Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery Call For Entries: “The Male Form”

Joyce Brown tells The Rickie Report, “This was a special request exhibition from artists who feel slighted by the creations and shows that mostly feature the female form. They want equal time! We welcome your interpretations. The works you are exhibiting may be 2-D works or 3-D works. There is no restriction for this show. Submit photos of your work early and increase your chances of having them included (with your name) in all of our press releases and postcards.”  The Rickie Report shares this Call For Entries!  Deadline is  3pm Tuesday July 21st. No late applications will be accepted. CGMS will accept the first 40 artists!  The application and details are here.  The Rickie Report can’t wait to celebrate your good news when you get accepted, so stay in touch!



15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Call To Artists
“The Male Form”
Opening Reception- Friday, July 24
Show closes on August 6

Exhibit is limited to 40 Artists

CGMSThe Male Formjpeg 2Card call


















Artists may enter up to 2 pieces of current work, conforming to the following criteria:
A completed application form, up to 3 JPEG images in E-MAIL and $35.00 entry fee must be received by deadline of 3pm Tuesday July 21st.   No late applications will be accepted. (We will accept the first 40 artists)
Entry fee is non-refundable and may be charged by phone (561-588-8344) or paid by check made payable to Flamingo Clay Studio.
Images of artist work must be submitted by E-MAIL in JPEG format.

Please E-Mail completed application to


Mail to:

CGMS Gallery, 15 South J Street- Lake Worth FL 33460.
For more information call 561- 588-8344 or 215-205-9441
All exhibited work MUST BE FOR SALE with 70% of the sale going directly to artist. Event e-mail Cards will be provided to the artists to help co-promote the exhibitions. Please send these out to your email lists. We currently have an email list of 6000.
Notifications of acceptance will be by e-mailed upon receipt of application. 

Accepted Art Work will be dropped off on Wednesday & Thursday (July 22-23) from 1pm to 6pm.  (Special delivery arrangements may be possible.

Delivered Art Work must be priced and ready to display. 

Drop off Art Work at CLAY GLASS METAL STONE Gallery, 15 South J Street , Lake Worth.
Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be open 7 days a week for the duration of the exhibit.  We will promote the exhibit through newspaper advertising and email Art Cards.
We want your Art to sell!!!! Please make sure that each piece is titled and priced. Please make sure that your submission includes an artist’s statement, your contact e-mail address, phone number and your web site address if you have one. 

15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

APPLICATION for“The Male Form”

All applications must be received by 3pm Tuesday. July 21, 2015

Phone 561 588-8344


or mail:CGMS Gallery 15 South J Street Lake Worth 33460

Please PRINT legibly!





E-mail address ________________________________

Web address__________________________


1. Title_________________________________________________



2. Title_________________________________________________




Submission of my application constitutes my agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the prospectus.  I release and discharge Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and its owners and employee’s from all responsibility for damage or loss of any kind on all works submitted for the exhibition named above.





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Art On Park Gallery Shows Emerging Artists For “The Gallows” Exhibit

The upcoming exhibition at Art on Park Gallery located in Lake Park Florida focuses on emerging artists from the area.  The theme, ” The Gallows” promises to be provocative and insightful.  The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday, May 22nd.  The Rickie Report shares the information and suggests you plan on attending to enjoy the pizza, wine, and live music by “Swing Street” featuring the Great American Songbook!  There will be an After Party at the nearby Brewhouse Gallery.













Art On Park

 800 Park Avenue   Lake Park, FL

Opening Public Reception:

Friday, May 22nd

5 – 8 pm

Live music by
Swing Street (Marty and Eileen)
singing the
Great American Songbook

Artwork by Tommy Sylvester

Artwork by Tommy Sylvester

After Party at The Brewhouse Gallery
starting at 8pm
720 Park Avenue   Lake Park

Exhibit Runs Through June 27th




Artwork by Earl Ricci

Artwork by Earl Ricci


Join the Artists of Palm Beach County as they celebrate “The Gallows”, a new exhibit of emerging artists!  The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday, May 22nd from 5 – 8 pm.  Pizza and wine will be served while live music will be offered by “Swing Street”, focusing on the Great American Songbook!   The exhibit continues through June 22nd at Art on Park Gallery located at 800 Park Avenue in Lake Park, FL.  There will be an after party at the nearby Brewhouse Gallery located at 720 Park Avenue in Lake Park. Everyone is welcome.









The emerging artists showing at this Exhibit are:

Dariel B. Donovan II

Barbara Fenton

Joe Hernandez

Hanna Marks

Jacqueline Medeiros

EJ Morales

Cynthia Morrison

Earl Ricci

Thomas Schmidt

Yuri Slobodenyuk

Andrew Spilos

Tommy Sylvester



Artwork by Cynthia Morrison

Artwork by Cynthia Morrison



For more information about the exhibit contact:
800 Park Ave, Lake Park, FL 33403
(561) 345-2842

or visit:




Artwork Jacqueline Medeiros

Artwork Jacqueline Medeiros

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Missed The 1st Anniversary Celebration? The Brewhouse Continues To Bring Art, Music And A Place For Community

For those who missed the people-packed First Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Brewhouse Gallery, we want to reassure you!  AJ Brockman and his crew continue to offer a cozy place for a coffee during the day and a fun venue in the evenings for camaraderie.  The Rickie Report shares some of the upcoming events you’ll want to check out and the heart of it all – the local art scene!







12:00PM – 12:00AM

The Brewhouse Gallery

720 Park Avenue Lake Park, Florida 33403



Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Website



How was the Anniversary Celebration? AJ Brockman tells The Rickie Report, “The day we have been planning, the day we thought may never come, the day we all share in Art, Live Music, Food, Glorious Craft Beer, Friendship and more. To be able to say we have made it through our first year is a huge milestone and we want to thank all of you for supporting The Brewhouse Gallery! We hope our success has been a sign of what our community really needed, A place dedicated to the arts, Somewhere with culture, Somewhere to gather, Somewhere to brew ideas, Somewhere to inspire. Now, let’s celebrate… The future is bright!”


Craig McInnis Presenting Live Painting. Photo courtesy of Rolando Chang Barrero

Craig McInnis Presenting Live Painting. (Photo courtesy of Rolando Chang Barrero)




Stop by for our next monthly artist Open House:

Thursday, May 28th!

Art, art, and more art! Whether it’s our incredible visual artists or our talented performing artists –


Ed Trujilo, Mark Sotak, Danny Albertson, James Hook, Phil Fung, Christanthy Vargo, Kevin Goff, Craig McInnis, Emmanuel Gonzales, EJ Morales, Cristina Ferreira, Derek LaRosa, Jeff Biege, Jay Hatfield, Sue Gaumer, Jason Pfeiffer, Maria Grace Lurescia.




Relax with a fresh brewed coffee and snack

Relax with a fresh brewed coffee and snack (Photo courtesy of Brewhouse Gallery website)





The entire menu is literally prepared from scratch with authentic Mexican recipes passed down through the generations. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available + over 6 homemade sangria’s. All you have to do is try it and you will see why we have decided to offer this exclusively!!”




Fresh Sangria! Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Website


The LineUp*


Brewhouse Gallery Line Up

Brewhouse Gallery Line Up



Tuesday – Musicians Showcase “In the Round” : 7 to 10 : $2 off draft & specialty wine. Bringing you a little bit of Nashville to Lake Park. Hosted by Bill Hartmann, this event is part storytelling, part jam session, and all out acoustic. Original music at its finest!


Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Website

Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Gallery Website



Wednesday – Trivia Night, 7 to 9. Brought to you by Think and Drink Trivia! Now with our new expansion we can accommodate an additional 40 people with a direct speaker output you can hear throughout the entire space for those of you that have been requesting it. This was just listed in the top 50 favorite things to do in all of Palm Beach County by The Palm Beach Post.




Brewhouse Gallery Friends and Fun (Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Gallery Website)

Brewhouse Gallery Friends and Fun (Photo Courtesy of Brewhouse Gallery Website)



Thursday – : Open Mic Night : 8 to 11 : With new host & professional comedian Jordan Garnett. Thursday’s now have an all new energy with a killer lineup of songwriters, musicians, comedians and more.



Friday – *FEATURED* : Live Music : 8 to 11 : Zack Jones, Front man of the the Gravel Kings, is completely reinventing what it means to be a one-man band. With his take on traditional folk music and much more… He will have the house rocking! Also, Happy Hour Poker (Texas hold ’em) starting at 6:30 PM. Food Truck!



Saturday – *FEATURED* : Live Music : 8 to 11 :


Sunday – *FEATURED* : 7 to 10 : We are happy to have Nicholas Caputo every other Sunday for the next few months! He is one of the premier Accordion players in all of Florida and will be bringing his traditional (and not so traditional) french vibes. Art + Beer + Accordion = WINNING.



* Please check the Brewhouse Gallery Website as dates, events and performers are subject to change.

For up-to-the-minute listings of events please visit:




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Norman Berman Exhibits “My Art, My Faith” In SOLO Show

Award winning artist, Norman Berman will be exhibiting his paintings at the Shirley and Barton Weisman Delray Community Center in Delray Beach, Florida. The exhibit will run from June 1, 2015 until July 10, 2015. There will be an Opening Reception on Sunday afternoon, June 7th.  Admission is free and open to the public.  The works displayed span the years from the 1980’s to the present.  The title of the exhibit, “MY ART, MY FAITH” emerged as Norman, in making selections for this show realized that his Judaic upbringing became a somewhat consistent theme in his abstract works. The Rickie Report shares the details and a conversation with Mr. Berman about his artistry.  












Opening Reception:

Sunday, June 7, 2015

3 – 5 pm

This Event is free and open to the public

Exhibit runs from June 1 – July 10, 2015

Hours: Mon. –Thurs.  9 am – 5 pm
Fri. 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

7901 West Atlantic Avenue      Delray Beach, FL

(561) 558-2100



Norman Berman At The Easel

Norman Berman At The Easel




Although Norman Berman is primarily an abstract artist he has also created a series of representational works which he calls “My Tallis (Prayer Shawl) Series. These images were initially conceived as imagery for his personal Jewish New Year cards in his abstract paintings with such titles as “The Sabbath Bride”, “Our Father, Our King”, “Job” and “By The Rivers of Babylon” are some examples of the coalescing of his “art and his faith”.

Award winning and nationally known artist Norman Berman presents a survey of his works. Berman’s subject matter ranges from Judaic themes to abstracts. He’s been creating artwork professionally for over 55 years.  He tells The Rickie Report, “For me, creating art is a challenge.  As I look at a work surface, I begin my conversation with it.  The surface says to me, ’Create something, I dare you!’  Therefore, my adventure begins!”  As one listens to Norman Berman share some of his life-stories, you must pay attention to details.  Looking at his artwork that should be no surprise.  It is these tidbits that make the whole.


TRR:  What were your early artistic influences?


The only artwork on our walls at home was my Bar Mitzvah portrait ( an oil on canvas that was painted by a friend of father).  My introduction to art was at age four, when I accompanied my father, a shipping clerk in a men’s’ wear company, to work. The women in the office gave me a piece of paper, a red pencil, a black pencil and plopped me in a chair with the instructions to ‘draw something’.  I drew the American flag to keep myself occupied.  Over the years, I started to copy and draw comic book characters (Disney, Superman, and Batman, etc.). My father would take these drawings and hang them in his workplace and change them around – it was my first public gallery!
As the United States entered WWII, I was fascinated by US military aircraft, so I wrote to all of the aircraft companies for pictures.  They would send me these gorgeous lithographic prints!  My favorite was the P38, a double fuselage plane and very impressive to look at.  Around the same time, there was a kid in our neighborhood who was already in high school and must have been an art major. I would show him my airplane drawings and he showed me how to create perspective images: not linear perspective images going to a vanishing point, but looking down at buildings as if you were in an airplane. 



"The River Styx" by Norman Berman

“The River Styx” by Norman Berman



When I was 10 years old, I broke my elbow.  It was probably the beginning of my escapades with brittle bone disease, but we didn’t know about that until much much later. While at Israel Zion Hospital (now Maimonides), I used to draw the nurses in profile, with their little caps.  In elementary school, my art was always hanging in the classroom and the halls.


"Job" by Norman Berman

“Job” by Norman Berman

As a Junior High School student, one of my teachers recommended that I attend the High School of Music & Art. Living in Brooklyn, it was an hour and a half subway ride in the morning and evening rush hours which my parents weren’t happy about. We happened to live close to the neighborhood high school, Abraham Lincoln High School.  As a result, I ended up going to Lincoln which had a fabulous art department! That’s where I got my real training, in my approach to art.  In 10th grade, Herbert W. Yates got me interested in the importance of art history.
I started saving articles from “Life Magazine” that related to art and artists.  My father would pick up a copy at the newsstand every Saturday. I finally convinced him that it would be more convenient and less expensive to get a subscription!  After reading the entire magazine, I categorized the pictures with my own filing system into red envelopes.  My mother, who was also a voracious reader, would buy other magazines like ‘McCall’s’ and ‘Ladies Home Journal’.  Those magazines happen to have some of the top-notched illustrators of the time.


TRR:  Norman shares his “beshert” (Yiddish for “meant to be”) moment.  He takes us back to 1950.


Leon Friend was the Chairman of the Art Department and I was sitting in his Graphic Arts class – last row, second seat.  Leon says,’ DO YOU KNOW WHO SAT IN YOUR SEAT? ‘  I said, ‘No.’  Friend said, ‘Alex Steinweiss’.  This was like mentioning God!   Alex Steinweiss was an early graduate from Lincoln, who after graduating from Parsons School of Design, worked for Columbia Records. Steinweiss convinced his employers to change their marketing strategy to sell their long playing records.  Instead of wrapping the records in brown paper, they should create a book with the record inside.  Each book would have artwork on its cover.  Alex Steinweiss was responsible for the entire industry of record albums cover designs!


"Silent Devotion" by Norman Berman

“Silent Devotion” by Norman Berman




During my senior year, I prepared a portfolio and sent it out to the School Art League.  It is now May, 1952.  Mr. Friend comes into class and asks who we think should be the happiest person in the room today.  And then he says, ‘Norman, it’s you!  You just won the scholarship to Parsons School of Design! ‘I’m thinking that I’m following in the steps of Alex Steinweiss! I literally “fell out of my chair”!  In those days, we didn’t have cell phones.  I couldn’t even go down to the office to call my mother!   When I finally got home and shared my good news, my mother thought it was very nice.  Then we waited until my father came home to tell him.  I had already been accepted to tuition-free Brooklyn College.  What to do…  His father, a product of the Great Depression, didn’t want Norman to accept the scholarship.  (What if it wasn’t renewed after a year – they couldn’t afford tuition; what about the cost of supplies; they also wanted to send his brother to college in just more three years).


TRR: Norman returned to school and tell Mr. Friend the news. This dedicated teacher stayed until 7 pm the next evening to meet with Norman’s father in an attempt to convince him, even offering an extra $100. from the “Art Squad” to help defray costs. The answer was the same.  Norman’s father understood the need to be pragmatic. Norman would go to college, become a teacher and get a job.


That summer I didn’t have a job. I walked the streets telling myself that I was going to Brooklyn College.  I psyched myself up about meeting new people and having new experiences. I had four good years at BC.


TRR:  Norman graduated from Brooklyn College and went back to his alma mater, Abraham Lincoln High School to student teach.


"Sabbath Bride" by Norman Berman

“Sabbath Bride” by Norman Berman


In September, 1960, Norman was set up by his brother’s fiancée on a blind date with a girl named Ethel.  The rest is history!  They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Ethel and Norman were married for almost 52 years. She was his strength, his staunchest supporter, his severest critic and the love of his life. As Norman points out, if he had gone to Parsons, he would not have ended up being introduced to his “beshert”, Ethel.  His first date was on Ethel’s birthday. They were married for 52 years… She passed away in July of 2013.



"Neshema" by Norman Berman

“Neshema” by Norman Berman



After graduating with my BA and MA from Brooklyn College, I taught Junior High and moved on to High School.  I concentrated on teaching painting as part of the curriculum, along with art history and color theory. From my own experiences, I encouraged my students to learn and research their subjects.  Research is an essential part of any good piece of artwork!   My favorite part of the curriculum was teaching painting.  I was privileged to have a number of students from the “Art Talent Classes”.  These were students who took art classes five days a week and showed promise.  I continued teaching and eventually became a supervisor (Assistant Principal) .  I taught in a few different schools and in 1983 was awarded the ‘Art Educator Award’ from the New York City Art Teacher’s Association/UFT and the Art Chairman’s Association in recognition of my outstanding service and commitment to art education.  I also held the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art at Queensborough College where I taught painting, drawing, two-dimensional design, advertising design and art history.  I finally retired in January, 1991.


"Our Father Our King, Aveenu Malkainu" Oil on Canvas by Norman Berman

“Our Father Our King, Aveenu Malkainu” Oil on Canvas by Norman Berman



TRR:  Tell us more about your own artwork.  On your website, you differentiate between two different types of art.  One is the “Prayer Shawl Series” and then “the rest”.


There is an interrelationship.  Some of my larger paintings incorporate Hebrew words from Jewish prayers.  The ‘Lecha Dodi’ piece that was on the Armory Art Center invitation, is from the prayer service which welcomes the Sabbath, as a bride.  Another powerful piece of bright yellow hues titled ‘AveenuMalkeinu’ (Our Father, Our King”, comes from the High Holy Day liturgy.   I created the ‘Prayer Shawl (‘Tallis’) Series’, one for each year’s Jewish New Year’s card for my family. These watercolors are representational in style.


"Minyan" by Norman Berman

“Minyan” by Norman Berman



During my studies at Brooklyn College, three or four faculty members really influenced me: Jimmy Ernst (son of Max), Carl Robert Holty( a disciple of Mondrian), and Harry Holtzman.  Stylistically, Jimmy showed me how calligraphy and linear work can influence a piece of artwork; how to allow just enough, without overpowering the piece.  Holty was a great “colorist” He taught me to take Mondrian’s rectangles and squares and change their edges from white to various tints and shades of color, allowing work to “float” in one plane over the other.  He helped me capture my creative imagination through color relationships.  Holty subscribed to Hans Hoffman’s theory of “Push and Pull”.  Holtzman, who never taught studio, explained the theory of modern art, abstract theory and how to analyze what the creative process was all about.  He was one of the people who managed to help Mondrian get into the U.S.  The faculty of Brooklyn College in the 50′s and 60′s were influential artists, bringing new ideas and changes to the art world. They were the top names in the Abstract Expressionist Movement.  Having Mark Rothko as a teacher certainly influenced me. I subscribe to the Abstract Art Movement’s credo “The act of painting is more important than the product.  As Mark Rothko says, “My paintings are made to engulf you.” There is a definitive biography of Rothko and I like one of his quotes which is “ART IS AN ADVENTURE INTO AN UNKNOWN WORLD, WHICH CAN BE EXPLORED ONLY BY THOSE WILLING TO TAKE RISKS.” Each time I start a new work, I am moving into an unknown world and taking new risks. That is what keeps me going!


"Lake of the Snow Moon" by Norman Berman ( Art Of Association Winner, 2014 at Lighthouse ArtCenter)

“Lake of the Snow Moon” by Norman Berman ( Art Of Association Winner, 2014 at Lighthouse ArtCenter)


At the same time as I was teaching, I was also creating and showing my own work.  I believe strongly that to be able to teach art, you must be involved in the creative process yourself!  You have to live through the agony of that blank canvas and the ecstasy of a finished piece of art.

TRR:  Does your art tell a story?


Good question!  Usually, my art does not tell a story because I normally don’t create narrative pieces of work. My piece, ‘Lake of Snow Moon’ is unusual in that aspect, for me. The initial little study for it (which I rarely do) was based on the weeds and reeds that I see every day from my kitchen window. When I decided to enlarge it to a full size watercolor the weeds and reeds became snow-covered pine trees. The title “The Lake of the Snow Moon” comes from the fact that the nickname for the full moon in February/March is called the “Snow Moon”. This painting was the second place ribbon recipient at the 2014 Art of Association Show at the Lighthouse Museum.   The toughest part of being an abstract painter is when people ask me , ‘well, what is that supposed to be?’  If my response is that I cannot tell them and they have to determine that for themselves, it sounds dismissive.  I don’t want to be that way.  The spectator has to be willing to engage and think and wonder ‘what does that look like?’ ‘what does it tell me’? I cannot do that for them.  I like the subtlety of color relationships and that shows in a majority of my work.  Even after graduation from Brooklyn College, I would go to Carl Holty’s studio and show him my work and talk about these theories.  Then I started to show my work in galleries in Greenwich Village, eventually moving to galleries uptown.



"Tekiyah" by Norman Berman

“Tekiyah” by Norman Berman



TRR:  What is your favorite part of being an artist?


When the piece is ready to sign!  Once I do that, I never go back to rework the painting.  I also like to see my work in a venue other than the walls in my house. The works look totally different in a gallery. I’ve exhibited widely in the New York Metropolitan area and my work appears in numerous private collections across the country.  The Queensborough Community College Gallery has my work in its permanent collection.  My work has been displayed in libraries, synagogues and churches in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York as well as the Polish Consulate in Manhattan, the GE Gallery in Schenectady, NY and the SONY Gallery in New York City.



"Slowly Comes The Night" by Norman Berman

“Slowly Comes The Night” by Norman Berman


TRR:  What tips would you give beginning artists?

Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do!  Your images will grow and your style will develop. That is OK.  For me, selling my work is a secondary thought.  I love what I do.  But, at the same time, don’t be afraid to market yourself.  I know this is difficult because one is fearful thinking about it.  Most artists aren’t trained to sell their work.





"Eclipse" by Norman Berman

“Eclipse” by Norman Berman

TRR:  Can you take us through the process of a painting?



"Clock-Wise-Counter-Clockwise" by Norman Berman

“Clock-Wise-Counter-Clockwise” by Norman Berman



When we relocated to Florida, I moved away from working with oils.  Now I use watercolor.  I start out with a blank sheet of paper and add floating colors next.  After that, I bring in wide calligraphic lines, getting thinner and thinner to create an intricate ‘lace-like’ network. The final effort is to come up with a title.  I rarely work from sketches or small studies.  I put up a piece of illustration board, watercolor paper or canvas). I don’t buy this notion that art is for self-enjoyment. (That is for the hobbyist who is “making pictures”). Art is a challenge and hard work. I have to let my mind and brain create images through my hand that I find pleasing, interesting and challenging.  The one thing about the 1950′s and 1960′s about theories expounding at Brooklyn College was that the act of painting was more important than the product.  If you finish the product and you like it, sign and you’re done.  Fine.  If you finish a product that you don’t like, it is also fine to rip it up and throw it away.   In fact, in Mark Rothko’s class, he would have you create a piece of art, then tear it up and reconstruct it!



When I am finished with a painting, I sign it and that’s it!  That’s not a “beshert” moment.  It is an “Aha” moment.   When you look at your piece and know that it is enough, you are done.  If you’re not sure, stop painting and turn the piece facing the wall.  Turn it around and look at it in another 6 weeks.  Look at it with fresh eyes.  My best and most instant critic was Ethel…


"Neilah" by Norman Berman

“Neilah” by Norman Berman


TRR:  How do you recharge your creativity?

I like read about “art” whether in fiction or non-fiction.  When I reread two of my favorite books, “My Name is Asher Lev” and “The Gift of Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok, the words deeply move me. While I was not as prolific as the fictional Asher Lev, I had many of the same experiences as he did, growing up in Brooklyn and although locales were “fictionalized” I knew exactly where they were.  I also enjoy Daniel Silva who’s protagonist is Gabriel Alon, an Israeli Mossad agent as well as a world famous art restorer.  I read books about artists. Their concepts and approaches to creativity help me, as you put it, to recharge my own creativity. As an adjunct to my paintings I am a “serious amateur photographer. I am the president of my community photo club. My approach to photograph is similar to my approach to my paintings. I look for the abstract elements in the subjects that I photograph. That is a way that I am constantly aware of the visual world around which eventually can be incorporated into my works.





TRR:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

I do have a physical limitation, which prevents me from working on large canvases, which I used to do in oils and in acrylics. I was diagnosed with ‘brittle bone disease’ (osteogenesisimperfecta). Because of my disability, I limit myself to working on full sheet or a double elephant size Arches’ Bright White 300 lb. Cold Press paper or 140 lb. Arches Bright White paper.  In reading a research paper about OI, it stated that those with the disease tend to be very optimistic people, with strong motivations.  We get up.  We do.  We are positive.  I hope more people find out about the OI   My granddaughter, Mira, uses art as an outlet because she cannot run around like other kids, due to this brittle bone issue.



Norman Berman's "Self Portrait, Soul's Journey"

Norman Berman’s “Self Portrait, Soul’s Journey”

TRR: In 2012, Norman served as Coordinator for the Artists of Palm Beach County’s exhibit at the Armory Art Center.  He had no idea how complex this administrative job would become.  He comments, “Being an educator gives you a multiplicity of skills”.  He is a member on the Board of Directors of the Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC).





For more information, please contact
Norman Berman






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Lighthouse ArtCenter’s 45th Annual Kindergarten -12th Grade Community Student Exhibition: See Future Artists’ Creatvitity

More than 600 people attended the opening receptions and award ceremonies for the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s 45th Annual Kindergarten through 12th Grade Community Student Exhibition. The exhibition features several hundred pieces of artwork from our community’s talented young artists. The exhibition will run through May 21, 2015 and is free to the public thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Bernstein of Palm Beach Gardens, sponsors of this year’s exhibition.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges you to visit this exhibit. It is so reassuring to know the arts will continue into the future!  Congratulations to everyone, including the Lighthouse ArtCenter!




lighthouse artcenter logo

Lighthouse ArtCenter

Gallery Square North

373 Tequesta Drive     Tequesta,FL


(561) 746-3101



Lighthouse ArtCenter

Celebrates 45th Annual

Community Student Exhibition

and Awards




Museum Hours:

Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Closed Sundays.

 Free Admission



Art teachers from Palm Beach and Martin counties submitted the most dynamic student artwork of the school year for display in the exhibition, representing art of various media including drawing, painting, ceramics, mixed-media, sculpture and photography.


Lighthouse ArtCenter 45th Annual Awards Reception

Lighthouse ArtCenter 45th Annual Awards Reception




The annual show is one of the museum’s most popular, drawing over a thousand proud parents, grandparents, siblings and lovers of young art so far.

Ana Salichs, "Alley Cat" Gorman Award Winner

Ana Salichs, “Alley Cat” Gorman Award Winner



Seventy awards were presented to the young artists on the opening reception nights of May 6 and 7. Cash awards and gift certificates were given to the winners.


Antonio King "3 Pigs" Lighthouse ArtCenter Executive Director's Award

Antonio King “3 Pigs” Lighthouse ArtCenter Executive Director’s Award


“I wish we could give prizes to could give awards to all the students!” commented Barbra Broidy, who is the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s curator. “There is just so much talent, and I tend to fall in love with every piece of artwork these enthusiastic students create. They are all winners in my eyes.”


Daisie Sutherland "Steel Wool" Best of Show Award from GFWC Women's Club of Jupiter-Tequesta

Daisie Sutherland “Steel Wool” Best of Show Award from GFWC Women’s Club of Jupiter-Tequesta

The Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman’s Club and the GWFC Women’s Club of Jupiter gave 36 awards, in addition to the annual awards given by Darby and Ed Gorman (The Gorman Awards), Evelyne Bates (Creative Clay Award), Julie Silk-Beaumont (Wildlife Art Awards), Ruth Petzold (Marine Art Awards), Pat DeAloia (Excellence in Art Awards), Ted Matz (Excellence in Painting Award) , North County Art Association and Lighthouse ArtCenter.



Michaela Baughn, "Sunflowers" Best of Show by Lighthouse ArtCenter Awardee

Michaela Baughn, “Sunflowers” Best of Show by Lighthouse ArtCenter Awardee

Participating schools for 2015:


Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Beacon Cove Intermediate, Clark Advanced Learning Center, Crestwood Middle School, Crystal Lake Elementary School, Dr. David L Anderson Middle School, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Hobe Sound Elementary, Jenson Beach High School, Jerry Thomas Elementary, Jupiter Christian School, Jupiter High School, Jupiter Middle School, The King’s Academy, Lighthouse Elementary, Limestone Creek Elementary, Marsh Pointe Elementary, Martin County High School, Palm Beach Gardens Elementary, Palmview Elementary, Pine Jog Elementary School, Saint Mark’s Episcopal School, South Fork High School, Suncoast High School, The Pine School, Trinity Christian School of Palm Beach Gardens, U. B. Kinsey Elementary , Watson B. Duncan Middle School Martin County Special Needs students were from: Challenger School, Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School, Jenson Beach High School, Martin County High School, Riverbend Academy and Southfork High School.


Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman’s Club AWARDS Grades K- 5:


1st Place Kindergarten                                                                                                                     Ella Egizio for “Mini-Picasso”                                                                                                   St. Mark’s School

2nd Place Kindergarten                                                                                                    Caroline McCarthy for “Cardinal in the Snow”                                                        Limestone Creek Elementary School


1st Place in 1st Grade                                                                                                            Audrey Walker for “Fruit Still Life”
St. Mark’s School

2nd Place in 1st Grade
Thao Dinh for “My Orca”
Timber Trace Elementary School

1st Place in 2nd Grade
Sophia Cariani for “Old Barn”
Hobe Sound Elementary School

2nd Place in 2nd Grade
Kylie Chang for “I Did My best”
Weiss School

1st Place in 3rd Grade
Michael Nardone for “7th Hole, Pebble Beach”
Weiss School

2ndPlace in 3rd Grade
Max Keavy for “Max’s Fruit”
Limestone Creek Elementary School

1st Place in 4th Grade
Rain Wyzkiewicz for untitled polar bears
U.B. Kinsey Elementary School

2nd Place in 4th Grade
Sawyer Pro for “Resting Tiger”
Homeschool Program

1st Place in 5th Grade
Yalana Weaver for “Koi Lure”
Hobe Sound Elementary School

2nd Place in 5th Grade
Liliana Sisto for “Trip to Italy”
Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School


Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman’s Club AWARDS Grades 6-12 & Special Awards:

MCSNT (Martin County Special Needs Training program)Excellence Award

Ariana for “Exquisite Lady”
10th Grade, Riverbend Academy

Excellence in Clay K-5
Addison Frasier for “Crush”
5th Grade, P B G Elementary School

Excellence in Clay 6-8
Jake Lover for “Cake”
8th Grade, St. Mark’s School

Excellence in Mixed Media K-5
Group Project Award
Beacon Cove Elementary School
“A Day at Spoon Beach”

Excellence in Mixed Media 6-12
Santiago Prieto for “Sandals”
9th Grade, Jupiter High School

Excellence in Digital Media
Logan Ward for “Donuts”
10th Grade, Clark Advanced Learning Center

1st Place in Photography
Alicia Frost for “I Am Bigger Than My Disability”
12th Grade, South Fork High School

2nd Place in Photography
Emily Faehnle for “Movement of Life”
11th Grade, South Fork High School

1st Place Group Project
Jupiter Christian for “Radical Name Design””
6th Grade Art Students

2nd Place Group Project
Good Shepherd for “Lights Out Loggerhead”
K – 5th Grade Art Students

1st Place in 6th Grade
Jenna Rembaum for “Boots”
Watson B. Duncan MS

2nd  Place in 6th Grade
Alexis Samra for “Turtle”
Watson B. Duncan MS

1st Place in 7th Grade
Jake Stewart for “Industrial Collage”
Home School Program

2nd Place in 7th Grade
Jacob Renner for untitled landscape
Watson B. Duncan MS

1st Place in 8th Grade
Christian Thomas for “Hulk”
Watson B. Duncan MS

2nd Place in 8th Grade
Emma Weiner for “Rabbit”
Jupiter Middle School

1st Place in 9th Grade
Olivia Rillo for “Pieces of Me”
The Pine School

2nd Place in 9th Grade
Morgan Fuller for “Full Howl”
South Fork High School

1st Place in 10th Grade
Alyssa Macchia for “Ariyana”
Jensen Beach High School

2nd Place in 10th Grade
Lisa Shmarvera for “Empire State”
Kings Academy

1st Place in 11th Grade
Shelby Baillie for untitled ink on two panels
Jensen Beach High School

2nd Place in 11th Grade
Janessa Lynch for untitled ink portrait
Jupiter High School

1st Place in 12th Grade
Austin O’Reilly for “The Splash”
Clark Advanced Learning Center

2nd Place in 12th Grade
Morgan Beaty for “Swordfish”
Kings Academy


The SILK Wildlife Award K-5
Saylor Hawkin for “Zebra Family”
Kindergarten, Limestone Creek

The SILK Wildlife Award 6-12
Christina Kull for “No Sneeze Snail”
9th Grade, Kings Academy


The Gorman Award K-5
Ana Salichs for “Alley Cats”
2nd Grade, Jerry Thomas Elementary

The Gorman Award 6-12
Darrell Hanion for “Life of Spike”
10th Grade, South Fork High School


22nd Annual Evelyne Bates Creative Clay Award
Sydney Wiles for “Tree House”
5th Grade, PBG Elementary School


Award of Excellence K-5
Connor Chesnes for “Crazy Fish”
1st Grade, Jerry Thomas Elementary School

Award of Excellence 6-8
Natalie Sanders for “Aborigine Animal”
8th Grade, Jupiter Christian School

Award of Excellence 9-12
Yichu Chen for “Mr. Zhang”
11th Grade, Kings Academy

Special Needs Award of Excellence
Oswald Wallace

PAT DEALOIA Excellence in Art Awards

Michelle Taubler for “The Table”
12th Grade, South Fork High School

Lesley Rivera for “My New Life”
9th Grade, Suncoast High School

TED MATZ Excellence in Painting Award

Austin Aguilar for “Connect”
Clark Advanced Learning Center



Violet Pryor for “Ocean Scene”
1st Grade, Lighthouse Elementary School

Erinn Riley for “Blue Whale”
5th Grade, Jerry Thomas Elementary School

Sophia DeLeonardo for untitled turtles
6th Grade, Watson B. Duncan Middle School

Nick Bowden for “Sting Rays”
10th Grade, Jupiter Christian



Lighthouse ArtCenter Best of K-2
Zoe Zwart for “Colorful Tree”
1st Grade, Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School

Lighthouse ArtCenter Best of 3-5
Miranda Hamilton for Princess “Dot”
3rd Grade, Beacon Cove Elementary School

Lighthouse ArtCenter Best of 6-8
Phoebe Denenberg for”Alone”
7th Grade, The Benjamin School

Lighthouse ArtCenter Best of 9-12
Michaela Baughn for”Sunflowers”
9th Grade, Jupiter High School

Lighthouse ArtCenter Executive Director’s Awards:
Antonio King for “Three Pigs”
Kindergarten, U.B. Kinsey Elementary School

Ben Bolanos for “Woodpecker”
Kindergarten, Lighthouse Elementary School

Will Cashel for “Vincent Van Gruff”
1st Grade, St. Mark’s Episcopal School

Andrea Hernandez for “Ming Vase: Cherry Blossoms”
2nd Grade, U.B Kinsey Elementary School

Sebastian Pasana for “Fire Breather”
3RD Grade, Timber Trace Elementary School

Nicholas Hillberg for “Cocoa Cat”
3RD Grade, Trinity Christian School

Zayna Sandoval for “DRAGON”
2nd Grade, U.B. Kinsey Elementary School

Emma Reeves for “Nevelson Rivisited”
5th Grade
Timber Trace Elementary School

Lighthouse ArtCenter MCSNT Excellence Award

David Cedillos for”Mi Barrio”
10th Grade, Riverbend Academy


Eldriana Christian for “Star of the Reef”

4th Grade, Timber Trace Elementary School

Driptua Chakraborty for “Brown Pony”
5th Grade, Limestone Creek Elementary School

GFWC Women’s Club of
Jupiter-Tequesta AWARDS

GFWC Best of K-5
Vincent Nuygen for untitled ceramic fish
4th Grade, Timber Trace Elementary School

GFWC Best of 6-8
Laubra Serna for “Aqua Dreams”
8th Grade, Watson B. Duncan Middle School

GFWC Best of 9-12
Hannah Koedam for untitled egret photo
11th Grade, South Fork High School

GFWC Overall Best in Show
Daisie Sutherland for “Steel Wool”
12th Grade, Jensen Beach High School

GFWC Excellence Award for MCSNT
Nik C. for “Karl”
7th Grade, Riverbend Academy






The Lighthouse ArtCenter is a member-supported nonprofit 501(c)(3) community arts organization, providing excellence in art exhibitions, instruction, education and outreach for all ages. Programs are funded in part by the Palm Beach County Cultural Council, the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.

For more information on the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, School of Art, exhibitions, programs and events, visit or call (561) 746-3101.




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Don’t Miss Hennevelts “May the Froth Be With You” Exhibit: A Sci-fi Art show. From Startwars To Dragons To Hmmm…What Is That? This Show Is Out Of This World

Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt’s Exhibit, “May the Froth Be With You” will take you out of this world!  All works are created by Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt along with several collaborations works between these two local artist based out of Northwood Village. Yes, they are those “Hennevelts” from Hennevelt’s Gallery!  The exhibit takes place at Harold’s Coffee Lounge on Northwood Road in West Palm Beach through Friday, May 29th.  The Rickie Report gives you the details and some sneak peeks!  We can tell you from experience, these sci-fi images and 3D art pieces are addictive – just like the froth on Harold’s Coffees!



henneveltShow poster

Harold’s Coffee Lounge

509 Northwood Road    W. Palm Beach, FL

“May The Froth Be With You”

Show Curator: Christian Bentall

Sponsors: Harold’s Coffee Lounge, Beat Thief

Show closes Friday, May 29, 2015

During  the Art and Wine Promenade

6pm – 9pm

Facebook event page

"Bubos Cousin" Sculpture by Freddy Hennevelt

“Bubos Cousin” Sculpture by Freddy Hennevelt

The Hennevelts have been in Northwood Village for four years and have recently changed their Gallery location in Tinson Antiques at 540 Northwood  Road, West Palm Beach.  The Gallery space is small and features a total of 9 local and international artists.  Gallery hours are: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5pm.

"Re Clomet" 3d Artwork by Nickie Hennevelt

“Re Clomet” 3d Artwork by Nickie Hennevelt

Freddy is in the Gallery on Wednesday and every other Saturday where he can often be found working on furniture restoration and refinishing. With so much going on, this energetic couple has found the time to pull together an amazing show that is being featured for the entire month of May at Harold’s Coffee Lounge located at 509 Northwood Road.  Nickie and Freddy also take commissions.

Please join Nickie and Freddy at their show closing on Friday, May 29, 2015 during the Northwood Village Art and Wine Promenade.

"Tie Fighter" by Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt

“Tie Fighter” by Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt

Hennevelt’s story goes back to a non physical world as they met online in a virtual world of Second Life. Discovering they had the same love of photography and art, they fell in love with each other. While never meeting in person, the two began an art gallery in the virtual world of Second Life with their photography of NWSPictures.
"Epus" by Freddy Hennevelt

“Epus” by Freddy Hennevelt

As Second Life became Real life for them and then opening a Gallery in the real world, their many talents as artist have unfolded to the public. Not only are they photographers but painters and sculptors from 2-D to 3-D. Freddy and Nickie also served as ArtSynergy Co-founders and District Leaders, bringing artists and artisans of Palm Beach County together during Art Palm Beach to showcase local artistic talent.
"X Wing" by Nickie Hennevelt

“X Wing” by Nickie Hennevelt

Widely known and appreciated community art activists, they co-founded the ArtX Artwalk for the Historic Northwood Art Walk Second Saturday each month! These docent led tours take art lovers to meet gallery owners and artists, as well as focus on the small businesses that make Northwood Village the hip place it has become. These events are Free and family friendly.  For details about the Artwalks, please visit:  
"Dragon" by Freddy Hennevelt

“Dragon” by Freddy Hennevelt

For more information please visit:

Nickie and Freddy’s website:

Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts on the Go

West Palm Beach, 33407 FL
561.506.4108      Email:
Hennevelt’s Gallery on the Go website:

Nickie and Freddy’s Photography Website:
NEW! Facebook Page:

ArtSynergy Co-founders / District Leaders

Nickie’s full time employment:

West Palm Beach Library Foundation
Supporting the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach


Harold's Coffees, Sponsor

Harold’s Coffees, Sponsor

henneveltSponsor Beat Thief

Beat Thief, Sponsor








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Special Raffle Fundraiser Event For Two Worthy Artists – Help Save Their Home!

For over 20 years, Anthony Burks and Trina Slade-Burks have supported Palm Beach County artists through their company ATB Fine Artists & Designers. They have curated and hosted art shows, giving emerging artists the opportunity to sell their works. The African Diaspora Exhibition at the Armory Art Center and later at Palm Beach State College brought large numbers of viewers from beyond this area. Their CONTINUUM Gallery was one of the highlights of Art Palm Beach/Art Synergy for the past two years.  The Rickie Report shares an opportunity for a WIN-WIN:  You get to choose which art-related raffle items you want to bid on.  The money raised helps the Burks family Save Their Home!  Attention Art Lovers:  This is an amazing opportunity to purchase fine art and fine crafts!  Read the details for this fundraiser at the Brewhouse Gallery on  Saturday, May 23rd.






Save Our Home Fundraiser


Trina and Anthony Burks

Saturday, May 23, 2015

6:00 – 8:00 pm

The Brewhouse Gallery

720 Park Avenue   Lake Park,FL


The fundraiser will take place at The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park on Saturday, May 23. Artists are donating small artworks that will be raffled off that night, and donations will be accepted. In addition, AJ Brockman of Brewhouse Gallery will be donating a portion of the proceeds from that day. The public is encouraged to attend! There is no cover charge. Food, coffees, soft drinks and a wide variety of craft beers will be available for purchase. Live music begins at 8pm. Home made tacos and dips from Tacos don Pepe are on the menu!



Anthony and Trina Burks

Anthony and Trina Burks




You would be hard-pressed to find an artist in Palm Beach County that has not benefitted from the hard work of Trina and Anthony Burks. Unfortunately, the Burks family now needs our help. Due to a job loss and unexpected medical issues, they are now at risk of losing their family home.


Save Our Home!

Save Our Home!



By the end of May, they may have to leave the house which has served as their business office, studio, and home for many years. Artists have asked how they can help Trina and Anthony. Their friend Suzanne Redmond has decided to host a fundraiser for their benefit so that we can gather their friends and fellow artists together to show our support.


Trina Burks and Original Artwork

Trina Burks and Original Artwork



Anthony and Trina Burks, throughout their difficult journey, continue to work with emerging and established professional artists in our area.  From banner painting on Clematis Street, to hosting Artists Lunches and Lectures (which bring professionals in the business and legal world together with artists), they continue to give of themselves.  Tonight is the Opening Night of their collaboration with Barbara Cheives.   


barbaracheivesart-and-kimono-exhibit 57kb



Both Trina and Anthony’s artwork will be available for purchase at Kimono Show.



"Kimono Doll" by Trina Burkes

“Kimono Doll” Mixed Media by Trina Burkes



"Rhino" Painting on Wood by Anthony Burks

“Rhino” Painting on Wood by Anthony Burks


 Anthony Burks also provides graphic design services for artists, designing their postcards, flyers, logos, and business cards.


Anthony Burks working on a painting

Anthony Burks working on a painting



How Does This Raffle Work?


You purchase as many raffle tickets as you want.  Place  tickets in the container in front of the art object you want to win. Place as many tickets as you want in each container. The more tickets you place in any one container, the better your chances are of winning! 


"Endangered" by Anthony Burks

“Endangered” by Anthony Burks


Brewhouse has coffee, drinks, and now is offering food from  Live music will start at 8:00, so stay and enjoy the band.

If you’d like to donate art items for the raffle, contact Suzanne Redmond at 561-801-6952


Here is where Anthony has his artwork now:

Cultural Council
Kimono Show
The Brewhouse Gallery
Creme de la Creme (Northwood)

You can also see his scarves at:

and his paintings at:




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Summer Art Camp For Kids Ages 4.5 To 17 At Armory Art Center

Summer Art Camp at the Armory Art Center is filled with fun, creativity, character development, and self-esteem initiatives. The arts have the power to do all that and more! Their innovative theme weeks include drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry,fiber arts, ceramics, and printmaking as a major focus enhanced with music, dance, games, and team building.  Activities are appropriate for ages 4.5 to 17.  The Rickie Report wishes we were younger as we share the details here. Extended child care is available.






Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401


Summer Art Camp






June 8-August 14, 2015

Ages 4.5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and 14-17
Camp Hours: 9am – 4:30pm
Drop off/Pick-up: 8:30-9:00 and 4:30-5:00

Extended care is available for $60 per child per week
Extended care hours: 8:am-8:30am and 5:00-5:30pm


armoryyoungstersummer art camp 2015-web version 2-9-15


Summer Art Camp at the Armory Art Center is filled with fun, creativity, character development, and self-esteem initiatives. The arts have the power to do all that and more! Our innovative theme weeks will include drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry,fiber arts, ceramics, and printmaking as a major focus enhanced with music, dance, games, and team building.


armoryweeklysessionsinstudisummer art camp 2015-web version 2-9-15



The Armory’s camp leaders are skilled in working with youth in the arts. They take a special joy in supporting the imagination of our youth and know how to work with a variety of skill and dexterity levels. We look forward to partnering with you, the parent, to provide a safe, enriching, fun summer for your child.


armoryrockinstudothemessummer art camp 2015-web version 2-9-15


Activities include:
• A week filled with art education
• Immersion in various creative techniques for diverse interests and skill building
• Field trips to local venues
• Art show openings in July and August



Armory Art Center Spring Break Art Activities

Armory Art Center Spring Break Art Activities



Link to the Class Catalog




The mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation and experience of art. The Armory’s vision is to be Palm Beach County’s leading visual arts education and exhibition center. Housed in an historic art deco building, the Armory provides art classes for students of all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events. Twenty exhibitions are hosted annually in three galleries.


Nearly 100 courses held in 12 state-of-the-art studios are offered including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, glass fusing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, and more. For more information, visit or call 561-832-1776 x33.



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Susan Oakes and Joan Lustig Exhibit At Cultural Council Biennial

Celebrate professional Palm Beach County artists at the upcoming Cultural Council Biennial 2015!  The Cultural Council is pleased to showcase a wide variety of media. The exhibit was juried by Elizabeth Sobieski, a contributing writer to The Art Economist. Also a screenwriter and producer based in both New York and Los Angeles, Sobieski has written on arts-related subjects for such publications as New York Magazine, New York Post, Avenue Magazine and Cosmopolitan.  The juried process was handled through Juried Art Services, a Palm Beach County-based organization that has juried some of the nation’s leading exhibitions.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share information and sneak peeks of two of the artists accepted into this prestigious exhibit, Susan Oakes and Joan Lustig.  RSVP for Opening night! Be sure to stop by throughout the Exhibition to vote for your favorite. Voting ends August 15th.





601 Lake Avenue      Lake Worth, FL 33460


Exhibit Runs May 15 through August 29


The Cultural Council Biennial 2015 Awards for Best of Show, second and third places will be announced at the preview party on May 14 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Admission is free for Cultural Council members or $20 for non-members. A People’s Choice award will give patrons an opportunity to vote for their favorite — voting ends August 15.



"Inward" by Susan Oakes

“Inward” by Susan Oakes




Susan Oakes


Susan Oakes is a freelance graphic artist and instructor who draws from a diverse background of psychology (B.A.), business, (management) art and technology, (teaching at Briarcliffe College in NY, as well as Palm Beach State College and the School District of Palm Beach County in addition to many private students).



"Mandevilla" by Susan Oakes

“Mandevilla” by Susan Oakes


She tells The Rickie Report, “Having never been a person with merely one goal, one purpose, I have traveled a multifaceted educational and vocational road which continues to enlighten and reveal lifelong purpose. Through my work and teaching, I aim to show that art and technology are not antagonistic, but can coexist and should be used to enhance each other in new and exciting ways. In my digital work I blur the borders between photography, painting, and digital illustration to achieve my artistic vision.”


"Red Hibiscus" by Susan Oakes

“Red Hibiscus” by Susan Oakes


Susan has exhibited with The Artist’s Association of Jupiter, (FL), where she is a permanent artist member, the Palm Beach Photographic Center, Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, Melbourne, FL; Art in Public Places of Palm Beach County (FL),Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth, Artists of Palm Beach County, OSGS Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL, (FL) the Long Island Studies Institute, (NY), Seybold Seminars Digital Design (San Francisco, CA), The Society of Illustrators (NYC), Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Dowell, MD, Art Ascent Magazine, “Emergence” exhibit, summer 2013, Palm Beach Cultural Council: County Contemporary: All Media Juried Show, Summer 2013 and Biennial 2015, and online art venues such as Palm Beach County, FL Light Space and  All of Susan’s  images are Digital Photo Paintings, Gicleé on Canvas.



For more information please contact Susan Oakes at  or call







Joan Lustig received her Bachelor of Arts in Design at Brooklyn College, 1955. She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) and has shown at numerous exhibitions, including: National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) Artists’ Guild at Northwood University, Florida Artist Group (FLAG). She is a member of the National Collage Society (NCS), Signature Member and Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC).





"Blue Shape" by Joan Lustig

“Blue Shape” by Joan Lustig

Joan Lustig is a multifaceted award winning artist who works in acrylics, monotypes, mixed media and jewelry. Her designs are spontaneous and intuitive and develop as the work progresses. As the interaction of color, texture and shapes grow she draws from her inner experiences to resolve the work. Her vision is to have a response from the viewer, based on their own feelings or emotions to the piece. In addition to exhibiting and winning awards in museum shows and galleries, she has had several SOLO shows.


For more information please contact Joan Lustig at  561.842.3698  or email



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Boynton Beach Celebrates The Artistry And Vision Of Conrad Pickel, Master of Stained Glass

Who designed and created the world’s largest stained glass window?  Conrad Pickel, the resident and designer of numerous buildings in Boynton Beach, FL! Come and celebrate the legacy of Conrad Pickel on Saturday, May 23rd.  A major influence within the stained glass industry in the United States, he was a gifted painter, wood carver and mosaic artist.  The Rickie Report is excited to share the details about this event.  There will be bus tours, lectures, and demonstrations by experts in glass making and stained glass. Meet the family living in one of the homes he designed! Be part of Florida’s heritage-tourism and be proud!  These events are Free to the public, but you must register for the bus tour.








Conrad Pickel (1906 – 1994) learned the art of stained glass with the renown  Mayer Studio in Munich, Germany. He opened his own studio in 1947 in Milwaukee, WI, which quickly grew into one of the leading studios in the United States. In 1956, Mr. Pickel opened a branch in Vero Beach, Florida and transferred the complete operation there in 1977. Mr. Pickel lived in Pompano Beach, FL. and moved to Boynton Beach, FL in 1956 until his death. He designed five buildings in Boynton Beach.






The tour will depart at the Boynton Beach City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd. at 8 a.m. The tour, which will be narrated by City of Boynton Beach Historic Preservation Planner, Warren Adams, and President of the Boynton Beach Historical Society, Janet DeVries, will visit 5 locations that highlight Conrad Pickel’s stain glass pieces: Boynton Beach Memorial Park Mausoleum, Ascension Lutheran Church, St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church, Former Gallery Fantasia, and St. Mark’s Church. The tour is free. However, interested attendees must call 561.742.6066 to register.


On completion of the bus tour, at approximately 10:30 a.m., the program will begin at the Boynton Beach City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd. with a series of lectures on Conrad Pickel by Janet DeVries, President, Boynton Beach Historical Society; Shanon Materio, President, McMow Art Glass; Paul Pickel, President, Conrad Pickel Studio; Rick Eggert, Creative Director, Benzaiten Center for the Creative Arts and the Jacarusos, owners of a Conrad Pickel designed house. In addition, there will be glass art demonstrations and an exhibit of Conrad Pickel’s art, vision and dreams.




Conrad Pickel Mausoleum Stained Glass in Boynton Beach, FL

Conrad Pickel Mausoleum Stained Glass in Boynton Beach, FL




A major influence in the stained glass industry in the U.S., Pickel invented decralite block.  His appreciation for how glass could transform  simple concrete blocks can be seen at his most well-known structure in Boynton Beach, Gallery Fantasia.   He incorporated faceted glass in the blocks which were then used as structural elements in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.




Example of Conrad Pickel's  Decralite Block

Example of Conrad Pickel’s Decralite Block


Mr. Pickel’s designs to make a simple water tower a piece of public art were embraced by the City Of Boynton Beach. We share one of the images here.  Their construction was unable to be completed due to budget issues.


Drawing of Conrad Pickel Water Tower Surround

Drawing of Conrad Pickel Water Tower Surround



Mr. Pickel, known throughout the world for his expressionistic stained-glass creations, built the Gallery Fantasia in Boynton Beach in 1974. The artistic gathering place, to which Mr. Pickel charged no admission, closed in 1983 after expenses continued to outpace donations.  The Sun Sentinel reported his quote: “When we closed it, you wouldn’t have believed the complaints,” he said at the time. “A city without art is a city without a soul.”


Museum of Stained Glass Concept of Conrad Pickel Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Museum of Stained Glass Concept of Conrad Pickel Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website



Under the direction of Mr. Pickel’s son, Paul, the studio continues to develop new techniques and applications for stained glass and mosaic. In addition to a presentation by Paul, the community will meet the Jacaruso family, who lives in the home constructed by Conrad Pickel located in Pompano Beach, FL.



Conrad Pickel, Self Portrait. Image courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Conrad Pickel, Self Portrait. Image courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

We share an excerpt from his son, Paul, who wrote about the stained glass window in Our Lady of Lourdes:


 “Stained glass without light would of course be nothing. Conrad Pickel became his own master in using light and a master of controlling light to strengthen his designs. He was never afraid to use black and preached this lesson to me constantly. There is always a halation of certain colors as light passes through stained glass. Painted line work and lead lines become smaller with the halation of light. He brings out the richness of color and was aware of how light affected his line work and facial details realizing his line work would become smaller as the light passed through the glass. He selected glass that has beautiful shading and he sought out glass that was not perfect. He wanted glass that showed its handmade characteristics. He wanted glass that had natural lines and bubbles all to alter and enhance the rays of light as they passed through the glass.”

Conrad Pickel at work, Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Conrad Pickel at work, Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website


“Wherever I go to see my father’s work, the color of glass is the key to his design, is his selection of a beautiful cobalt blue. It has a bit of gray in it, a bit of purple but it is mainly soft, peaceful and yes, spiritual. Many times it is referred to as the Pickel Blue. People generally love stained glass as the morning light pours through the colored glass but also one of the most spiritual times to appreciate a Pickel Window with its special Pickel Blues is to be by oneself, in a darkening church, as the sun is receding. As light enters through, the striking blues and darkening rich colors, that special experience of stained glass cannot help but move one’s soul.  The designs by Conrad Pickel for the stained glass windows of Our Lady of Lourdes are timeless and should undoubtedly be appreciated by many generations to come. This is the true genius and beauty of his work.”







The Pickel Studio with more than a half-century of commissions to its credit, continues to create innovative stained glass, mosaic and sculpture for religious, secular and public projects throughout North America.

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The City of Boynton Beach recognizes the importance of preserving its historic resources and has adopted a preservation ordinance as the foundation for a comprehensive preservation program. The program is to include a Historic Resources Preservation Board for program oversight; a property tax exemption component; and guidelines, standards, and procedures for the maintenance and modification of historic properties.
The City has also initiated a community education campaign to inform the public of the value of historic preservation, the aforementioned tax exception program, and how historic preservation can be a tool for stabilizing aging neighborhoods, fostering community cohesiveness and furthering civic pride.

For more information, call Debby Coles-Dobay, Public Art Manager, at 561-742-6026 or Warren Adams, Historic Preservation Planner, at 561-742-6757


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