public Reception

Artisans on the Ave offers three colorful showrooms at their well-appointed gallery on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth.  On Friday, April 17th, five new artists’ work will be featured.  The public is invited to stop in, meet the artists and be amazed at the depth of professional artistry being offered.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Lake Worth is home to many artists whose work is sold internationally.  This is a chance for art lovers to speak with the artists personally and learn about their creative process. There will also be live music and refreshments.







Meet Our Featured Artists:

Gail Johnson

Philip Rodano

Dennis Tishkowsky

Barbara Winkel

Deb Yager

Live Music:

Bo Reynolds  &  Deb Yager

Friday, April 17th

6 – 9 pm

630 Lake Avenue      Lake Worth, FL 33460



Mixed Media by Barbara Winkel

Mixed Media by Barbara Winkel



Artisans On The Ave is showcasing five of our new artists. The Opening Reception is on Friday April 17, 2015 from 6 to 9 pm. The public is invited to join us.  Meet these fabulous artists and see their works of talent displayed throughout our three colorful showrooms. The Featured Artists are: Gail Johnson, Philip Rodano, Dennis Tishkowsky, Barbara Winkel and Deb Yager.


Floral Necklace by Gail Johnson

Floral Necklace by Gail Johnson

Each artist will engage in conversation with you about their hand made original art and what inspires them to create such beautiful iconic pieces. While enjoying the gallery, you will also be treated to seeing the art of our other 28 local artists. We’re proud of the many talented artists who call Artisans On The Ave. “home”, while exhibiting and selling their artwork internationally.


Mixed Bead Crochet Necklace by Gail Johnson

Mixed Wood Bead Crochet Necklace by Gail Johnson


Gail Johnson’s whimsical jewelry will adorn you as wearable art. Each piece is made with a selection of colorful elements and objects. You’ll be the hit of the party wearing one of her necklaces. Her colors and choice of found objects plus unique materials enhances each piece she creates. Her selection is vast and wonderful.


ArtisansDennisshow tree seashore curves march 17 2015 copy

“Tree and Seashore Curves” by Dennis Tishowsky

Dennis Tishkowsky ‘s enhanced photographs bring you back to the good old days of vintage cars and trucks that were so wanted and admired by all. Each photograph is realistic and shows the aged patina of these wonderful antique vehicles. Step back in time and relive your teenage years and feel young again. Dennis also captures wonderful lighthouses and images through the lens of his camera.  


"Green Chevy" by Dennis Ti

“Green Chevy” by Dennis Tishkowsky


Dennis tells The Rickie Report, ” My art, whether it be photography, painting, or pastels, is one of simplicity. I choose to make an understatement of my subject, rather than an elaborate one. It seems that my subjects find me rather than the reverse. I’m particularly interested in things which show their age and beauty i.e. old buildings, vehicles, etc.”


"Musicians" by Philip Rodano

“Musicians” by Philip Rodano

Philip Rodano expresses his work in a variety of mediums. Feline lovers will want to meet Philip and share some cat humor with his selection of books, prints and notecards. He also creates one-of-a-kind portraits using mixed media. His art delights everyone who sees it.  


"Two Women" by Philip Rodano

“Two Women” by Philip Rodano


Phil Rodano currently resides in Lake Worth with his wife Fern and their cat Pepper.  Prior to moving to Lake Worth, Phil’s cat cartoon book (Meow) along with a series of note cards called (Cat’s in Silhouette) was published by Top Cat Publishing Co.


Mixed Media by Barbara Winkel

Mixed Media by Barbara Winkel



Barbara Winkel uses an assortment of fused glass, frit and mixed media to make realistic and imaginary depictions that will enhance your home’s décor. Her one of a kind glass pieces are beautiful and her selection of colors and imagery will astound you.



"Blue Front Jazz" by Deb Yager

“Blue Front Jazz” by Deb Yager

Deb Yager is a multi talented sketch artist and musician. She will present a live demonstration as she draws her husband Bo Reynolds during his musical performance that evening.   Bo and Deb are well known in the local music circuit. Their latest CD will also be available for purchase .


"Ladies At The Beach" by Deb Yager

“Ladies At The Beach” by Deb Yager



Please join us and bring your friends. Refreshments will be served and the event is free!

For more information please call 561-582-3300



Artisans On The Ave is located at 630 Lake Ave Lake Worth in quaint downtown among the many shops and restaurants. We are open 7 days a week.




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Bohemïa AG Presents The Opening Reception for a Solo Exhibition “From Ink To Lens: Identities By Scott White”

Bohemïa AG announces a SOLO Exhibit “From Ink to Lens: Identities by Scott White”. Tattoo artist and photographer Scott White has created a revealing series of photographs of personal portraits. The subjects, although anonymous, are identifiable through their tattoos.  The Opening Reception will also benefit  “Hounds and Heroes” program by Awesome Greyhound Adoptions and Palm Beach Harvest.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. Your generous $10 donation (suggested) will help support these great charities.  There will also be a raffle supporting both charities with amazing prizes!   Mark your calendars now!







Bohemïa AG



“Tattoo Artist Explores Identity In Photography Exhibit”

From Ink to Lens: Identities by Scott White



Opening Reception: 6pm~10pm

Saturday, April 18th, 2015



$10 suggested donation at the door


536 Northwood Road   W. Palm Beach, Fl. 33407








The public is invited to the Opening Reception at Bohemïa AG on Saturday, April 18th from 6 – 10 pm.  The SOLO Exhibit features artwork by  Award winning tattoo artist and photographer, Scott White.  He has created a series of photographs which explore tattoos as an art form and expression of identity.  By allowing his portraits to remain anonymous, Scott’s photographs compel the viewer to focus on the intricacies of the artwork itself. This extension of one’s personality through the lens of body art is a testament to self expression!




The opening night reception will also be host to two charities:  Hounds and Heroes program by Awesome Greyhound Adoptions, which trains retired greyhounds to be service dogs for veterans.  And Palm Beach Harvest, a non-profit agency which collects food from grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and farms and oversees its distribution to various local places of need including homeless shelters, senior centers, churches, and soup kitchens.


To find out more about these charities, visit:






Your generous $10 donation (suggested) will help support these great charities.  There will also be a raffle supporting both charities with prizes from:  The David K Space,  Altered State Tattoo, Howley’s,  Åpothecary Gelato & Sorbetto Providers, and many more!  Refreshments will be provided by:  Ookapow Brewing Co., Tequesta Brewing Co., Table 427, Artjazz Tapas, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and O-BO Wine Bar.  Sounds by Airitech, Lighting by SNAFU Lighting and Pure Honey Magazine.




For further information about Scott White and his artistry, please visit:





For more information or to

purchase artwork or schedule a private viewing contact the Gallery at


 And Visit: 


Bohemïa AG | Åpothecary

*hours of operation:

Tue, Wed, Thu.. 1 pm-9pm
Friday.. 1 pm-11pm
Saturday.. 11 am-11pm
Sunday.. (special events to be announced)
Monday.. closed



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Delray Beach Center for the Arts Invites You To Experience A Special 2 Day Workshop Plus An Open House At The School of Creative Arts

Calling all creative people! Delray Beach Center for the Arts invites you to explore your options at the School of Creative Arts! The School is located in the studios and classrooms on the second floor of the Crest Theatre building and offers beginner through master level classes and workshops in art, photography and writing. Day and evening classes are available for adults and youth. The Rickie Report shares the details and knows you will be pleased to be involved!





51 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach 33444






April 16 & 17

With Patricia Maguire

“Impressionism Inside/Out”


"Symphony" by Patricia Maguire

“Symphony” by Patricia Maguire



On Thursday and Friday, April 16 & 17  “Impressionism Inside/Out”, a fantastic workshop with Patricia Maguire, will take place from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm both days. (  Some painting experience is required. The focus of the workshop will be impressionist principles of painting in a modern, personalized form, using emotional responses to subject matter. Learn how to use a limited, effective palette, hard and soft edges and broad brushstrokes to convey your impression of a chosen subject matter. Weather permitting, students will be painting outside as well as inside the studio, so bring portable easels along with your supplies. Some outdoor easels will be available on a first come, first served basis. A materials list will be given upon enrollment. Workshop fee is $260 for members and $275 for non-members.



Faculty member, Carla Golembe works with students

Faculty member, Carla Golembe works with students



School of Creative Arts


Saturday, April 18th

1:00 – 3:00  pm




Delray Beach Center for the Arts Open House

Delray Beach Center for the Arts Open House



On Saturday, April 18th the School of Creative Arts will hold an Open House from 1 to 3 p.m., where new and returning students can learn about exciting offerings for Spring/Summer Terms. Come and meet or re-connect with the art, photography and writing instructors. All visitors to the Open House can enjoy an impressive exhibition of art and photography, created by students currently enrolled in the School.


Faculty member, Deborah LaFogg Docherty works with students

Faculty member, Deborah LaFogg Docherty works with students




In addition to receiving class and workshop information, those looking to connect with an art or photography Meetup group can learn about two groups associated with the School of Creative Arts. and are active groups with missions to promote art and photography and help members expand their creative potential.


Photography Exhibit at the Open House

Photography Exhibit at the Delray Beach Center  for the Arts Open House



Now celebrating its 25th Anniversary Season, Delray Beach Center for the Arts offers “a total arts experience™” through events, theater, exhibits and learning opportunities. The historic campus includes the intimate Crest Theatre (in the restored 1925 Delray High School building) the Cornell Museum of Art (in the 1913 Delray Elementary building), and the Vintage Gymnasium (c. 1925). The Pavilion, which opened in 2002, hosts outdoor concerts and festivals. The School of Creative Arts (located on the second floor of the Crest Theatre) offers art, photography and writing classes and workshops. The Center also serves as a venue for community, corporate, private and media events.


Crest School Building

Crest School of Creative Arts Building




Delray Beach Center for the Arts is located at 51 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach 33444.

For information on performances, exhibits, classes or facility rentals, call 561-243-7922 or visit



For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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Armory Art Center Announces New Classes and Workshops

The Armory Art Center’s new catalog will entice you with the varied opportunities to be inspired and learn a new artistic technique or skill. There is something here for all ages! The supportive staff is eager to help you create, from ceramics to sculpture, from jewelry to painting, from drawing to printmaking or collage. The Rickie Report highlights some particularly interesting classes and workshops. The new semester begins April 27th.  We also supply a link to the entire catalog.  Happy creating!






Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue West Palm Beach, FL 33401




Class Session 5:   April 27 – June 20, 2015


Gallery Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Saturday 9 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.




Close-up of Basket Fibers by Mary Catello




Link to the Class Catalog


 Here are a few highlights from the Catalog that we want to share with you!









“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or other peoples’ models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.” -Shakti Gawain




Wednesday, April 15th  6:00 – 8:00 pm

With Cheryl Brutvan,

Director of Curatorial Affairs / Curator of Contemporary Art, Norton Museum of Art

Inspiration isn’t easy and often artists need a push to progress. Insight from critics spark ideas that help the artists take the next leap forward with their work. We are pleased and honored to host Wednesday evening critiques given by professional and superb curators for serious artists in any medium. 8 students maximum may participate per session. Audit students are welcome. Please see registrar for more information.

Registered students: $40 per session Audit students: $10 per session





Mary Catello takes you on an adventure into basketry. Functional baskets are still being made today with the same methods that date back in time. We will explore both traditional functional design and artistic interpretations. Paper, reed, found, and harvested materials will be used. Other mediums such as paint and encaustics may be added to finish or embellish. Gourds may be incorporated as a part of the structure. Technique and creativity are encouraged so each student can experiment and design their own vessels. The workshop will strive to complete one basket from a pattern(s) and one free design. Instructor will provide a kit of supplies at the following prices: no basketry experience $40; some basketry experience $65. Supplies are provided by the instructor and fees apply per class.

Mondays, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Session 5: April 27th – June 15th (no class on May 25th) Tuition: $280











“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.” -Eugéne Delacroix




Pop Up Workshops – 1st Saturdays

Turn your drawings and paintings into fun. Create fantastic characters and places and learn new techniques of composition and mixing colors. Explore the world of imagination in this drawing and painting workshop. The emphasis is on creativity, technique, and free expression with Sandra Gover.

Saturdays, 12:30 – 2:00 pm  Session 5: May 2nd – June 20th
Tuition: $120 | Lab fee: $24
Session 6: June 27th – August 15th (no class on July 4th) Tuition: $105 | Lab fee: $21


Trust the still small voice that says “This might work and I’ll try it.” -Diane Mariechild


Preschool Readiness through Art

On the first Saturday of every month the Armory offers a special workshop just for kids with Beth Sloat! Children have fun learning various techniques in a variety of media and leave with a finished product at the end of each workshop. All materials are included in the cost of tuition.

This program is designed for 2 1⁄2 to 4 year olds and their parent/caregiver. Help your child prepare for preschool and kindergarten by seeing what they know and how they learn. Take part in fun activities with your children with the guidance of an artist/teacher. After each class, children will have artwork that can be displayed at home. Class size is limited to six children. The program promotes and enhances:

• Developmental skills & overcoming benchmarks • Development of motor & social skills
• Development of vocabulary
• Parent & child connections

• Creative expression, self-esteem, & stimulating imagination




Link to the Class Catalog



The mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation and experience of art. The Armory’s vision is to be Palm Beach County’s leading visual arts education and exhibition center. Housed in an historic art deco building, the Armory provides art classes for students of all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events. Twenty exhibitions are hosted annually in three galleries.

Nearly 100 courses held in 12 state-of-the-art studios are offered including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, glass fusing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, and more. For more information, visit or call 561-832-1776 x33.



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Young Art Masters Returns With Exhibit And Virtual Art Auction – Let’s Celebrate The New Generation Of Artists!

 Young Art Masters, the online exhibition and auction that raises money for student art programs, returns this year to Wellington to benefit four area public high school art programs. In addition, Nu Vista Living partners with Young Art Masters for art exhibit and reception! Students in advanced visual art classes at Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Central and John I. Leonard high schools created 40 pieces of art. Pencil drawings, acrylic paintings, photography, and ceramics, will be displayed in the public spaces of Nu Vista Living, where residents, patients, and visitors can enjoy the exhibit throughout the month of April.  The Virtual Auction, takes place online beginning April 10.   Students, faculty, Nu Vista residents, and Young Art Masters supporters meet at the Public Reception on April 16, providing an opportunity for the students to showcase their work before the guests.  The Rickie Report proudly shares some sneak peeks and all of the details for you to get involved.  Proceeds from Young Art Masters are tax-deductible, and 100 percent of the money raised benefits the high school visual arts programs.  



Young Art Masters Auction

Returns to Wellington!

Online auction of student artwork to benefit area high school art programs







 APRIL 16th   6:30-8:30 pm

10330 NuVista Avenue    Wellington, FL 33414

Located just south of the Mall at Wellington Green




How Can YOU Get Involved?

  • Visit the website, view the Virtual Acution and Bid!
  • Attend the Public Reception, meet the artists & teachers ….And Bid!
  • Sponsor A Young Artist!  Young Art Masters provides an opportunity for other individuals and local businesses to support the schools. For a $100 tax-deductible donation in advance of the auction’s opening to any one of the four participating high school visual arts program, an individual or local business becomes a Young Art Master sponsor and guarantees that minimum bid on one of the art pieces.


The Young Art Masters program brings acclaim to high school artists by providing them an opportunity to exhibit their work, and it raises money for the students’ high school art programs through an online auction.




"Arabian Sea" by Gabby Lambro

“Arabian Sea” by Gabby Lambro



This year, in addition to acrylic on canvas and photography, the auction will feature pencil drawings as well as ceramics and sculpture. The expansion allows students in each of the schools’ visual arts programs a chance to participate in the exhibit and auction. Each piece of 2-D art is 24 by 36 inches.  Each piece will be photographed and uploaded to the online gallery at   With only 40 pieces accepted into the auction, the students are striving to have their work selected, and the art teachers have set the bar high for inclusion.


Artwork by Zachary Robling

Artwork by Zachary Robling



“This is just a beautiful opportunity that the Jacobs have provided for all the students from the different art departments all participating in something that is shared with the community, and ultimately comes back to benefit the school,” said Jennie Eve Barnett, a National Board  Certified teacher of photography and painting.”


Artwork by Lindsay Nichols

Artwork by Lindsay Nichols

Young Art Masters is underwritten by the Jacobs family, long-time Wellington residents and avid supporters of many educational endeavors. Young Art Masters premiered in Wellington in 2014, raising thousands of dollars for the area high schools’ visual arts programs. Previously, the Jacobs family had held similar programs for area high schools in both Atlanta and Buffalo.



"Lighthouse" by Lacey Latour

“Lighthouse” by Lacey Latour


Young Art Masters is one of two major programs benefitting the area high schools that the Jacobs family underwrites. The Jacobs also provide annual trips to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for Wellington high schools’ brightest math and science students, giving them a first-hand encounter with space technology and encouraging them to consider a career in the space program. To date, the Jacobs have sent nearly 1,000 students to the KSC Visitor Complex.



Artwork by Brooke McFarland

Artwork by Brooke McFarland


Young Art Masters is proud to announce that Nu Vista Living will host their 2015  Exhibit of student art.  Nu Vista Living is a state-of-the-art skilled nursing community providing quality rehabilitation and skilled nursing as well as assisted living in a luxurious, lifestyle-focused environment. It is located just south of the Mall at Wellington Green.



"In The Spotlight" by Courtney Skinner

“In The Spotlight” by Courtney Skinner


“At Nu Vista, we incorporate art work in our rehab environment to create the best atmosphere possible for our customers,” said Nu Vista Wellington CEO Robert Campion. “When we were asked to participate in Young Art Masters Auction we jumped at the opportunity. From our inception, we’ve understood the value that the right environment can bring to the overall healing and recovery processes, and we see this as a great opportunity to build upon that ideal. We look forward to this event and future events.”



"Florida Flight" by Samantha Hooker

“Florida Flight” by Samantha Hooker





To view the previous year’s exhibit and learn more, visit or, or call Angie Francalancia at 561-837-3251.



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Armory Art Center’s “All Student Showcase” and “Faculty Show” Feature All Media

The Armory Art Center campus is an architectural and educational treasure.  It is located in the heart of West Palm Beach’s historic neighborhoods with Howard Park, the Palm Beach County Convention Center, CityPlace and the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts nearby.  Within the campus buildings, creativity and artistry are nurtured, appreciated and are a cause for celebration!  This Rickie Report highlights two Exhibits that exemplify what The Armory Art Center is all about: The All Students Showcase and the Armory Faculty Show.  We share the details and a few photos here.  Enjoy the Opening Public Receptions taking place on Friday, April 17th in separate galleries. It is a chance to see emerging artists and professionals sharing their creative souls.


You Are Invited


(Montgomery Hall)



(Greenfield and East Galleries)

Opening Receptions

Friday, April 17th

6 – 8pm



1700 Parker Avenue    W.Palm Beach, FL 33401

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Saturday 9 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.




The public is invited to the two Opening Receptions.  The ALL STUDENT SHOWCASE, is an Exhibition of work by Armory Art Center students in all media.  This Exhibition takes place in Montgomery Hall.  The ARMORY FACULTY SHOW, coincides, showing work by Armory Art Center Faculty members in all media.  This Exhibition takes place in the Greenfield and East Galleries.  Both Exhibitions are organized by the Armory Art Center. Armory exhibitions are free and open to the public. The Opening Receptions take place on Friday, April 17, 2015 from 6-8pm.



Oil Marker on Wood by Faculty Member, Sam Perry

“My Blue Wall” Oil and Marker on Wood  by Faculty Member, Sam Perry



 The campus is composed of three facilities including the historic Palm Beach County National Guard Armory Building, the Muriel S. Kaplan Building and the Young Artists Studio Facility. The original Armory building is an Art Deco gem, built by William Manly King in 1939 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. Greeted by the Morris & Rose Kraft Sculpture Gardens and The Junior League of the Palm Beaches Festival Arts Plaza, one steps through the Seymore and Gladys Ziv Courtyard, enters the Robert & Mary Montgomery Historic Building and steps in the East Gallery which hosts regional and national juried and international exhibitions.


Carved Stone by Faculty Member, Gerson Rapoport

“Out of the Ashes” Carved Stone by Faculty Member, Gerson Rapoport


Studios for printmaking, digital imaging, jewelry making, metal smithing, glass fusing and photography surround the 4,000 square foot multipurpose hall which hosts lectures, exhibits and special events. Rental of this facility can be arranged. The Historic Robert & Mary Montgomery Armory Building opens onto the Rose Kraft Plaza surrounded by exotic and rare palms.



Artistry by Lynne Solomon

“Past Presence” Mixed Media by Lynne Solomon, Student



The Muriel S. Kaplan Building is located just off the courtyard and adjacent to the 2,000 square foot Ansin Kiln Complex. These buildings house ceramics, figure sculpture, bronze casting and 3D design studios.  The newest addition to the campus is the 11,000 square foot Young Artists Studio Facility. Beautiful, spacious studios with the truest of natural northern exposure lighting host the painting, drawing and youth programs.



Sculpture by Hillary Putnam

“Woven” Ceramic by Hillary Putnam, Student





The mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation and experience of art. The Armory’s vision is to be Palm Beach County’s leading visual arts education and exhibition center. Housed in an historic art deco building, the Armory provides art classes for students of all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events. Twenty exhibitions are hosted annually in three galleries. Nearly 100 courses held in 12 state-of-the-art studios are offered including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, glass fusing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, and more. For more information, visit or call 561-832-1776 x33.




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Multiple Calls To Artists From May Through December, 2015 At Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

Kudos to Joyce Brown of Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and Flamingo Clay Studio for giving artists enough time to create new works of art to enter into exhibitions!  The Rickie Report shares SEVEN Calls To Artists here, beginning in May and ending in December, 2015.  There is a discount for multiple entries and varying themes!  Get your calendars out to mark the deadlines and start creating!! Attention Art Teachers: Your students may enter with no fee!





15 South J Street

Lake Worth, Florida 33460

“Calls to Artists”

May – December, 2015



Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be holding a series of Exhibitions throughout the year. Individual “Calls” for each of these will also be sent out, as they approach. This year we thought it would be a good idea to give you an over-view of all topics, as well as dates, so you can prepare, in advance, for the ones in which you want to participate. As you look over our shows, and titles, remember: The works are YOUR interpretation of the topic. All but the “Elder Craftsman” show are open to all media; 2-D and 3-D.


Our application fee is $35. If you decide to participate in three or more shows, you application fee is $25 per show.


May 22-June 3: The Elder Craftsmen Exhibit:

Flamingo Clay Studio, our non-profit artist cooperative, received a generous grant from the Community Foundation, to fund 10 one-year scholarships for low income senior citizen artists in our new Clay/Fused Glass/Small Metals Studio. On May 22, these artists will create an exhibition of the works they have made during the first months of their time in the studio. If you are a senior citizen (55 and older) and a 3-D artist, you are invited to join with them in showing your works. We will be inviting the Community Foundation, their donors and their Board members to this event. It is a public event, as well. We expect that sales will be profitable for all artists concerned.



June 19-July 2: “Shoe Fetish/ Foot Fetish”

We wanted to add some levity to the hot summer by introducing the foot theme into our mix. We hope to get some of these works into the gallery a week early so we can get TV coverage on this. I would like to bring the shoe loving crowds into the gallery to purchase your works.



July 24-August 6: “The Male Form”


This was a special request exhibition from artists who feel slighted by the creations and shows that mostly feature the female form. They want equal time We welcome your interpretations.


September 18-September 30: “The Naked Truth”


Another special request is that we repeat this show again. Although it may seem similar to “The Male Form,” we see this as a wide open topic that can be interpreted as broadly as you wish.





October 2- October 21: 2nd Annual Cat-O-Strophic Event:

This wildly popular event is all about cats; cats of every shape, color and kind. We will again reach out to all of the animal rescue venues, pet shops and veterinarians as we publicize this event.



October 23-November 4: 2nd Annual “Day(s) of the Dead”


This event brought purchasing patrons into the gallery long after the exhibit was taken down. The works of gallery artists, left over from this event, continue to sell. We have a whole new mailing list of “D of D” patrons who are looking forward to your works.



December 4-December 11: 2nd Annual “It’s A Dog’s Life”

Last year we had to give equal time to dogs, after our successful Cat-o-Strophic event. This show starts just as “season” is gearing up. Again, we will be contacting all pet shelters, pet shops and veterinarians, to publicize this show.


And for the rest of the season…

We will turn the front of the gallery back to the member artists. If you are a 3-D artist , please consider joining the gallery (and/or) our new studio. Members do not pay fees to be a part of our special exhibitions. It is part of the membership. Write for an application and we will forward it to you.
Art Teachers: If any of your students want to participate in any of our exhibits, they may do so without any fee. We welcome your participation, as an artist, as well.



Application Form for Multiple Exhibitions
15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
APPLICATION for“Pick Your Event(s)”

(For Early Entries- Duplicate this Form for each entry)

Phone 561 588-8344

or mail:

CGMS Gallery 15 South J Street Lake Worth 33460

Please PRINT legibly!

City________________________________State_____Zip_________ Phone_____________________
E-mail address ________________________________

Web address__________________________



1. Title_____________________________________________________________________________

2. Title_____________________________________________________________________________


WAIVER of LIABILITY: Submission of my application constitutes my agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the prospectus.  I release and discharge Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and its owners and employee’s from all responsibility for damage or loss of any kind on all works submitted for the exhibition named above.


Questions? Call or email Joyce



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