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Local Artist in The Big Apple



 New York, New York

 APRIL 3-30, 2012

A selection of paintings by Argentine native and Florida resident, Daniel Bottero will enliven the exciting exhibition space at Time Warner Center in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle throughout the month of April.


Bottero’s work can be described as both bold and dramatic, often energetically rendered in nearly fauvist hyper-color, yet equally lyrical.  The well-known Miami-based artist has been hailed by the renowned American art critic, and former A.D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University as, “a poet painter, that is, a painter who uses his medium to convey the poetry of his emotions, indeed of his temperament”.

Having lived in Manhattan for many years, Bottero made the recent decision to  show at Time Warner Center “In order to embrace the cacophony of the urban landscape.”   This choice is not surprising as in both the artist’s work, and in the refreshing way he views the commercial art world, Bottero is one of a dying breed. He is wholly unmoved by market trends, nor has he been tempted away from his first love—the pure application of paint on canvas. He has never wavered from the visceral thrill that honing and perfecting this traditional technique as his chosen means of expression has given him.

Sweet Dreams

In addition, Bottero stands out in the context of the 21st century contemporary art world, populated increasingly by artists who utilize the latest in digital and technological media to comment on temporal and political themes. Many artists today are working in an outward-referencing manner, often in an honorable quest to further the dialogue and dialectic surrounding difficult geo-political issues, yet  Bottero has remained true to an inward-looking and highly personal perspective and has left the commentary and desire to agitate to others.

The serenity evoked by this highly personal aesthetic approach to universal    themes and human emotions, has made Bottero’s work a favorite of prestigious   private collectors including: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Pacino, Dan Marino and Gloria Estefan. In addition, his work is featured in acclaimed, and critically curated corporate collections including: Citibank, Xerox, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Although Bottero is a painter with roots in the Latin American Modernist aesthetic  —he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires—his work  has evolved and gained layers of depth and meaning, as a result of his extensive further education and travel. After leaving Argentina, Bottero earned his Master’s Degree at the Academia Italiana de Belle Arti, in Lucca, Italy, and spent long periods living in both Paris and New York—absorbing the cultural idiosyncrasies of these two great cities and art centers.

Critics and collectors often compare Bottero’s work to the best of modern cityscape painting, to the masters of Latin Magical Realism and to the evocation of the sub-conscious championed by the Surrealists. However, as is usually the  case, the artist himself is uncomfortable with neat comparisons, and describes the driving forces behind his vocation best. As he potently puts it: “Yesterday, today, my life, new encounters, loves, dreams, loneliness, strange noises and sorrows”.

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