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Rebekah Younger, Wearable Knit Artist, Reception

Gallery Five begins its 30th season by bringing wearable knit artist, Rebekah Younger, to our area.  Using hand-loomed knits as her canvas, she moves beyond the confines of the knitted stitch.  Dyeing or discharging freehand, in gradation or with shibori techniques, Younger often develops her own methods for dyeing knits by adapting processes designed for woven fabric.  She is inspired by color, playing with it in sheer layers, in subtle gradations or with bold and fluid markings across the surface of the fabric.

Younger makes sure that the garment is more than just a joy to behold, it is also a sensual pleasure to wear.  “I work only with natural fibers and simple clean forms to create garments that have grace, femininity and feel luxurious.   It is very important to me that the garment, though a unique statement, also become a staple of the wearer’s wardrobe.  I believe wearable art should be true to its name and be truly wearable.”

The public is invited to meet Rebekah Younger on Saturday October 29th at Gallery Five between noon and 4:00 pm.  Younger’s newest wearable art knits will be shown at this Trunk Show from October 27th through November 2nd.

For more information contact: Gallery Five   140 Bridge Road  Tequesta, FL 33469, call 561-747-5555 or go to:

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