“A Colorful Kingdom” Features Tiffany Beasi And Melissa Mastrangelo At Sunrise Civic Center Gallery

Tiffany Beasi and Melissa Mastrangelo are the Featured Artists at the Sunrise Civic Center Gallery from July 20th through September 1st.  Everyone is invited to a free, Public Reception on Friday, July 27th.  You will experience vivid colors, meet these two passionate artists, and see their interpretation of “A Colorful Kingdom”. All ages will identify with the artworks and be enthused by what they see!  The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks.



P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S  :




Art Reception:

Friday, July 27th

6  – 9 PM 

Light refreshments including fruit, cheese, dips, popcorn chicken, wine, soft drinks, water, coffee, other snacks will be served.


Exhibit is available July 20 – September 1, 2018



Gallery Hours:

Tuesday and Friday   10:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Wednesday and Thursday  Noon to 7:00 pm

 Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm



Sunrise Civic Center Theatre and Art Gallery

10610 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351

(954) 747-4646





T i f f a n y      B e a s i


Tiffany Beasi is a professional painter, muralist and art director with 15 years experience. Tiffany has been drawing since childhood and holds a degree in graphic design from UCF. As an award-winning creative, she has generated commercial art for clients as Walt Disney World, Core Communities, Orlando Magic, Hard Rock International, Roadhouse Grill, Garden of Life and Cafe Tu Tu Tango.


In recent years, Tiffany has exhibited her work in several group art shows including House of Blues Folk Art Festival, Sun Fest and Aesop’s Fable Tables in West Palm Beach, Gibson Guitar Town in Orlando and Hard Rock Hotels Velvet Lounge. Her public art projects and murals span the state of Florida and are located in Coral Springs, St. Cloud, Palm Harbor, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Lake Worth. In the next few years, Tiffany hopes to expand her public art projects with the focus on environmental awareness themes.




” A Good Life” Mural by Tiffany Beasi



Tiffany tells The Rickie Report, “When I start with an idea, I am inspired by music, animals and the environment around me. I paint what I see and feel. I love to create things that not only I can grow from but that will inspire others as well. Most of the time, I use acrylic paint on canvas but I do create on functional materials like shoes, skateboards, surfboards, chairs, walls and guitars”.

Growing Is Key” by Tiffany Beasi

Tiffany says, “My vivid color scheme has developed over the years from being a Florida native. The Florida landscape is bright and drowned in dynamic colors. Absorbing this eye-catching landscape has inspired my work. I don’t really stick to one subject matter just like I don’t listen to the same music or eat the same things everyday. Life is to short to paint the same thing everyday. My style is creating. When I am done with a painting, I feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment and have a happy smile on my face”.



Melissa   Mastrangelo 


Melissa Mastrangelo is originally from Upstate NY, but has found her true home here in South Florida. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, and has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her work has been displayed at multiple local breweries and cafes, here in FL, most recently at Oceana Cafe in Tequesta.




Jelly Fish by Melissa Mastrangelo



Her love and passion for nature, especially the sea, is heavily reflected in her work. Her paintings mainly depict colorful sea creatures, waves, and tropical landscapes. Melissa is an avid scuba diver and paddleboarder, further adding inspiration from the natural beauty all around here. She prefers a more stylistic approach to painting, working off of photographs but adding her own personal touch. Use of vibrant colors and different textures (splatter/use of palette knife) is what makes her work unique. Her favorite medium is acrylic paint, but she also enjoys drawing with ink pens and watercoloring, which is how her zentangle creations are born.





Melissa Mastrangelo with her “Fairy Tale House” Public Art Project in W. Palm Beach, FL



Melissa also runs a “Paint and Sip” company, Mobile Masterpieces, in which she teaches acrylic on canvas. So to keep things interesting, she loves to paint on recycled guitars, decks, and boards as well. Most recently she has begun a “Porthole” series on used vinyl records with 3D printed frames. 



 For more information about Tiffany Beasi:

Email   artist@tiffanybeasi.com



Follow Me On:



For more information about Melissa Mastrangelo:


To see more of her artwork visit facebook.com/dreamincolor26

Instagram @dreamincolorart 

email at dreamincolorartfl@gmail.com





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“Stand Up SPEAK OUT” Art Exhibit Premieres At Armory Art Center At City Place

Fiber artist  Mary Catello, believes that art can be a visual voice for social and political issues. Her powerful installation art exhibit, “Stand Up SPEAK OUT” will premiere at the Armory Art Center At City Place in West Palm Beach, FL.  The Exhibit will be open Thursday through Sunday, July 19 – 22 and July 26 – 29th.Well known for her basketry, Mary has taken the issues of assault and abuse to a new creative level.  Her goal is to bring this exhibit on tour, offering an opportunity for conversations, seeking resources for help, and stemming the tide of these behaviors.  The Rickie Report shares the details of the exhibit and a sneak peek. We hope that after you read this article and see the exhibit, you will contact Mary to invite her to bring her exhibit to a venue near you.





561.832.1776   armoryart.org




“Stand Up SPEAK OUT”

Mary Catello



Thursday,  July 19- Sunday, July 22nd


Thursday, July 26- Sunday, July 29th


Armory Art Center at City Place

700 Rosemary Avenue  Suite 136

West Palm Beach, FL 33401



Mary Catello With “Stand Up SPEAK OUT”



Mary Catello tells The Rickie Report, “Six months of research, interviews, and studio work are coming to the end.  Art can be a visual voice for social and political issues… From the minute I started this project, I knew I wanted it to be seen by thousands, millions, everyone. I want a face and a story to help bring awareness to sexual abuse. I want people to see how the majority of victims go through life never sharing their pain”.


“I’m asking all viewers that have experienced any assault or abuse to safely add a “post it” comment to the walls surrounding the girls. I anticipate an  overwhelming number of “post its” adding up as “Stand Up SPEAK OUT” tours the United States. I want the magnitude of “post its” to add to the power of the installation. I want the visual of these girls to promote open conversations about respect, protection, and changing our abusive society. I want males and females to know they can and should stand up and speak out”!   Mary will have printed literature and information for help-lines and resources.



For more information please visit: Facebook:  Mary Catello


Palm Beach Help Line:   561.833.7273

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):  800.656.4673




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“ENDANGERED” Offers Opportunity To Showcase Concern For Animals, Plants, Environment With Your Artwork

“ENDANGERED” Art4Apes offers artists a unique opportunity to share their concerns for animals, plants, and the environment.  This prestigious exhibit takes place in December, during Art Basel in Miami, FL. The deadline to apply is September 23rd.  This is a world-wide call for entries and includes a YOUTH Entry application. Cash prizes will be given.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.

A unique opportunity to showcase

your concern for animals, plants and the environment.



Click the link to see last year’s exhibition – enter the contest to win cash prizes and a place in the 2018 exhibition


Enter Now!


As an incentive to early entry, we will award an additional FREE ENTRY to the 1st, 10th, 50th and 100th entries online. Here’s the link


Deadline for submission is September 23, 2018.





ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2018

You are invited to enter the 6th annual ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest. This global, juried, online art contest aims to focus attention on the plight of endangered and threatened species/habitats. The challenge is to interpret or reflect ENDANGERED through either

• Celebration of the beauty of endangered/threatened species/habitats

• Illustration of the threats facing endangered species/habitats

Categories for entry:

Fine Art (including sculpture, jewelry and wearable art)

Fine Art Photography (digital manipulation accepted)

Young Artists (birthdays on or after October 1st, 1999)

We encourage creativity in interpretation and communication of the theme.

For Fine Art and Fine Art Photography categories enter 1 or 2 artworks accompanied by a donation of $35 that goes directly to the Center for Great Apes. There is no limit on the number of entries you may make. Cash prizes totaling $3,250 will be awarded in both categories.

Young Artists with birthdays on or after October 1st, 1999 may enter one piece of art or photography with a donation of $5 USD per piece that goes directly to the Center for Great Apes. There is no limit on the number of entries you may make. Cash prizes totaling $500 USD will be awarded in the Young Artists Contest.

We will accept individual or class/group entries. Educators wishing to enter their students’ work should email Lindsey@Art4Apes.com for information on assistance and discounts for class entries.

Please see the full Terms and Conditions for the specifics on how the contest will be run. You will find the Terms and Conditions in full on both the Juried Art Services website or at https://www.Art4Apes.com.

Enter Now!

As an incentive to early entry, we will award an additional FREE ENTRY to the 1st, 10th, 50th and 100th entries online.



Deadline for submission is 23rd September, 2018.

Special Prizes:

A Family Membership of the Center for Great Apes will be awarded for the best image of an orangutan or chimpanzee to be chosen by Patti Ragan, Founder and President of CGA.

The book, Tropical Flowers by Eileen Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Flower School New York, will be awarded for the best image of a flower or landscape.

Young Artists: Young Artists will receive Certificates of Participation in the Contest. School educators entering work by their class (individual or collaborative group pieces) will be offered a symbolic adoption of an ape residing at the Center for Great Apes.

Plus entrants will have the satisfaction of knowing that 100 percent of their entry donation of $35 for two pieces of art ($5 per single piece for Young Artists) is going directly to support the wonderful work of the Center for Great Apes.

ENDANGERED: Art4Apes and the Center for Great Apes are tremendously grateful to all artists who support the contest.

The ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contestand Exhibition are a lot of fun. We encourage you to be a part of this amazing opportunity and not only use your talent to compete in a contest and reach a new audience but also play a role in preserving wildlife and the environment and directly support an extremely worthwhile non-profit organization.


All proceeds from the contest and exhibition support the Center for Great Apes, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. The Center for Great Apes’ mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, from research, or who are no longer wanted as pets. The Center provides care with dignity in a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for great apes in need of lifetime care. Please visit their website to learn more http://www.CenterForGreatApes.org.

ALL donations, including contest entry fees, go directly to support the Center. We fund our events either through commercial sponsorship or through our own donations.

The Center for Great Apes is solely the beneficiary of the funds from this Contest; it has no role in the organization or management of this contest. The Center for Great Apes cannot be held responsible for any issue relating to this Contest.

Enter Now!

As an incentive to early entry, we will award an additional FREE ENTRY to the 1st, 10th, 50th and 100th entries online.


Deadline for submission is September 23, 2018.

Details: https://www.Art4Apes.com

Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com




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Wellington Art Society Announces Buu Truong As Featured Artist At Whole Foods Gallery

Buu Truong is the current Wellington Art Society solo artist at the Wellington Whole Foods Market Gallery. Her primary interest is in figurative art, but her journey began with abstracts and landscapes. Wellington Whole Foods Market will hold a reception in her honor on Friday, August 3, 2018. Appetizers and wine will be served and there will be live music. Door prizes will be awarded during the evening. The Wellington Art Society asks a $5 donation to help fund their Scholarship Awards. Buu’s exhibit will be on display through September.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.


















Friday, August 3, 2018 

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Whole Foods Market Cafe

2635 SR7 Wellington, FL


$5. Covers Music, Wine, Food and Donation to WAS Scholarship Fund

Exhibit Is Available Now through September, 2018


“Self Portrait”  Oil on canvas by Buu Truong.  Trying a looser and less representational style, I chose Modigliani as my inspiration for this self-portrait. 


Buu Truong, as a young child, came with her family to America from Vietnam and settled in Orlando where she grew up. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Computer Engineering and worked as a computer programmer and manager for many years.  After a time, she became unhappy in her job and felt something important was missing in her life. She began painting to relieve stress and found her passion. She left her sixteen year old career in order to pursue a degree in the visual arts!


“Onward and Upward” by Buu Truong. Mixed media including pen and watercolor pencil.  


The title of this piece, “Onward and Upward”, refers to the idea that the stairs are a means to move forward. Buu says, “For this piece, I had two main goals – apply the design element of space and experiment with a new medium, watercolor pencils. The artwork was created using mixed media – pen and watercolor pencils. The design element of space is applied using one-point perspective across multiple planes. The steps, which are parallel to the ground plane, converge towards a single vanishing point on the horizon line. However, the rails, which are parallel to the incline of the stairs, converge towards another vanishing point above the original horizon line”.


“Trees for Farmlands” by Buu Truong.  Woodcut print on paper with gouache


Buu explains, “This piece is about cause and effect of deforestation. One of the main causes for destroying forests is clearing the land for farmlands. The campfire represents the manmade destruction.  This is one out of an edition of 10 woodcut prints”.  





Buu is presently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. Buu is obsessed with increasing her technical skills and accuracy when it comes to exploring form, texture, color and light. Her work has been exhibited at the South Side Cultural Arts Center in Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers and the Coral Springs Museum of Art. She has been awarded a Wellington Art Society Scholarship and a Rothenberger Scholarship.



“Path To Art” by Buu Trong.  Gouache on Paper

Buu shares, “There are many parallels between running and art-making. Through the training and discipline required to run, I realized that anything can be learned. From this point, my world grew and eventually led me on my art path”.  She tells The Rickie Report, “This exhibit explores my journey in becoming an artist, from before I even knew I wanted to be an artist, until now”.


The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization beginning its 37th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art.

For further information visit www.WellingtonArtSociety.org




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Public Invited To “Too Hot To Handle” Exhibit At Artisans On The Ave July 20th, Call For Artists Open Til July 11th

Artisans on The Ave shares a Call to artists for all media!  The upcoming exhibit, “Too Hot To Handle” will take place July 18th through July 31st.  The public is invited to a Free Opening Reception on Friday, July 20th.  The Rickie Report shares the details and artist application here (deadline is July 11). If you win the People’s Choice Best of Show Award, you’ll get one month of free exhibition space for August 2018!  

Artisans On The Ave, 630 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Open 7 days a week, Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm, Sunday 9am – 7pm

A Cooperative Gallery of Palm Beach County Artists.


“Too   Hot   To   Handle!” 


Opening Reception:

Friday, July 20

6:00-9:00 pm



This is a free event refreshments will be served

Artisans On The Ave Gallery shows the art of over 40 local artists who work in a variety of mediums

Show Dates: July 18 through July 31






Too Hot to Handle

  Artisans On The Ave Gallery

630 Lake Avenue • Lake Worth, FL 33460 • 561-762-8162 • 561-582-3300


Name :


Date :





Briefly describe your work:

Submit 3 digital images representative of the work you would like to submit. Include details below. Or, call Betty Wilson at 561-762-8162 to show your art in person. Email images to info@ArtisansOnTheAve.com.


Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Title Price Medium Size/Dimensions

Title Price Medium Size/Dimensions

Title Price Medium Size/Dimensions


Application Deadline: July 11, 2018 (midnight)
Artwork Drop off Deadline: Monday, July 16, 2018 (9-11 am)

Artwork Pickup: Monday, August 7, 2018 (9-11 am)

Application Fee: $25 (check payable to Craft Gallery)

All decisions of the curator/jurors are final. If you are accepted, by submitting your entry, you give Betty Wilson the right to publish your images for publicity purposes for the art show. We may ask select artists to provide higher resolution images suitable for publishing.

30% of each piece sold goes to Artisans On The Ave Gallery – 70% to the artist!

I, the undersigned, hereby lend the aforementioned work only for the exhibition and sale. I hereby release Artisans On The Ave Gallery, the Craft Gallery and Betty Wilson, curator and organizers from any responsibility for loss or damage while the work(s) is in possession of the Artisans On The Ave exhibit.




EXHIBITION INFORMATION:   Too Hot to Handle  Artisans On The Ave Gallery


Name: Too Hot to Handle

Dates: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 through Sunday, July 31, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, July 20, 2018 • 6-9 pm

Description: Show us how you survive Florida’s summer heat, such as:

  • At the beach, enjoying the amazing surf and soaking up sunshine.
  • In the comfort of air conditioning, sipping on a cool drink.
  • At special outings that you enjoy with family and friends.
  • Enjoying the sights and sounds of summer, which inspire you to create a piece indicative of the heat of the season.Exhibition Benefits: Ever think about what you get for your $25 admission fee? Besides getting the opportunity to display your art in a well-known, well-regarded gallery in a prime location in downtown Lake Worth, you also get:
  • Cross-promotion with email newsletter, posting in The Rickie Report, PR in various media outlets (newspaper, magazines, radio, etc.) as well as marketing to area businesses
  • Multiple weeks of exposure PLUS a gallery opening where you get a chance to meet other artists, potential buyers and collectors
  • Presence among other Florida artists, many of whom have a loyal following (some of that may rub off on you!)
  • Opportunity to support the gallery and other artists
  • Chance to win a free month of gallery space (see box)How You Can Help: We encourage guest artists to help contribute to the success of the exhibition. Here are some suggestions:
  • Donate food and/or wine for the event (and bring your friends!)
  • Like us and share posts on Facebook
  • Use social media before, during and after an event (Twitter, Instagram…)
  • Mention us on your website (link to our site, too)

For more information about this exhibit, classes, workshops, or becoming part of this gallery:

Artisans on the Ave

A cooperative gallery of Palm Beach County Artists

630 Lake Ave, Lake Worth Florida 33460 

561-762-8162, 561-582-3300

Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm



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Sharing The Details Of Elliott Museum’s “Sweet” Call For 2D, 3D and Edible Art

The Elliott Museum Announces a Sweet Call to Artists!  Artists working in any 2D and 3D media are being challenged to think outside the box and create work for Sweet! – a food & drink-themed juried art show to be held in the Elliott Museum’s Changing Exhibitions Gallery this fall.  The show will feature works by Florida artists in all media (except photography or digital images) and runs September 15th through November 4th. The opening reception will be held Saturday, September 15th from 2-5 pm and will include an Edible Artwork Show & Competition in conjunction with the food-themed artwork. Information for all artists on how to submit an entry will be on the Museum’s website.   The Rickie Report shares the details here and urges you to apply!



The Elliott Museum is located on Hutchinson Island at 825 NE Ocean Blvd., in Stuart. 

Open daily 10 am – 5 pm.  : 772-225-1961.  Website: elliottmuseum.org



Artists working in traditional media and edible products both are encouraged to be creative in their choices for subject matter.  Artwork will be available for sale for the duration of the exhibition, and edible artists may opt to sell their creations in a silent auction during the reception.  All sales will benefit the Elliott Museum as well as the artists.  Some edible artists may have samples available or even serve their creations after the judging concludes.  Reception guests will have a chance to vote for their favorite edible creation in both People’s Choice and Kids’ Choice categories.  There will also be a People’s Choice award for traditional artwork that will be announced a week before the art exhibition closes. 

Traditional artists have until August 12th to submit up to five pieces for consideration through callforentry.org Culinary artists have until September 7th to submit plans for their projects through the Museum’s website: www.elliottmuseum.org/eventsSubmission guidelines, prospectuses, and rules can be found on the website or by visiting the Museum.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available: call Deb Banta at 772-225-1961, ext. 124.  Questions about the shows should be emailed to Robin Lee Makowski at RMakowski@elliottmuseum.org.


For more information:

Robin Lee Makowski
Art Studio & Exhibitions Coordinator
The Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Boulevard  Stuart, FL 34996

772-225-1961, ex 121
  • Kites: Art on a String showing through July 1, 2018.  
  • Summer Art Camp schedule and sign-ups are on the website!
  • Call to Artists!  Sweet! Juried Art Exhibition and Edible Art Show & Competition in September!  Check the website for prospectus: elliottmuseum.org/events




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Arts Council Of Martin County Announces Call For 28th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show

The Arts Council of Martin County announces the 28th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show. Held annually at the Court House Cultural Center Galleries in Stuart, FL, this exhibit brings a wide variety of art styles and media to one place, celebrating Florida’s talented creatives. Selected works will be exhibited from Friday, September 21 through Tuesday, November 13, 2018.  The Rickie Report will share more details for art lovers.  Here, we share the artist deadline, July 31st, and more details on how to apply.  






Don’t delay — be a part of this exciting Annual Exhibition of Florida artists.

28th Annual All Florida Juried Art Show

Entry Deadline Coming Soon – July 31, 2018

All Florida artists are invited to APPLY NOW at CaFE for the All Florida Juried Art Show held annually at the Court House Cultural Center Galleries in Stuart, Florida.




Selected works will be exhibited from Friday, September 21 through Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Hurry and don’t miss this opportunity to submit your artwork!

A non-refundable entry fee of $40.00 covers three images/submitted works per artist. A maximum of three images may be submitted per artist.

Contact Jennifer at 772-287-6676 ext 2 with any questions or if you need assistance applying.

Current Arts Council of Martin County member artists receive a $5 discount – please call Jennifer Hearn, 772.287.6676, ext 2 to get the Member Artist Code when you are paying for your submissions. You may join or renew membership while applying for the show or at www.martinarts.org. Individual membership for artists is discounted to only $35 a year. Join now and support the arts!!



For more information about this exhibit, upcoming exhibits and events please visit:

The Arts Council 

Court House Cultural Center

80 SE Ocean Blvd.   Stuart, FL 34994







For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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Call for “Portraits 2018” Exhibit And Free Reception To Meet The Artists At Art On Park Gallery

“Portraits 2018” will be an exhibit of 2D and 3 D artwork in any medium, created by artists who live in Palm Beach County, FL. Hosted by the Artists of Palm Beach County at their gallery, Art on Park in Lake Park, FL, this promises to encourage emerging and established artists to show their creativity. Art lovers: Mark Your Calendars for the Free, Opening Reception on July 27th. The Rickie Report shares the details here and hopes our readers will share this CALL for Art with others! The Deadline for submissions is July 4th. This Call for artists is open to non-members.  Check out APBC’s website for details of upcoming classes and the free events.




Art on Park Gallery


For Artists by artists of all disciplines, media and price points

Monday through Saturday Noon to 6 PM

800 Park Avenue Lake Park, Florida 33403


APBC Art on Park Gallery Presents

“Portraits 2018” Exhibit

Celebrating Portrait Artists in Palm Beach County

Free, Public Open Reception:

Friday, July 27, 2018

5 – 8 pm






An exhibit of original work composed of FACES in any medium.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, 07/04/2018
Notification to artists on or before Saturday, 07/07/2018
Hand delivery of artwork: Friday & Saturday, 07/13 & 14/2018 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Opening Reception: Friday, 07/27/2018 from 5 – 8 pm

Art Pickup: Friday & Saturday, 08/10 & 11/2018, 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm

Open to all artists who live in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Multimedia, 2D and 3D work welcomed.
Work previously displayed at APBC Art on Park Gallery is not allowed.
Please do not submit work that will not be ready to hang by the drop off date.
Submissions and payments to be sent in electronically via www.artistsofpalmbeachcounty.org.
APBC Members non-refundable entry fee: $15 for up to three pieces (.jpg up to 3 MB)
Non-Members non-refundable entry fee: $35 for up to three pieces (.jpg up to 3 MB)
IMPORTANT: Members will receive 75% of the gross sale. Non-Members will receive 65% of the gross sale. Please price your work accordingly.
Juried by the Art on Park Gallery Management Committee
To access the submission form go to: http://www.artistsofpalmbeachcounty.org/eventdetail.php?295

Please read these entire instructions before you proceed:


If you want to join APBC please follow the “Become a Member” link BEFORE you enter the exhibit.
Or you can renew your membership if it has lapsed. After you pay the membership fee ($50 for one year), please make sure you complete the registration process by following the provided links and email instructions to fill in your user name/password and contact details.
Go to the “APBC Exhibitions” tab on the left side column of the Home page. Go to the PORTRAITS 2018 event and click on the provided link.
After you enter/edit the information fields, go to the bottom of the page to: “Exhibition Name” “Select an Exhibition Name.” Select PORTRAITS 2018, then click the last link: “proceed to Submit . . . “
You should have your images ready to upload (JPEG format only, no larger than 3 MB each). After you have chosen ALL your images click the UPLOAD button. You will then be asked to fill in the name, medium, size and price of each image. When this is complete you have reached the final step. Click the button. You should receive an email telling you of the successful submission.


Please call or email John Palozzi at the Gallery if you need help or have questions: 561-345-2842


01) Work previously displayed in Art on Park Gallery is not allowed.
02) Original ideas only.
03) Only original works will be accepted. No giclees of original work unless the original is a digital image.
04) Maximum Size: 60″ wide x 60″ high.
05) No late entries accepted.
06) Entry fees are not refundable.
07) The decision of the jurors is final.
08) Images of works must be submitted to be juried in an electronic JPG format, no larger than 3MB each, via the link on the APBC.org website. File names should contain the name of the work. Make sure the file names match the names listed on the entry form.
09) Any required entry fees must be paid before submissions will be accepted.
10) Unframed pieces in any medium must be finished on all sides – no staples showing.
11) No damaged frames or mats; mats must be clean.
12) All installation methods, such as wire attached to frames, must be secure. All 2D pieces MUST be wired on the back.
13) All entries must be labeled on the back of the work, base of sculpture, or somehow attached to artwork with artist name and title of work. 14) Members will receive 75% of the gross sale. Non-Members will receive 65% of the gross sale. Please price your work accordingly.
15) APBC, Inc. carries liability insurance for the Art on Park Gallery which does not extend to your artwork. APBC, Inc. will do its best to safeguard against theft, loss, breakage, or other damage, but will not be financially responsible for reimbursement of lost or damaged work.




For more information about this exhibit, classes, Art Salons, studio space or other events:

APBC Art on Park Gallery
800 Park Avenue, Lake Park FL 33403




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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July At Boca Museum Art School Has Cool Offerings For Adults And Teens, Plus Continuation Of Summer Camp

July around the Boca Museum Art School promises some cool offerings!  The new term for adult classes includes Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry, Photography and Master’s Studio.  Explore a new passion, develop your artistic skills, discover your talent, or continue challenging yourself to be a better artist and make new friends.  Dive into 5 weeks of excitement, art, and camaraderie at the Boca Raton Museum Art School. Classes start on July 2.   Register Now!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.





Boca Raton Museum of Art – The Art School
801 W. Palmetto Road     Boca Raton FL 33486




R E G I S T E R     N O W!




Luna Bowl by Nick Starr


New Instructor, Nick Starr will teach Ceramics/Pottery

Class starts on July 7, Saturday 10 AM to 12:30 PM


Learn the fundamentals of pottery. Explore hand-building techniques as well as the use of a potter’s wheel to create decorative and functional objects, such as bowls, platters, plates, and cups.


Portrait painting with Renee Plevy



Portrait Painting Class with Instructor Renee Plevy

Class starts on July 10, Tuesday 6:30 – 9 PM


Working from your own photographs, learn drawing and color mixing skills to obtain accurate proportions and skin tones. Cranial anatomy, paint handling, and the use of light will be discussed. Clear instruction is given through demonstrations and one-on-one guidance. Students learn the advantages of painting with oils to create lifelike portraits. (Live model for one session)


Painting by Scherer & Ouporov

Traditional to Contemporary Painting Class with Instructors Scherer & Ouporov

Class starts Monday, July 2.  At  9 AM – NOON and 12:30 – 3:30 PM.

Explore a variety of classic and contemporary techniques that can be effective in any painting style: underpainting, glazing, scumbling, impasto, or direct painting. Working from life or photographic references, students learn to employ these techniques in the medium of their choice: oil, egg tempera, or acrylic paint as well as gold leaf.


Artwork by Thomas Bruckner


Graphic Novels: Cartooning with Instructor Thomas Bruckner

Class starts on  July 11, Wednesdays at 6:30 – 8:30 PM 

Explore the elements of a successful comic book and graphic novel narration. This course focuses on drawing skills and developing personal style for creating comics, short stories, or Manga style illustrations. Learn about a variety of techniques such as penciling, inking, shading, character design, and effective story structure. 


Special workshops for Teens in July and August

Fashion Design and Sewing July 31 to August 3, Figure Drawing July 24 to 27, Digital Photography July 31 to August 3, Advanced Video Production July 10 to 13, Portfolio Development July 31 to August 3, Paper Sculpture and Beyond July 10 to July 13.






7 More weeks of Youth Summer Art Camp. 


Painting by Aashrita Kaza, 5 yrs. old Summer Camp Artist




For registrations visit us at



call us 561-392-2503


For more information about these workshops, classes, exhibits and other events please visit:

Boca Raton Museum Art School
801 W. Palmetto Road Boca Raton FL 33486

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bocaschool






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John Bowen’s Artistry Transforms Naval Air Station Ft. Lauderdale Museum To Preserve History And Honor To Those Who Served

The Naval Air Station Ft. Lauderdale Museum will showcase the detailed artistry of well-know watercolorist, John Bowen. The Museum is open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, with a special 4th of July picnic!  Everyone is invited! John is a key team member in the Museum’s mission to preserve our history by honoring the men and women who defended our freedom, during WWI, to Korea, and WWII.  Did you know that the infamous Flight 19 departed from here?  That US President George H.W. Bush lived at this base as an Ensign as he trained as a torpedo/bomber pilot?  Be part of the “History Project”, which collects unpublished written memoirs of personal wartime experiences, diaries, maps, drawings, photographs, and letters, that tell the veteran’s story. The Rickie Report shares the details and urges you to take a free tour!




National Register of Historic Places   .   A Florida Heritage Site  .  Home of Flight 19

4000 W. Perimeter Road, Ft. Lauderdale,Florida

(954) 359-4400

from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Free Admission / Free Tours / Pay-what-you-wish tours / Free Parking / Handicap-accessible
This is an all volunteer operation. Donations are appreciated. ​



11:30 am to 3:30 pm


Outside Museum Building: A Marine Corsair and A Navy Avenger. Both planes created from concrete and painted by John Bowen, to enhance the building. Each of the planes are seven feet long.


“Bikes at the Art Show” Watercolor by John Bowen, took First Place Award for Watercolor Category in Veteran’s Art Exhibition.


John Bowen has been an artist and illustrator for more than 45 years.  He first studied commercial art at the School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey.  After two years of experience in advertising agencies, he entered the United States Air Force as an illustrator.  His duties in the Air Force included a year of documenting airlift operations in South Vietnam, and his illustrations are on display at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.  Upon establishing a residence in South Florida, John discovered the many varied landscapes of the state containing the only subtropical climate in the U.S. and the wonderful lighting that Florida’s climate affords.



John’s background as an illustrator has made him a “detail” watercolorist of the highest order.  His experience allows him to convey the mood and story of the scene through the use of dramatic lighting and vibrant color.  A detailed drawing eventually morphs into a relaxed style of painting.  Working with watercolors has always intrigued John, and the challenge and excitement of this medium has never left him.


Red tailed Mustang, created and painted by John Bowen honors an all Black WWIl group of U S Airmen. They flew in the European Theatre. Their main assignment during the war was to escort our bombers during their raids over the continent. They had an outstanding record of protecting the bombers. They had all their plane’s tails painted red so everyone would know who they were and when they were coming! The Memorial Garden, at the Museum, is for Lt. Colonel Gray of the “Red Tail” Squadron.




Photos from the Inauguration of the Zen Garden created by volunteer Veterans & Master Gardeners, in honor of Ray Rivera WWII & Korea Veteran, survivor of the Bunker Hill CV-17.  Original painting was created by artist & Vietnam Vet John Bowen.

John paints to keep Florida’s history alive.  “This is a passion with me,” says the artist.  “I believe in keeping history alive by both painting it and helping to preserve it.”  This he does by donating artwork and Giclee limited edition prints to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, Florida charity art exhibitions of the Bonnet House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, juried art shows for the Old Davie Schoolhouse Project, and a one-man art exhibit at the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. He will continue his outdoor show schedule this Fall.

Flight 19 Memorial created and painted by John Bowen is facing the Bermuda Triangle, where the plane and its crew were lost.

John tells The Rickie Report, “Realistic expressionism is how I describe my work.  Capturing a mood, striving to tell a story, intrigued by history, landscapes and themes, these are the inspirations that create my work.  Emphasizing the play of light and shadow as seen in nature.  Describing textures of time written in historic places.  Capturing a moment of history, that sense of space.  These are the feelings I try to express in my paintings.  Each idea is carefully planned from exploration through execution.  Plein air painting, sketching, photography, using whatever means possible to achieve my vision.  Combining both opaque and transparent watercolors on heavy (300 lb) archival paper.  I work patiently, using established principles to create the final piece.  Hoping to express the beauty that inspired me”.  


John is a signature member with the Florida Watercolor Society, Gold Coast Watercolor Society and the Delray Art League.  He is available to do Home and Boat Portrait Commissions.  John Bowen can be reached at  954 370-2061.    jbowenartist@aol.com  or www.johnbowenwatercolorist.com


More about the Museum:

National Register of Historic Places.  A Florida Heritage Site.
Our mission is to develop and maintain a national and internationally recognized naval aviation museum that educates young and old alike, to preserve history by honoring the memory of Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale and the men & women who defended freedom during World War II.


The Museum has been instrumental in preserving the memory of Flight 19, one of the great aviation mysteries. Flight 19 flew out of NAS Fort Lauderdale on 5 December 1945, to vanish into the Bermuda Triangle. In addition, 19 year old future US President George H. W. Bush lived at this base as an Ensign, to train as a torpedo/bomber pilot.  From October 1942 to October 1946 the base would train pilots and thousands of aircrewmen from the U.S and other countries. In December 1999, the building was relocated to its permanent site at 4000 West Perimeter Rd., 2 blocks west from its original location.



On Exhibit:

  • Link Trainer Flight Simulator: historic mechanical & engineering landmark.
  • Recreated Soldier’s Barracks: The George Bush Room.
  • 25×7 naval aviation mural signed by President George H.W. Bush, John McCain, RADM Moffit, and Medal of Honor Vietnam Gary Littrell.
  • Original paintings, cartoons, lithographs, drawings, and photographs.
  • “Broward Goes To War”  Exhibit:  the war years of 1941-1945.
  • Flight 19: collection of letters, photos, artifacts, books, videos,  & displays.
  • Vintage ship & aircraft models, WWII artifacts, teaching props, flight gear, ship plaques, medals, insignia, uniforms representing all branches of the military.
  • Online-Only Exhibits: take a tour of our
  • John Payne Memorial Library: 3,000+ volumes from military history, personal memoirs, war diaries, aviator log books, veteran’s letters, cruise books, war postcard albums, magazines, and world war II newsletters.
  • Photography collection: 10,000+ images of aircraft, ships, people, naval history, technical manuals, photos of artworks, and a military video library.
  • Outdoor artifacts include WWII torpedoes from a submarine, and TBM/TBF Avenger, an anti-aircraft gun, and an anti-submarine Hedgehog.  
  • Veterans History Project: WWI & WWII collection of Veteran’s Stories.
  • Award winning Butterfly Garden with a Flight 19 memorial. 
  • Take the 360 degree Google Video tour.
  • virtual exhibits.


The History Project:

The Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum collects and preserves personal stories and other documents from World War II Veterans, with the purpose of building a lasting legacy of preserving history for generations to come. This History Project collects unpublished written memoirs of personal wartime experiences. We welcome diaries, collections of letters, and photographs that tell the veteran’s story.  Maps, drawings, and other documents are also welcome. We don’t have to keep your originals as the artifacts can be scanned, or photographed, and shared this way via e-mails. This project was started in 2010, with the introduction of NASFL Museum founder Allan McElhiney, who was a sailor in World War II.  This Gallery of Veterans is not in chronological order, rather it follows a date of completion by NASFL Museum curators.  If you are interested in sharing a Veteran’s story, or your family’s military history, please go to www.nasflmuseum.com


You can visit Museum on Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday

– Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
– Business Hours: Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday from 11:30am to 3:30pm
– Last tour is at 2:30pm (no need for reservations but it’s best to be there between 11:30 and 2pm for best timing).
– Depending on your time, and level of interest, a tour can go from 10 mins to 3 hours. It’s up to you.
– After tours, people are welcome to linger around and take photos, enjoy their time in the library, watch videos, or explore the garden areas.
– This is an all volunteer operation. For tours of more than 5 people in your party, a donation of $5 per person is appreciated (members are always free). You can also Pay-what-you-wish!







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